“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chalie Sheen Getting Ghost Writers For His Chaos? Its Still Just Psy Opsurse


COULD someone be writing it for him? Gee, ya think?

Its a great way to block any true dissidents out there. I have no idea why Sheen would be a 9-11 Truther if he is involved in assisting the system in destroying any dissidents or co opting anyone's talents or art of expression. His part in Two And A Half Men tells those in the know that if he knew what this show was about, that it was a major media psy ops project for selected Targets, then it stands to reason why he would be part of a campaign connected to that to continue to destroy dissidents/select targets. (A black man close to the Bloods, who I have caught more than once directly involved in 'intimidation' of TI's myself included and other activities related to gang stalking- basically dropped a piece of information that let me know that that show was indeed meant to cause mental and emotional harm to a certain Targeted Individual. Within the week after doing so, he met with a woman he had not seen in ten years, who gave him opiates when crack was his drug of choice, they were both found dead the next morning, needles were found planted outside the window sill of his room when in fact no hypodermics were used by these people as delivery for the drugs that killed them. Within one day a certain TI was being taunted by gang stalkers in the context of her gs campaign with directed conversation as well as direct looks by persons saying things pertaining to "well if you killed someone just turn yourself in. The judge will understand" and basically trying to make this TI paranoid that the authorities believed she had something to do with providing the opiates to this man and his old friend now deceased, partially due to the TI's own drug use of opiates in her past but also becuz this was a running game with the gang stalkers: to get this TI to run and blab to the authorities. Besides, if it didnt work then its a great way to add trauma to the TI's daily dose of mental anguish, emotional suffering etc.)

This indicates that he and Alex Jones are disinfo agents as there seems to be alot of blocking out other TIs who are doing activism to expose what is going on with thier own form of activism. Yet, Sheen being part of any sort of activity that seems suspicious in nature related to psy ops in media including being a 9-11 Truther, should reflect on Alex Jones badly yet does not.

I now understand the point of people like Jones and Sheen his new side kick is to simply shine so brightly that they drown out any and all smaller voices. Its akin to a chain store taking over a business and pushing out all the mom & pop stores or shoppes.

Another dead giveaway is that most TI's live under duress and are operating as hunted human beings, usually in bad conditions as well as sleep deprivation. Under these conditions, a human being is going to only see that these two are bigger than they, have more voice power and they are going to be aware that these people seem to be doing what they are doing only better at it. Not only does this make a tired, weary and psychologically exhausted person belittle thier own efforts or add to thier wanting to give up, it also, in thier extreme state of health and mind, make it seem as if Jones and Sheen are helping the cause. Lets put it this way: I have lived through this. Its very much like being returned to a primitive animal like way of life. In my exhausted state I percieved this psychological battle field as say, the Savannah and Jones now seemed much like a large lion whereas I was a smaller less effective animal. Not only did I become comfortable with his presence in my hunting area and territory I also came to quickly understand he was bigger than me. This perception by a very tired human being who is living like an animal so is not thinking like one will cause any REAL TI who is a valuable VICTIM WITNESS with DAMAGING INFORMATION to forget all about thier true value and simply percieve themselves as minor in comparison to Jones and his associates.

It further confuses a TI that Jones would be with Sheen as Sheen obviously is a bastard in on this with all the motives to do so anyway. Yet he is a Truther....and Jones seems so credible. ????????????????????????????

To an exhausted hard working person living under duress and extremely stressful conditions, these effects are some of the best coming out of psy ops for a campaign such as this. I would not even be writing this from such an observer point of view if I were not in a place of rest recently that was safe.

Also, always be suspect that the purpose is also to cover up what is really going on with gs camapigns and why no one ever stops them or gets caught: they are in themselves part of continued experimentation and data collection or behavior modification campaigns.

To force someone like me to go through a gs campaign is to behavior modify me simply by my trying to save my life or act in self defense. Isolation as well as forced socialization and communication provides the conditions for changes the system considers positive for someone like myself say: socializing the subject, forcing constant confession- all of which takes away privacy. The isolation is not controlled by the subject therefore they begin to fear being alone or isolating. These are all ways to force people to stop using thier imaginations, stop being artists, stop being sensitive, stop being loners who are satisfied with thier own company, stop being writers, stop being spiritual or reflective etc. All the things the authorities didnt like in 1984 from loner types.

Also this very post in itself provides the experimenters themselves with insight into the way I think or the way the subject of an experiment is reacting to such circumstances etc.

I wouldnt usually think this sounded sane myself- in fact it sounds downright crazy or delusional. However, my mother being a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra is all I need to know to be quite convinced of my own sanity. Also informants in St Louis telling me that I was discredited during that federal investigation becuz I could tell how not only the escort business worked, but I could tell how one specific escort business worked.

And doesnt Sheen owe alot to escort businesses himself? You have to first think about how military grade or Dirty Tricks Dept psychological operations works then you have to think of how the scum being hired out for alot of this connected to organized crime and that sort of world think and operate.

If you dont know anything about either one of these then you will probably think I am just crazy like my father etc etc, which of course I could care less about what you think. The greatest thing that ever happened to me was my way of life in my 20s. I have dirt that people will actually believe.

Then again one must consider, and I was warned of this as well, that these are all forced interrigation methods. The feds have been notorious since Bush of using whatever is necessary to get people to give them info without subpoenas.

For instance. As I was writing that last part before "do you think I am crazy..." I got a very distinct and strong specific psychic impression that my step father had read this post, was talking to someone about it and I was being made paranoid by this impression that he was telling people everything I write is just me being mentally ill. That he was knowingly partaking in the disinfo and discreditation campaign by telling people I was always mentally ill or off even when he knew me as a kid etc etc. This of course makes me want to prove someone like that wrong or to counter that. And in doing so I then wrote that I know things about people that involve organized crime etc etc.

So I am forced to give information against my Will. And this system is hoping it will eventually become a full confession.
Putting the person into isolation, tormenting them, all the Gitmo stuff to get them to talk or release information. I have posted before these campaigns are exactly like what is described to go on at Gitmo. Becuz the info I have on anyone I was involved with is already known by law enforcement. I know this not only becuz of thier being part of the gang stalking directly but also by informants telling me that the feds already went over this years ago during an investigation of people in Boston and were fully aware of an attempted frame up of me. Thus they must have known everything I knew already and I was never given a summons or subpoena.

These continued actions to destroy me are simply to do just that. They are a hate crime as well as they are to destroy my mind. If they actually cause confession they gain control of the Target and they have succeeded in an important phase of behavior modification..