“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Human Value In Bush's America: Another Cover Story

now i am getting this annoying idea thst when it came to sorting people out during Bush that everyome who got treated well was of more value than I. that its simply a matter of "human value in Bush's America" (The Compassionate Comservative). yet again ANOTHER cover story or theory. And people want to believe this too, like its that simple. It makes it easier to write me off I suppose.

Again we are dealijg with people, if not a nation, under mind control. My cousin and Jake or anyone else around me did not have the memories and text book case of typical circumstances of someone who was programmed with what is known as high level programming. My testimony, my very existence would have not only added yet another Survivor to the ranks but it would have gone against that ridiculous claim that all Survivors got these memories implanted by therapists. The Recovered Memory Syndrome bs.

It was very clever, how they pulled off continuing the experimentation by letting a few people come forward, harassing others into not showing up to the President's Advisory Committee in 1995, then having Clinton apologize and seal the matter shut with the double-talk(double meaning) statement, thst never again would their be another MK Ultra trial or case again. The naive public taking this to mean that the problem was solved with a happy ending and yet, in reality the more sinister meaning was that never again would they deal with the subject matter publically, officially or legally, which means just the opposite.

Interestingly the public never put together the Ritual Abuse cases coming out at the same time as the MK Ultra/radiation survivors of human experimentation as all part of the same covert systen of programming and related activity.

Both link to the military and other state actors which