“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm on a train. This awful lesbian looking woman had to sit right where my legs were stretched out and she has a very domineering, bad vibe. She's into her stupid cell phone Tetris but her energy sucking tells me what kind of person she really is. The vibe was so nice with this nice lesbian girl, who was taking a few block seats also with her bike. I am charging her MP 3 for her and we were chatting. So peaceful so sisterly.

Then bitch had to show up "can I sit here" shudder have said no.

She is very conshus of me very into how she interferred and pissed me off. I feel her feeding off that.

In fact I feel a very uncomfortable unwelcome slight sexual arousal and its being used I feel to bring me under control.

Believe it or not the gs system seems to have psychics who are capable of this.

Low level sexual arousal is always present in the Boston area every time I return I take note of it. I also start having problems with my endometriosis again which means something is present in this location that actually is pumping out estrogen into the environment or its causing females to produce more.

The horniness if you will that is experienced by me in this area seems to be what causes me to overeat and gain weight. It also works to keep me controlled and its what causes a lot of instability and freak outs due to it being used in unison with gang stalking and its various methods.

This woman might just be a random selfish bitch who needs people to suck off of but then again the gang stalking system has people like this pulling these kinds of things frequently.

The point is to get the Target under control. Through various means. To control the person every waking moment of their lives once targeted 24-7 by this system.

She's smirking now I am saying good bye to that other girl. Yeah good chances she's a pro- a gang stalker.

See I bought ticket at 2:30 so I knew the system would have time to get something going with people on train to piss me off.

I guess I