“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, September 25, 2011

There's Nothing There

I love this...often the impression I get is that the people involved in this have decided that they have won. Its done and overwith.

Yet something tells me that is not the case. That is merely their perception..and they dont have all the information.

One of the disturbances I have been obessing over or my mind has been running intermittently is this conversation that never actually occured.

This idea that someone was very interested in me, fascinated by me but after pursuing that line, decided "theres nothing there". As if I am all talk or just an illusion or create illusions.

Its simply more torture and the perps did give to this directly as they alwaus do. Carmen this petty shelter rat in Cambridge said something about people being obsessed with me and "thinking someone is exciting when they're not".

Its pretty hard to indulge in some sort of pagan fantasy like Whore of Babylon material when you're fighting for your life and trying to preserve a Self internally and not loose all memory from brain damage etc.

The constant containment and torture in the northeast was ridiculous. Its just so evil and oppressive and the number and variety of people involved is astounding.

Staff in homeless resource centers and clients as well? How much covert ops runs the east coast anyway? Especially MA, the heavily military industrial complex influenced state that hides behind acedamia and Childrens Hospital etc.

Its so typically Masonic isnt it? To balance out your evil deeds with your good.

One just gets tired of the compartmentalization and duality. Not that this isnt an example of great power.

Perhaps like everything else it gets outgrown.

Boston from this perspective, is so evil, so stunted in growth, that its amazing anyone with any soul or a heart could survive much less thrive there to begin with.

In the past, I suppose there was room for that, people could afford to live in those places untouched directly by this spiritual toll.

It seems now everyone present has to take part.

Durin Bush when it was very nasty in the US no matter where you went, it was especially so in specific locations. St Louis being one of them. Boston and NYC were totally and completely saturated by these...this force.

Boston felt completely occupied by it for at least the months out of one particular year I was there, I believe 2009 but I would have to reference my documentation.

The entire city felt dark, cold and hosting a presence thst was nothing short of evil itself.

Its become so controlled there, so competitive that you csnt even be human anymore. Its as if people arent even human beings there anymore.

This is what these technologies are capable of as well as using brainwashing and social control methods. Humans can be made to really become viscous and its disturbing how civilized they may appewr living out that process.

Boston, once a truly fun place to live has, like NYC become one of the major centers for the purest evil that defines the New Satanic Era.

Who knew Satanism could be so boring or constraining? Why does it have to be so...it just strikes me that this Satanic Age is a front for something else.

When humans are Satanists they give off a certain vibe, like a spiritual scent. Humans reveal themselves in this manner. Some have an actual anti vibe or a void they present. All of which is naturwl normal states of being for humans.

What I experienced through the Bush years was not human. Evdn the presence I experienced in Boston was somewhat less disturbing than whatever this is that seems to plague the entire northeast.

Its an interesting statement, that theres nothing there. Or for Carmen to claim I am not exciting, becuz if this system had not destroyed me over these years and kept me down, those statements would surely be proven untrue.