“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Is Public Perception Of Me?/ We Now Exist In A Dreamworld From 6 AM til Midnight Daily, Above Ground

Ninety percent or so of the American population seem to know my adukt entertainment backround. There cannot possibly be that many people in the black ops business either from private sector or state actors.

Therefore one must assume that I was exposed on that level in some way that was made widely available to the American public.

The question is not why, becuz I already know the true motivations behind exposing me in this manner, for diversion away from Jake and Julie as well as corruption in Boston who protects such people but of course the very truest motive, which is to avoid any more testimonies from recovering mind control victims ESPECIALLY when like myself connected directly to
MK Ultra as through my mother's documented status.

However, one must question WHY it was so important to focus on me specifically. I think I was probably marketed as such, as well as the country was purposefully brought in that direction, with reality shows, the normalizarion of spying and hidden cams etc, as well as an entire generation born native who simply dont know any better.

It seems that generally the public feel guilt yet hateful towards me. From what I can gather outside of the inside story, where real motive lies, what I do percieve is the public seem to just think of me as a paranoid schizophrenic whom was perhaps exploited or driven crazy or my condition made worse by being exposed, targeted and bullied. And that I deserved such treatment due to the fact that I was in adult entertainment and since this was the way in which I was exposed, then this is the sole reason for my percieved downfall as a citizen, as a woman etc.

Since the American public, especially my peers and the younger generations regard me with such hostility nation wide, I really should not be wasting my time living in the United States.

Some Irish men who visited Tom Cochran's hostel in St Louis MO during Bush, just one faction of people who terrorized me there, told me that if I left the country, I would be a threat.

I dont understand what they meant, but I wonder if that was just at that time period or if that would also be the case now.

I would like to leave, to see if conditions as a TI are any better but with the remote influence so strong nowadays during Obama, its impossible to be realistic. In fact its impossible to think rationally or live IN reality.

The tech used now seems to create a dream like state of being for the entire nation.

If I am going to disinigrate or slowly be destroyed, these are not the conditions I want to die under nor age under.

There has got to be something else out there. Another country where, I can be myself and not this fake person I have been forced to create and live as.

This country fears reality and the truth like the Black Death itself. The entire Tech Native generstion seems to have a neurotic fear of what Gen Xers recall as 'reality' or the real physical world, the Natural world. It almost registers as for them, connected to death itself or thier very existence. For them, removing tech from their lives might be as oppressive as what we now percieve as a world ruled by it.