“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, July 29, 2011

Gang Stalking as Psy Ops On Target Communities in NWO Society

Hiding out somewhere much more mello. Somewhere that seems to have been left behind by society.

Near the colleges and in the YUPpie areas its unbearable nowadays. The people management via tech is obviously worse now than in years before but I now believe that many of the obnoxious people that keep messing with not only TI's but the general population within daily crowds might be part of 'people management' as well.

I have seen this sort of person screwing around on the CB in the trucking industry, messing with people on purpose causing chaos, making drivers disgusted so they turn off thier CBs. Destroying the culture and community and subculture. The one I met on the road that was doing this while being a driver was African American and had just come out of the military..hmmm.

Many people experience these antagonizers in Central Sq and downtown Boston. In Harvard and other areas the antagonizers tend to be rich whites students it looks like often. I have personally experienced a musician that obviously was not welcome or 'in' with the ruling entities in Harvard Sq becuz some college looking girls mobbed him and drove him out of the area he never returned.

It just seems like there is a constant gang stalking like campaign being perpetrated on the general public in specific areas they want control over as well as within certain sub cultures and groups they want to dismantle, the trucking industry is an example of this.

When you get to an area where there is not this constant chaos causing element, you realize how insane the constant circus is, and that it seems so contrived- it IS a circus created to cause chaos which causes strict order and rigidity in response.