“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guy Looks Exactly Like My Dad Doing Tactics In Berkeley

Much better day today has been all day. No chemtrails in the sky, glad my friend pointed that out to me yesterday
A few attempts at tactics, weak usually which has defined the style here.
Grabbing back pockets, front pockets with or without (usually without) wallets is still popular and that seems to be in Boston and Cambridge MA as well.

Two girls black and white walked by earlier trying to get me to listen to some bs about living in denial which I ignored.

Due to my being able to ignore this a clever move was used. There is a guy with long hair who looks exactly like my dad walking up the main street here and a cross street. He passed by me earlier and didn't do anything unusual. But I definately took note of him.

Just now I was mesmerized by him and trying to really get a good look as he approached to pass my friends and I spanging. As he passed he grabbed his front pocket quickly and as he did rhe look on his face changed and he gave a sadistic facial expression quickly and just as quickly his face returned.to normal.

It was intersting to watch him walk away now knowing he was and is full of shit and faking that stupid look of a blank face in public.

The pocket grabbing has been so repetitive that was obvious but the look and him looking exactly like a young version of my father made the case for it even moreso to be gs psy warfare.