“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dont Listen To My Family/The Nazi Beliefs Live OnL

Nobody should be listening to my family by the way. first of all thy never took the time time to know me as a person so they hwve no right to speak on my behalf and about me either. Also people like my mother, her brother and his wife even my grandmotherall have a vested interest in making sure i am silenced and discredited or at least ignored, while my aunt their other sibling was always pretty much handled and lived in denial- probably out of sheer fear. when you are dealing with a family this viscous the members of such a family either have to become handled victims to survive or predators themselves i have discovered. the main reason they cant be trusted is becuz they never got honestwith themselves about their father and their mothet as well. they kept staying there and acting like norhing was wrong. this isnt the female's fault at least becuz i have seen that they have been gang stalked for life and i know from experience that one of the main purposes for that is to ensure that the women DONT leave the fold. my mother had no choice but to stay. you have no idea how bad constant gang stalking is. And my mother for some reason was kept much more under control than i was. also there was no internet back then, no other TIs to give advice or experience. Like i said before Bush in a way was a good thing becuz he made all of this obvious, what is really going on here. before that we all kind of lived with these realities throigh denial and coping mechanisms. Our lives were never openly under attack so our existence was never questioned. Some people worked at buying themselves that continued denial and comfort. The price was selling out people like me.

This is why i never faulter or feel too badly about any of this. I know who I am and I know I was wise and with help made the right decisions. When I die I have nothing but pride, good and justice..as well as healthy self respect to take wirh me. Becuz I wasnt a wimp who cowered at the monster. I lived it, I faced it and I am not afraid to fight what I know instinctively to be wrong.

This idea that i am a mental defective, mentally ill or a lost cause or damaged is all bulshit. yeah if you induce brain damage and gas light someone enough you will get what APPEARS to be defective. what the people involved are covering up is my true genetic defect which is from my mothers radiation exposure. THAT is what they truly dont want reproduced...which by logic makes my mother also damaged and defective becuz the dna strands become damaged from exposure.

my mother has always had a very frightening satanic nature or, even Nazi in nature. she would refer to defective people like the homeless or the handicapped and actually question why should they live if they cant function in our society and they are suffering.

Very dangerous...then again she may just be playing predator like her parents and tryng to freak me out when she got me alone, which i notice she got worse doing that while living at her parent's house.

One also has to consider that my mother is the original experimentee from the 50s connected to MK Ultra which is rooted in Project Papwrclip
Who knows what was done to her by whom to imprint such Nazi like ideas into her make up.

i had the benefit of growing up with a multiple, though you cant see it and she will never admit it. i saw the child and the woman and the real person in there. Like everyone else in this system she fouvht for many years to stay out of their control and keep her spirit alive.

the only difference between us is that when one "gets tired of fighting" as she put it, her idea is to try to live as securely as possible for as long as possible. My idea of living is, if you get tired of fighting- you put a gun in yoir mouth and or get doped up and make sure the pyre out in the desert is self lighting or an old car or something....so that not only do the cocksuckers not get your mind they also never get a body. fuck them..there is no giving up. no submission that is acceptable.

I had to leave MA becuz the entire health issue of being so damaged i could no longer have sex was being put as some sort of religious thing- the slant put on this by the system up there was that i was having a spiritual transformation and i was akin to the Catholic mother Mary. It was being pushed on me as par the course with this sick idea i was transorming into a great religious martyr.

How much more cult type mind control can you get? that is so like what cults do. Id rather be tortured outright than bullshitted like an idiot.

so these people all want to hide the family history especially those people i mentioned are very keen on my cousin the now PhD making the family look good as a whitewash and i have to be destroyed and be written off as crazy like my father for that to happen.

its gone beyond local bs and vendettas and cover ups. Look at it this way: my family are helping this neo Nazi covert faction create the NWO. It should be obvious by now that there are ALOT of Nazi sympathizers involved or people who had contact with them back in the day: the Pope- Nazi youth, the Bush family and the British Royals all with documented Nazi sympathies. The Temple Of Set which Aquino was high priest of, he was very into Nazi occultism and that mixed with Satanism with the fact he was a PSY OPS OFFICER IN THE ARMY AND WROTE MIND WAR comceptualizing the uze of cell towers to carry microwave mass mind control....this isnt the theory of a disordered mind. The Nazi dream of an orderly utopian society never went away and where there is mind control and programming, there are sleepers and agents of thst agenda.

Nazis were not these cartoonish charicatures represented in movies etc, unfortunately they were real people. The best cover sinister people ever have is to sensationalize them so that no one believes such fantastic creatures could exist.

The people living in that time frame may no longer exist but their findings, theories philosophies and beliefs live on. Thanks to the CIA and military particularly due to Project Paperclip.
what i mean could indeed be what people say, like Zionists are behind this like Rockafella. Its not important for me to know that much..clearly something is happening however. Its systematic and it has a pattern. If the public refuse or cant resist then the world isnt worth existing in after all i have seen anyway.

oh and dont even try to off me and make it lok like suicide. believe you, me, that expose will be manifested into existence before i go anywhere. Dont get anymore bright ideas about offing me. I will go when its time.