“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Child Molestation Frame Ups And Other Mechanics Of A GS Campaign


It still pisses me off to think about it. That those jerks back home even ATTEMPTED to frame me up for drug dealing and being a child pervert. Especially when the people behind the frame ups are the ones closer to those two activities themselves.

I got friends, I am told by pissed off perps who realized I wont be so easily gotten rid of. Probably my family's connections, who the hell knows.

They tried really hard to pick on everything I did and make it fit into some pedo profile I now see. Even then I knew very subconshusly I might be being watched every moment, but at that point its mind controlling to the victim. It made it easier, along with being harassed, to get me to do things or frame me up in set ups to make me look even more guilty of such things.

Jake and I sat on his bed and he showed me Japanamation that I now know is called Hentai. But it wasnt regular stuff you find on the internet it was VERY obviously crossing a line. Not 'questionable', but crossed that line. Ya know when you look at Hentai, as I have checked some out recently to see what its about....theres some stuff there that might be kinky, especially for female viewers relating to female characters etc? And then there is that one thumbnail where the girl just LOOKS way to young and you just shudder and pass it over? Like 'eww I am sooo not interested in THAT". That is basically what I remember him showing me in this graphic novel. And it was shocking, becuz the man I knew did not read things like that. I had never seen that in his porn collection before. I dont know if he was hiding it from me or not for four years but also there was something about the way he wanted me to view it. It was a test, like the perps do to TIs constantly with interrogation. He specifically asked me what I thoight of it and I got that feeling I now realize is when I am being watched or filmed. I knew it for sure one day after one of his buddies who lived down the hall from me, and was also busted for drugs with Jake, got me to talk some shit in his apartment but then looked at me and looked up at the clock face above his dining table then back at me. I think alot of that time I was being hit with so much other gang stalking tactics eslecially tech that I was in denial. Its as if that is part of the gs campaign, to grt the person to go into a weird state of KNOWING they are being watched but be in denial about it. It provides a kind of brainwashing type mind control over the victim. Only reading about gs over the internet can set you free from that grip, which inevitably leads to the TI committing suicide. Its always better if you KNOW what it is. Even if you eventually commit suicide, the TI does so in control of their situation. Being an activist and getting the word out to victims of gang stalking might literally be saving souls in the long run. You dont walk down this long painful path by yourself thinking you genuinely are such a bad person you deserve to die. You can die fighting and take yourSelf with you when you go. They dont win even if you die. The victim understands they were murdered not deserving of such a fate.

Anyway, the people who would be most suspect, accusing ME or trying to imply I was a child molester of some kind? Oh please. People in the music industry, especially old skool people, those old bastards were notorious for freaky shit like that back in the day with young girls anyway and one can only guess in general how much barter kiddies are in the industry at large even today.
And Julia my old boss/friend. The people she knew were scary as f*ck at times. Believe me. Douglas Bannerman? He was always a bit creepy from what little I knew about him. I recall he liked to chase young women but I never knew anything about kids. Yet some of Julias other associations one did get the idea that certain people in Boston knew about a real underground and scary service where kids could be gotten.

But I knew less about what goes on in either industry than the people trying to frame me is the most ridiculous part about it.

And how does trying to frame me up by stealing my pills from the pharmacy supposed to make Jake look not guilty of drug dealing? The kid was a well known pot dealer to begin with. His manager Orlando was furnishing him with downers and morphine to mix with his tequila constantly . Jake was dealing out of his parents house for years, when his fat ass was to lazy to drive. And I recall his source for pot was some local Newton kid who owned a studio or somehow got him a studio, some kid in a punk band I think. Met him once, wore all black. Real nerd.

Jake got busted with alot of pills. He had gotten them from one of his pot clients whos boyfriend in Newton had died of cancer, leaving her to move into Cambridge public housing.

Recently an old friend I contacted again claimed to have seen an article where my mother was in court and gave testimony that those pills were stolen as part of some law enforcement or court case looking for information.

Why is it that my mommy has to go to court for me and I never recieved a subpeona? Or why was I not called on to speak for myself?

Becuz when you are trying to frame your daughter up as mentally ill and unfit you have to stand in for her to make it look that way. Also, I get the idea from her actions as well as some questioning of my grandmother that the double crossing greedy bitch was hiding money under my name which is why perhaps legit law enforcement originally thoight I knew more than i did about Julie's criminal operations and benefitted from it more than I really did.

Julia Blackburn is a greedy evil selfish sociopath who is an extremely shrewd business woman and an extremely successful career criminal-which always meant that she was everything my mother tried to or wished she could be and my mother was always extremely jealous of Julias presence in my life and my attachment to her.

No matter what Julia has done without her influence on my life I would not have successfully survived this as well as I have. My mother hated her becuz she had taught me truly how to get out of the gutter as well as how to behave even when in the gutter to get greater favor from society. All my politeness and being able to kiss butt even under pressure, as well as being trained to put emotions or petty bs aside to conduct business is ALL due to being slave driven by that women. I learned what the WASP work ethic was all about. My mothers family is not capable of such a feat. Look even my uncle couldnt produce a successful family on his own without lording it over and destroyjng other family members. This is why, even though its been difficult, I can't just go right out and crucify anyone I used to know. Each person who tried to be the destroyer during that investigation which of course was actually a cover story for much more sinister ops, had given me something invaluable to grow in life and during that crisis-to survive and avoid destruction.

My mother is probably the most unforgivable of all of them. If she did go to court with that info, hiding it from me....using it to gas light me was a very nasty thing to do. She had to cover her arrogantly using my name to hide money. She had always treated me like I simply existed for her convenience and nothing more in life. Yet one has to understand what being targetrd for life can do to a person, and I know its hard to comprehend programming within human beings especially RA, but she seemed to posess a very nasty black widow kind of programming. Think about the nature of Satanic RA. Why would it be so shocking for a mother to murder her own child? Its not surprising really, even if that child is 30 something. My mother may even be programmed with such forced trauma, to protect that family and its secrets and will literally kill anyone who threatens its existence.

When she would hiss at me "DONT make waves" or "Dont mess with the family" she sounded more like a seasoned leg breaker or assasin than a mother. Well, that seems to be a part of every programmed person's make up internally anyway. The only reason i am alive from her killing me or I killing her is an agreement we have through our two alters that are mother and daughter, and perhaps the interference of handlers.

This is why I am not as shocked by her behavior as everyone else. I saw her act in sick ways over the years but during Bush the system just pushed so many people.

This is more than a federal investigation. Why was I tormented so much so I would look crazy to begin with? Ultimately in the context of a federal investigation what was done to me makes little sense. All anyone had to do was sit me down and warn me that I was being watched or filmed. That I migh be asked to testify. But instead everything possible was done to drive me nuts, make me look nuts and document me acting nuts.