“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Must We Suffer Before Man Made Armegeddon?

I am wondering if resistance is indeed futile. Like during the Nazi era.

It seems like the tech exists to make people feel good when in actuality they should be feeling very bad by right. Boston especially has this capacity and it makes me want to vomit usually. Remember when you were a kid and they had that candy that was way too sweet? I think here it was maple candy or something shaped like the leaves, whitish. And I like sweets believe me but there was something about those things- disgusting. That is what this fake feeling is like for me. Also I can feel something..I dont dare say it but 'microwave'? After being heavily hit at times with these technologies, when they use them more violently and directly on a single TI or even as crowd control (or like when the San Diego cops went by and blasted a bit through The Tent summer homeless shelter. I recognized it right away.) you can fell it on your skin.

That is what accompanies this fake glowing, godlike happy bullsh*t. That is why I know its fake, and perhaps its the radiation that makes me want to vomit not just the sentiment lol. My mother being a raditation experimentee also makes me wonder if my body is just more weak than others or at least mor sensitive.

It seems clear at this point that there is indeed a list of people like myself who are not meant to survive nor flourish in this society at this time in history. That we are experimentees only and that is for life if not terminal in itself.
Perhaps there are lists, and its connected to this Denver airport type activity with large land being purchased by the elite with underground bunkers. It seems people like myself are already being designated to not survive if not being destroyed even before humans induce an armegeddon type scenerio.

What I dont understand is why I wouldnt be allowed to have a nice life before destroying me, or anyone else for that matter. Why not just let people be and then kill them? Like on the Titanic- if you are stranded on board or choose to stay just drink while the band plays and the ship goes down. Why are they making people suffer before the end comes anyway? I dont understand it.
And I keep getting these interfaces that drive me nuts and its all over New England. No matter what the scenerio that is used to fool me (like difference between Portland ME and Portsmouth NH I described) I get this constant feedback. Its like having an analyst be present at all times and the person analyzes your behavior whatever you do and you have to listen to this all the time instead of live your life. This not only keeps the TI down it prevents them from living thier lives out from the perspective of being IN THIER OWN LIVES.

And I can tell this is tech becuz it never happens when I am in a Faraday cage like environment (a place where no cell phone or other microwave or electromagnetic interference can get to due to it being underground or materials like steel and concrete and metal etc) or after 12 midnight. Not only is it torture it creates more insanity. And it keeps the person from experiencing stimuli and recieving its benefits or even prevents them from learning on thier own.

I also strongly feel this is tech and think that as well or better yet logically deduce that becuz I am told things about my own behavior that I would NEVER have thought of on my own. There is no possible way that I could be an observer with that much accuracy while living in my own life as the player if you will, of that role. These are sometimes observations that could only occur if someone were looking at me from outside my own body. Like watching me, and we all know that as TIs we often feel watched and not be other living people but by some means of surveillance. It creeps me out to think that satellites can be used for these experiments or tortures or prisons. Moreso than people watching me or cameras. Its an extreme power trip on whoever is up there or on the other end of whatever is up there.

This has long ago gone way to far. Human beings are not just being toyed with by people wanting to play god or experimented on. These people, in my entire experience thus far, are trying to see if they can alter or interfere with the human soul itself or spirit. this is why there was so much experimentation on what happens when we die or that fact that scientists attribute all religious experience to right brain electrical activity etc.

This gets so deep that it would indeed be difficult for a modern society to believe any of this could actually happen. Its just easier to write the person off as mental.