“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TI's Are NOT Targeted Becuz They Are On Assistance From The Govt

If one more idiot tries to intimate or suggest that I am targeted due to being on assistance, being Polish or that I am Jewish I am going to kick thier asses. I am really sick of this stupidity. The public are either very into mind gaming or they are really stupid and gullible.

Assistance from the govt, other than being useful politically as a way to make the govt seem humanitarian also is useful politically as a scape goat. Assistance is gladly provided by the govt. Imagine the US not holding up the illusion they care about human rights? Imagine what would happen if you didnt pay off all the old slave families (labor) as well as new immigrants and everyone else in between? Do you realize how much crime there would be?

Anarchy. Go ahead, cut off assistance totally. I want that. I have wanted that kind of chaos for years now. You'll have homies putting guns to doctors heads demanding care and if not due to beefed up security they might just kidnap them. Break ins you name it.

The other classes better be grateful that cult mind control tactics and psych meds are used to keep us 'down' and you have the luxury of beating us also. Becuz if that assistance you whine about was cut off, you'd be f*cked. Get a clue.

GS is about much more and TI's are usually intelligent people who would not want to be on assistance anway. You should ask yourself why peopple like me are on assisatnce to begin wtih and we are NOT crazy either.

THIS IS YET ANOTHER COVER STORY. I notice this system comes up with numerous cover stories and then the perps act like they believe one of them, or someone in the public who thinks they know whats going on believes one of them or if they are really confused and brainwashed- all of them.

If someone seems intelligent, talented, good looking and not insane just traumatized wouldnt it stand to reason to question why they are on assistance? No you just go along with the bullying becuz you are not smart enough to get out of the mob mentality.

This is also probably why I keep getting vibed right now to leave the US at any cost RIGHT NOW. Like its only going to get worse or my life will be wasted here by these backwards idiots.

That rich bitch, rich-kid-gone-bad madame Julie I used to be friends with for years was on Masshealth and so was her kid. No one harasses her or uses that as an excuse, why becuz she makes up for it by paying off cops and cab companies in Xmas cards? That mean Jewish woman Sheryl Rosenburg who's family is loaded and gets money from both her ex husband and her familiy told me she got her son on SSI, when he went to Berkelee College? She was probably just messing with my head.

And she's gonna pay and so are all these other people. Boston especially thinks they can just do whatever they want and walk away. They are junkies for that feeling of being superior. I plan to make em kick cold turkey, hopefully it will kill some of them. Lets see how many of THEM we can make commit suicide eh? All that scum I dealt with are all sociopathic self absorbed rich assholes so there is no point in thinking they would even consider such things. They dont have souls thats why, whats to kill? Lol