“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jealous Women Should Be Punished/The Public Should Not Be Allowed Such Powers

When female jealousy feeds male aggression or the desire to see women abused as is much the case in my campaign, even though its political, much petty personal desire has been fed by this monster.

My mother is a major player in this and her jealousy of me is not just pathological but she is from what I know, a programmed multiple herself so if its programmed into her she is going to be murderously dangerous not by her own design. The fact that she hasnt been caught yet for what she did to me or continues to support shows its political use and connection to political power. These are not normal circumstances.

However the problem is that many many females have been in on the harassment and torture without any sort of consequences. Its a way for the system to hide that this is in fact military grade psy ops- the typical gang stalking excuses: dropped the ball, fell through the cracks in the system, bad luck, thats the way people are etc. Yet the things that happen to a TI are extra ordinary. The fact they happen at all and with the approval of powerful entities illustrates how the worst in human nature is utilized fully by the designers of these campaigns.

When does jealousy become a war crime? Break international laws?

YOu have to understand that the people that are used for these campaigns are usually not as smart as the TI. The people at the top are using a mob of people to destroy one person, one Target. They find out what the best motivation is to tap into in whatever group they want to use in the campaign to destroy the person. When all is said and done, most of the average people involved took part not becuz of any sort of evil genius or political ends but becuz they are animals. They act like animals and they are no better than animals. They honestly do not see what they did as having an impact on wars, foriegn policy, corporate control of our culture and the world, the environment. They also do not seem to understand war crimes or that such things are illegal. It often seems like they dont even understand thats what they took part in. They are actually THAT stupid, slow and unable to see the great length of the road...which is why they instinctively go after the TI with whatever bullsh*t frame up is provided. These people are unable to be humble, becuz as many TIs have seen they themselves are so lacking in understanding thier own power they cannot understand worldly power and its responsibilities. Weak people are dangerous and in modern America, superiority and strength is often purely defined by monetary worth, connections or the ability to be inhumane. I have come to realize that most Americans dont even understand what they did as wrong. That many people are f*cked up, compartmentalized about thier own trauma histories or just plain too weak to have ever battled thier own demons or other people influencing them or keeping them down.

For such people to be able to take part in politically motivated campaigns against ONE person, especially connected to military war crimes is outrageous. When soldiers kill I doubt if its personal. When mafia kills...its supposed to be business anyway. Giving the public this much power or the illusion of power should have consequences. I hate to say this, but living through this has made me revisit what I always felt inside as a kid: the public are stupid and inferior. I dont feel that about everyone as I did then becuz I grew out of it but these experiences have shown me that the public if allowed to be let loose on someone are the most ignorant, non thinking, animalistic terrorists known to mankind. I dont even know if humans generally are capable of anything other than living as a cult. It seems they keep prefering this over freedom.

Its bizarre to me that often many shelter rats and other factions of the average public seem to actually be familiar with many of the factors and elements involved in the campaign- yet their take on it is so blase. As if they truly dont grasp what they have done or what they have taken part in. Are human generally evil with little exception? I dont mean willfully evil or overt sort of evil people just the seemingly stupid ones in the herd. The sadists, the sickos and the people who outshine others in being 'evil' I can deal with- I understand them and at least respect thier position even if its to my detriment. Its the herd I dont get.

How can they support laws but break them in such a manner as this? This campaign was huge and, as one of the people on the board of the PACHRE said concerning the claims of the MK Ultra survivors: gang stalking or the way the system keeps survivors down seems to include many people outside the CIA and military.

I have seen many people who are obviously motivated by jealousy and are totally irresponsible that it should be obvious they cant handle power. How can you pull of war crimes in the USA utilizing the public's lowest urges with no consequences? Thats why no one wants to believe us. No one wants to believe that there are so many petty murderous people who exist among the population who also somehow work in unison with one another as part of psy ops. Its easier to call the individual TI crazy or guilty.

Jealous women are a huge part of these campaigns. I mean they have absolutely no sense of social or ethical responsibility. Its not anyone else's problem they are weak or cant access the power within themselves yet this is fully utilized by PROFESSIONALS. So a mob lynching someone is totally acceptable as long as if fullfills some agenda set forth by a state actor?? WTF is that? How is that possible?

That doesnt even make a country worth living in? Alex Jones is wrong- this country hasnt become prison planet it obviously always has been. In this day and age humans are still running off of this kind of evolutionary state? Its unthinkable really. The hardcore Satanic factions at least are pretty set in what they are about, what they are willing to do and what comes naturally to them. I said NATURALLY. From what I have seen most of the people involved in gang stalking are not naturally evil by nature. They are only able to pull off these things becuz there are no consequences and much of the campaign is co signed by wealth and authority. These people are essentially the weakest people actually. They could never function this way on their own without a system designed to utilize thier stupidity. I have seen these very average weaklings being part of the gang stalking scene and in the backrounds in places I frequent- they always have to 'steel' themselves in response to stimuli from the campaigns. In other words they are getting cred off the TI that they dont deserve. Drama, street cred, feelings of superiority etc.

Wether they are part of the campaign out of thinking they are doing evil, good or something necessary to the national security they are still morons. One can plainly see they have no personal strength whatsoever. Not all of them but much of them. This is especially true of the very common public I have had to deal with in public spaces and in shelters etc. Staff and clients in these places should not be allowed to lord it over anyone especially a survivor of mind control who is trying to heal, and definately not if thier only true and main motivation is drama or jealousy.

The amount of mind control used especially the tech makes it impossible for the TI to ever fight and win or have any power.

The public convince themselves you are dangerous, weak and who knows what bullshit is in the minds of Cause stalkers who range from religious to people who actually believe these experiences make you stronger without understanding war crimes are illegal for a reason and the only thing they caused was brain damage and loss of life.

The problem is that every heavy in on this has something to lose. Every soldier in on going to battle has something to lose. Gang stalkers dont have any risk whatsoever. They benefit from being able to utilize the most advanced tech as well as protection from official authority.

It should be outright illegal to include or employ civilians in any and all activities covert or otherwise in by states actors even if those actions are outsourced by state actors and handled by private companies such as black ops etc.

Anyone who isnt trained properly shouldnt be let loose on any living human being. And if these actions are indeed from a state actor like the CIA then there needs to be some recourse by the victim(s). If it comes from organized crime then the same should apply.

How is it my own grandmother, mother, psychiatrist etc had inside information and gas lighted me with "THEY are afraid of you" or "THEY need to know someone is advocating for you" without my having any knowledge of what was going on or access to information? And how is it so many people are in on these campaigns nationally? In Baltimore Ohio I only saw perps. The entire time I was there I walked into town, got stalked in predictable overt ways, saw only perps including a cop car where the guy gave this look like I was asking for it and foolish for walking into his town.

When does an entire nation go against one person? And WHY as well? And if I was truly just a pedo or mentally ill or etc etc then why are so many people that afraid of me? People treat me like I deserve to be segragated from the population. People treat me like I was never meant to exist or I deserve this or I am not part of humanity.

These experiences then should put much of our nation, our culture and our population into question. Like once again evidence exists for these satanic networks,even if all Satanists are not part of such networks or Satan is not a real entity. Just becuz you are an atheist doesnt mean there arent Satanic networks doing these things to people. Its not about the legitamacy of the entity its about finally accepting that human beings are muderers and will act that out like mindless apes if given the financial backing, right victim and blessings of authority.

And they will use any excuse they can like God, religioun, morality, necessity, national security etc. If my existence was an issue of national security I by all logic should have been simply disposed of by now. And I dont mean people tormenting me around the USA trying to put weird shit in my medicines or run me down with cars or torment me into suicide. An 'accident' would have sufficed or perhaps a silencer on a high quality gun.

A large faction of the American public has taken part in what amounts to war crimes- torture being the most compelling. They are dependent on authority to keep these activities covered up by simply writing me off as delusional. Simply put American citizens not only partook in torture but know what they did is wrong due to also making it obvious that its going to remain covered up.

There is nothing I have done in my life that warranted the abuse I have recieved. Yet I have encountered numerous people nationwide who partake of torturing me and tormenting me not just for practical gain but for personal gain.

When you look at thier behavior outside of being the TI you realize that they cannot possibly comprehend that they have partaken of war crimes or they are helping to extend projects like MK Ultra rooted in Project Paperclip. I am especially shocked at the Jews involved. Why would they be involved in Nazi projects? What becuz they 'earned' the research results via their own people being a faction of those experimented on?

This is one of the factors that is so confusing about gang stalking related to MK Ultra. Youve got plenty of Jews involved which, if these are Nazi sympathizers, makes no sense at all. I think its just anyone greedy, power seeking and then when it comes to the public just jealous and weak.

Its confusing when the lowest types seem to know about what is going on with the details of the most involved part of the campaign. So what are these people psy ops and just posing as homeless women? Its possible becuz I have seen stranger things in all this.

Most of this is easily written off as my being nuts, like my dad of course. My claims of my mother being a radiation experimentee are easily denied by her as well as all her other actions unless someone bothered to look up old phone records and her records as an experimentee- both of which could be altered or destroyed if an entity is powerful enough.

The only thing I have is dirt on people from the cover story situation in Boston. It was stupid of them to try make me look like I suddenly went nuts when my friend as associate of ten years was connected to a federal investigation in Boston, one I am convinced now was looking for terrorist money. And if that is true I suspect that alot of this is done on purpose as part of a campaign to ensure the truth IS NEVER FOUND.

No one wants to know about black budgets or how the CIA has been documented to be involved with gangs like the Bloods and higher up organized crime. Americans accept this as what makes our way of life so good. Which means destroying my life based on some moral judgement is the most inverse, ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.

These people, these normal average citizens you run into who are part of this- aside from thier petty personal motives, being the apes they are incapable of thinking any higher than that- are protecting child molesters and we are talking about the worst ones.

Even the way that Britney Spears was treated just reeks of a nation that would rather NOT deal with her and how she got that way.
And gs is international?

I can not believe that people try to write this all off as simply the act of destroying Rachael's last chance in life. Its insane. Either these people are fully aware of the political nature of what has been done or they are programmed and trying to wake them up is going to be impossible. They MUST be aware of what they have done or what the campaign was about. If not then its obvious that myself and others like me who feel they only get along with other people in a select tribe are totally valid in those choices for survival. I bet if I really got to know the other traveling kids I would probably find they were targeted as well or psychic or extremely talented or highly intelligent etc. People like us just meet and know each other, that we can trust each other to an extent. Its like we know each other. And the posers, infiltrators, operatives and provocetures are easily recognized on some level..which is why its very important to keep us freaked out and traumatized to a point. So that we dont really become conshus of what we KNOW subconshusly. I can 'see' bullshitter within the traveling community and people that seem to be on the side of corrupt authority but you just cant make a rational take on that until it becomes obvious and even then...the traveling scene is definately infiltrated. This absolute bitch with a heavy drawl in Portland blew me off immediately with "so how long you been travelin?" and didnt like the answer. Maybe she didnt like Yankees but I have come to realize that such people are highly suspect in the traveling scene. They seem to like to blow off anyone who seems intelligent, has thier shit together and isnt a brainwashed stoner who has completely thrown thier lives away to the road. The people of the latter description usually have no problems with me, its the people that DO that are up to something. They either work for the organized crime end of things or they work for thier state actor counter parts.

Its disheartening over time to have to realize that the entire nation if not the world is run by the CIA and military. There is a good reason that some of my best support has come from the wealthiest areas of the USA- I suppose only they can resist having to play ball with these assh*les.

My problem is not so much that people have to comply to survive- its the far too numerous public who take joy in complying- who like to see what is happening to the Targeted person. These low quality people shouldnt even KNOW about covert ops let alone be in on it. And the involvement of like every shelter in the USA is very disturbing.

Thier belief is that they, great and small are all going to get away with what they did to me becuz I am not important enough, I am just one person, I have no power etc. Gang stalkers love what they do becuz no one can catch them. THey are in the end but a faceless mass.