“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Remote Influence Seems Heavier Lately- New England 2011/ME, NH

OK very disturbing lately. It seems that something has changed in the past 12 months. It seems like whatever tech is used, in the north east anyway, has become incredibly strong in managing areas. Opposed to using human forces or 'gang stalkers' to manage TI's/ the public in these areas. Its becoming almost impossible to beat mentally. This could be my health deteriorating as well so I am unable to fight like I used to.

The interfacing just does NOT stop lately. Its terrible. There has been some change in ME and I dont know what it is. Perhaps it was some illness I experienced in the last 12 months being in Cambridge/Boston.

The attempts to induce erotomania http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11788912
have become near constant.
I usually dont devulge the identities of the persons who are part of these deceptions as I feel that if anyone wanted to use this against me to illustrate I am mentally ill they would have more weight if I named the celebrities. I know I can use as example that Diana Napolis suffered from this being induced after she got too close to Ritual Abuse cases as a therapist. She then started becoming paranoid and eventually stalked Aquino and celebrities. I am not sure if Aquino had hard evidence like from computer activity that could be shown to prove she had done so or if she sent him corrrespondence. Even perhaps that correspondence was faked by someone routing through her computer address..etc.
The point is she fell for it it seems. She was sucked into this system that simply tortures people until they give in. Mentally who the hell can fight that long against DAILY hammering away at your mind? And if you dont give in, the system can always refer to these claims and then use them to show you are mentally ill. The issue is that the people making that judgement would have to understand the way military grade psy ops is being utlized against enemies of certain factions. Youve got common people or worse- former mind controlled slaves who really have little understanding of thier own rights as citizens to begin with- being taken as hostages or hit like enemies in political or military campaigns. Your average TI is different from a diplomat or dictator. Most of us dont have any training to counter this, unless its from being programmed as children.

Such circumstances also suggest further experimentation related to MK Ultra and Project Paperclip as this would be a way to test the systems of programming within people to see how much it takes to get someone to break down, conform, confess, submit to authority, suicide, etc.
This might be the only reason TI's seem to get 'help' from covert factions. Either that is what is going on or you've got some particularly bored elite out there who are using this as games- like the gladiators in ancient Rome.

I was in Portaland Maine. Horrid. Maine is pretty bad. I have photos of the towers in that town. They were those ones with the big drums on them. They were pretty heavy duty considering the size of the town. It was OK out of the bus station but Portland goes up this huge hill, an incline as one travels down the main road Congress St all the way to the waterfront. It just got weirder as I went up the incline. You could feel the influence of tech interfereing with thought processes, emotions etc. This seemed to start in earnest as I went through the art district. That is also where I saw the first large tower.
Hung around in Monument Sq and walked through Old Port. Touristy area. Panhandling was pretty terrible but I got at least enough to eat. Inclimate weather it harder. The shelter there is not great and the homeless tend to be drunks and generally the homeless population are very common people, not creative or artistic in nature.

I got gang stalked the sh*t out of all over the city, Momunment Sq area being the worst. The combo of gs and tech made the stalking and harassment by human forces more subtle in nature. I will run down the specifics in another post but some of it was very nasty, the content of the tech campaign that day.I found something military related which I have to look up, and a woman who gave me a ride out of there wised me up a bit by saying "The salaries are not very high in Portland Maine- how is it those people can afford to go to those bars and restaraunts all the time?" and she said they were NOT all tourists. I suppose I should really think about that. A theory is that these bastards not only commondear entire buses or invade towns every three weeks for htier black ops games but that they take over entire cities or areas of cities. Its quite possible. Privitization through a back door system that is perfectly legal. How depressing.

The tech was intrusive there but more about getting me to self talk, act out and there was a strong sense of being watched, by select celebs of course and powerful people along with an audience, thus causing Truman Show Syndrome. I tried to ignore it and fight it but it was very strong and when such a thing is coupled with gang stalking by human forces, its very distracting.

Left and arrived at truck stop then to a NH town to ride out storm soon. Pretty ok in this area run better than Maine. NH is always better than other New England areas. The problem here has been a bombardment of inducing erotomania. Famous people and an audience are not watching me but there have been ideations of specific people psychically contacting me and/or watching me. In fact the induced delusion starting this morning is that these few infamous people are great admirers of mine and have crushes on me. This of course is utter bullsh*t and only part of a psy ops campaign, using tech of course via MINDWAR by Michael Aquino and general so and so, that decades ago conceptualized this being possible.

One knows this as a Target but its hard to live this and observe as well as use reason to stay out of it. It sucks actually. Its not way to live.

What was most notable about this experience is its onset was when my mind started to wonder and I was really starting my day gearing up my imagination. Listening to some music and imagining being in some other country having a life not bothering with this nonsense. The ideation of this one specific infamous person broke into my day dreaming as I walked..no ripped into it like a rude interruption. It simply took me away from what I was thinking in my own mind. Pretty intrusive wouldnt you say? And you can tell that those actions are also part of training/conditioning a person not to use thier imagination. There is this war on human conshusness we must think of as well. Of creating robots out of humans, of creating a system of interconnectedness. That seems like a great idea but what they are trying to do is create a world of interconnectedness and then deny individuals thier own minds or mindscapes to reflect, think or imagine. Its as if the system is attempting to make human beings one or two dimensional by destroying the inner worlds, the dimension of thought, or a human's ability to create other dimensions by creating them with thought.

This may seem far fetched or extreme but it is totally possible with the tech/psy ops system they have in place. Perhaps this is only for Targeted persons to suffer, which is why the public dont care even if they do know what is going on. Perhaps not, maybe they just want this NWO instead of being human.

As usual this stopped once I contacted the local police dept ON A TOTALLY UNRELATED MATTER. It is usually the case that a cop showing up physically or contact with police for some reason stops these crimes and tortures. It seems to stop the tech or seriouisly lessen it. I dont know how this works it just does. This could also be conditioning to get TIs to be more trusting of or in line with authorities. A reward if you will. It could also be that whoever is doing this is afraid of legit law enforcement officers who are NOT on thier payrolls etc.

(just lost alot of work by autosave not working. probably becuz it was a published post).

I will try to do a detailed rundown later this week but I have experienced. Generally the harassment in Portland Maine where I just came from was subtle but constant using human forces as is usually the case with anyplace strong in tech. Some of the tech content was harsh reminding me of the torture during Hayden being in office.
There seems only to be average military influence there but there was the Barbara Bush hospital for pediatrics branch, reminding me that I didnt take the Bush influence on Maine as seriously as I should have.

The point of trying to induce erotomania in a TI is probably due to using such delusions to condition the TI in behavior modification as part of classical conditioning. Its definately about pushing me to succeed somehow. Which is bs in itself as I should have been left alone to grow naturally, go to school sort things out for myself.
This was unecessary. This is all in the interest of controlling a person of re making them and in my case its to silence me. It could also be that getting me to devulge information completely is an important stage in the cult like brainwashing process which would ensure the victim be a full part of the NWO world wide cult family. Without a moment's peace to oneself of course.

If I can be made to believe that select famous and infamous persons as well as civilians are on my side, routing for me etc then I will perform better. Perhaps there are people who are indeed interested in what I am doing or want to see me succeed but its doubtful that it would be remotely normal for me to have to deal with intrusions by them psychically or otherwise.