“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chelsea Handler's Romantic Interlude/ Nick Cannon Twitter Battle


Now, now Nick whoever you are, dont insult truly angry white trash! No no, Nick, HALF JEWISH trash is what that is. Dont get confused. Chelsea Handler is a purely American invention for sure. And when you have a cozy relationship with an exec at E! with Comcast in the mix who did alot of unethical things for the CIA during the insane Bush era- you are going to get a show!

She's not really angry, she's just opinionated. Nor is she intelligent enough to actually pull off having anything that comes close to a political mindset on any issue she tackles anyway. She's pure Hollywood garbage. Saying that people who are homeless have all made bad decisions is one sign you are not dealing with a mercurial genius.

Have some respect for the truly angry poor whites- becuz you will see more and more in future if you havent gotten it already that we might be some of the last rebels left in the face of oppression.

Hot bag of nickels? I liked Ice-T's "hot bowl of dicks" served up to Amie Mann alot better. But both make me feel better.


NICK!! Calm the f*ck down dude! Again stop getting stupid, show biz whites mixed up with those of us who are truly poor white and self respecting enough to NOT be in show biz! Also Howard Stern is JEWISH trash, please stop confusing the two!! Eminem is someone that smart angry white trash would never listen to or respect anyway. He doenst even exist for many of us. Wiggers are a variation of angry white trash I suppose, but we dont like to be confused with this variety. The differences are painfully obvious. We are not afraid of our cultural heritage and DNA, we have some self respect and pride.

Also, in case you dont realize it, after watching these scumbags for years all the people mentioned have shown at least one of thier media creations is psy ops. Stern being the most prominent. These people work for the Man Nick.

Ignore them or at least be alot more intelligent and specific about your attacks on them. Hit deep and point out thier weaknesses, of which they have alot. Also, each one of these clowns gets off on people hating them, they incorporate it into thier act, their popularity. Use that Nick. Use it wisely. Without show biz each one of these people is a pathetic loser. Chelsea would be drunk under a bridge somewhere- the results of one too many bad desicions as she herself has formulated is the cause for so many homeless people being in their circumstances. Well, shes good looking so she would probably be with some guy or a working girl, if you know what I mean. Being a dominating bitch is a good money maker in sex work. Basically, that is what she does now its just marketed in the media so you dont see the whips and leather, but that is what her fans like believe me.

OH WAIT NICK!! Here is a bad decision by Chelsea Handler right here: Seems she likes to mess around in men's room stalls. Oh her fans will love this! So WILD and CRAZY!

By the way kiddo, people like this get off on you being pissed off and losing control. My mother used to say "get some one in control, out of control by pissing them off". She was also a bitch by profession, always the Daddy's girl leaning on men instead of being truly independent and still thinking she was a bad ass.

The more silent you are the less these people get from you. Only come out when least expected to strike at thier jungulars when there is something juicy to feed off of, like this story provided here. If you systematically ignore people like they dont exist, they have no power. Believe me I KNOW.

Also people in show biz like to give yer wife a hard time and always hated on her. First it was loads of crap from blacks who kept saying she thinks shes black who does this b*tch think she is? (Only in America folks.) Then she had to reveal her dad was part African American or something like that, and that let up but some other jealous hating BS would always appear.

Just go home to your lovely buxom wife who never had to get surgery to be shapely and remember that Chelsea is a middle aged drunk, Stern was never attractive even after surgery and Eminem is cursed with being himself for the rest of his life.

Good luck kiddo and remember- these people dont exist.