“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tyson Mistakenly Believed His Life Was "A Waste"...Bullshit

What is this bullsh*t?

First of all its perfectly normal for young people especially in western culture to be selfish until they get older and start to see thier place as elders in society. And talented or superior people are going to especially be this way. Just be thankful of you do evolve becuz its the people that dont evolve past youth in old age that are lost, and that means looking beyond yourself. Turning from warrior into elder statesman. Self loathing is not however, a healthy way to do this. Probably years of the system f*cking with him.

Second of all I am not African American and even I use Mike's fighting as inspiration in my battles. I am sure many African Americans especially young men were inspired by his success but people of all cultures. This culture is obsessed with destroying champions especially nowadays. Dont let em do it to ya.

What waste? I think this self regret I hope it isnt coming from brain damage from too many fights if so, handle it then. Becuz that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Its so common for this culture to reward men for thier hardness and violence but to neglect the spirit and soul of the athlete. Its like they are on thier own. Its a sad side effect of this culture.

It seems that physically superior people often have more spiritual issues than others..perhaps we are all around superior beings which is something the system does not want us to know. Its determined to take what success we do have in a certain area and limit us to that and especially phase us out when our prime is over. I notice this is especially the case with people that come out of extreme poverty, as if the elite are frightened of all kinds of superior powers coming from individuals who excel in life at something. Perps have hinted that I like others targeted are as such becuz they did the same to Tupac- they fear extremely brilliant, intelligent, talented or any other exceptional ability from the lower classes. Its amazing but in this day and age there is still that keep down going on. I have seen it first hand.

Its so easy to break someone born into poverty emotionally. These assholes know just where to hit too. Its a different sort of fight and its typical that a man this powerful physically can be messed with emotionally. Whats funny is that he has the insight to consider spiritual values...haha. How many people who think they are better than he do not?

They are scared of the Titans. I truly believe its intergenerational DNA like a bloodline or spiritual possessions at birth..they know who these people are and keep them in check. I notice people like this are always allowed to screw themselves when they are young and dont know any better but when they get old enough to be wise they are given alot of 'bad luck' etc etc.

Well Tyson and Ali have helped me to stay inspired as well as other athletes and fighters. Im a girl and have to relate to the physical battles with the fighting I do, since I can never have that kind of body. Its also great to see men acting out primitively, not with buying a stupid pick up truck to compensate for thier lacking but really showing they have what it takes to destroy a saber tooth tiger that attacks our tribe or warring with enemies as this is where women's heads are at when watching competitors.

I notice that he came up with Italians and Irish training him and after leaving that he lost his discipline. Maybe people got him to do just that to help bring him down. I think its disgusting if its true promoters took his money. I havent read the whole story.

There is something in this culture that needs to destroy Titans to control society itself. From Tyson to Marylin Monroe.

For anyone who is inspired by Tyson his life is not 'a waste'. And selfishness is encouraged by the very people who use it to destroy Titans in thier later years, hmph, when they cant make money off of them anymore after thier prime. Manipulation is thier strength, and its sneaky, deceptive and takes a mob to pull off. Forget them.

Tyson is, like my black metal artists, the Betty Grable pin ups men use to keep around in wartime. They provide example to keep fighting and do so to win, and also, its encouraging seeing men work and fight- act like MEN, not like control freak cry babies in pick up trucks with shaved heads, baggy pants and a mob mentality to keep society supporting thier weakness and stupidity, with weak, beta females assisting them.

It calms me. When I walk through Maverick and all those big, solid Latin men are around me, with thier family values and not messing with women on the street, I feel calmed. Becuz REAL women can act and feel like women ONLY WHEN THERE ARE REAL MEN AROUND. Its a fact, and it seems based on physical chemistry. The reason I freak out so much in Boston and areas like that is all these skinny, so not talented or special hipsters, YUPpies and metrosexuals that make up the male population in such places nowadays. It makes me feel I have to be the strong one, on some level I dont feel safe or protected.

We need superior examples of physicality, talent etc as inspiration. The system is just pissed becuz Mike came from the ghetto, and cant be kept above the rest of us with that intimated snobbery that is so annoying in the way other people who rep 'the best' are marketed. Hes dangerous in his ability to inspire the weakest of us..they dont want that. And the primitive male energy is a threat to the entire male set up, which is transparent as hell once your estrogen starts to wane in this society- thus phasing out women at a certain age. The whole game is worse than ever now.

Still any of 'the best' even from antiquity is worth using for inspiration.