“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I just looked it up. The bastard FBI have offices in Oakland and lovely Hayward as well.

Explains alot. Couldnt find CIA offices locally didnt look hard.

Been ridden hard all day. exteemely hard with thoughts so disturbing that my social networking site is now full of public statements comcerning my being close to starting a moderate seperatist movement for whites. Mostly thanks to harassment both in person and otherwise in Hayward.

I should have known that the place where COINTELPRO did so much damage decades ago would srill be a useful tool. The place is infested and nowadays its probably easy to get people to work for them eother by intimidation, blackmail or pure patriotic idiocy. Rats are a dime a dozen now. A penny a dozen really.

When am I going to get around to suing them for what they or other parties impersonating them, did to me during that federal investifation.


Chasing me around the country claiming the FBI wants to talk to me without a subpeona and also interrigating me constantly asking me where I am going and how long etc, the worst insults were "so what do you think of George Bush?"

Such state actors in this country are now so arrogant, so powerful and so unstoppable that they treat the destructiokn of human lives as a joke. THEY decide who is decent, who is rich enough and who deserves to live.

And all these state actors think they have won and already discredited me.

Go fuck yojrselves. I have info that is going to sink YOU and your disgusting counter parts in the CIA, that scum who believes they are a truly "independant" agency.

Why not just say 'rogue' as its closer to the truth.