“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CA Sucks...Why Cant I Get This Through My Head?

Berkeley sucks. Its full of assh*les who are in on this. Its front is some old hippie bs but that is just referencing the old days. In fact, steps have been taken and a system in place to ensure no real reclvolutionary ideas or true change ever comes out of here again. Its crawling with gang stalkers to ensure thst is the case. The theory that the sixties was a product of the CIA is a very viable one. You gotta wonder about Merry Pranksters dosing people and sending thm.out into the desert to see what happens. How many of these types of peoplr will sell someone out to protect their drug businesses? The college is stuffed with conservative Bush and Romney supporting scum.

Another city as of now just like Cambridge MA that I can never return to.

Its beginning to look like leaving the countrh by any means possible is the only option left.

Fuck the USA I no longer want any part of it. I have traveled the country and dont fit in anywhere anyway. Americans are now so brainwashed I cant relate to them anyway.

I need to go somewhere that will pay attention to my story. I guess I did not realize that America is so guilty of war crimes that they must continue to persecute anyone who does not go along with thier plans or has information about the war crimes of the past administration.

I will not live the rest of my life being ignored. CA sucks more than any other state I have been to but I keep forgetting how FAKE and DECEPTIVE it is and keep returning.

I am hiding under a stair case charging my phone. Interestingly as I have done so I now hear helicopters above as I have ditched out of sight. I noticed them before when I arrived and before I was indoctrinated into the heavy brainwashing I noticed the presence of sich copters stayjng above the area I was in for a long time. Others in the street questioned why a copter would hover in the same place for so long as this seemed unusual.

I just experinced what seemed like a scan to look for me as i ditched out of sight. While the copters were over head doing what seemed like that, I experienced heavy sexual arousal as if there was a way to target that. Could this be part of how they find TIs? After my body responded or reacted and the arousal was felt deeply it seemed to disapate and the copters left. I now no longer feel safe under this stair well.

The being targeted here in northern CA is extremely dangerous. It tries to break your spirit as well as on the whole get you frustrated to give up.

Also i can see why serial killers so many come out of CA. I have expressed this before, while in SoCal. The frustration is incredible along with how fake and snobby the inhabitants are. They are totally horrid new money types and thier total lack of class and style is disgusting. They are so common and conformist its ridiculous.

I have to keep in mind that this state basically supports the agenda and Bush and his peeple regardless of how much of a Democratic state they claim to be.

In fact I seem to do better in red states for some reason. These are no longer real Democrats. Not like the Kennedy type. I dont even think real democrats exist anymore.

Its all just special interest scum snd military industrial complex.

When are we going to admit the military now runs the US? That tech and psych warfare is being used to keep the population under control?

Maybe in some other country, being targeted wont be so bad. I can never return to the northeast becuz the environment there is uninhabitable. I was getting so sick, something was effecting my insides- that internal bleeding I had and all that. When I got away from the northeast, further out past the midwest, it subsided. I felt my healthiest in the dry states like Nevada.

Its much more inhospitable than 2009. Berkeley purposefully doesnt manage the homeless scene or the severely mentally ill here. They are too tolerant snd its so that they perpetuate the worst homeless scene and then they can fix this of course with a zero tolerance policy and probably and End Homelessness campaign forcing everyone into housing.