“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Metal Going Pop IS The Ultimate SInister Evil Betryal-Hey Its What They Do

Gee, why is Infernus from Gorgoroth on the cover of the new Cannibal Corpse production? He looks terrible? And without corpse paint! I notice that after that whole Bush era and that lawsuit its the first time he started showing his face in pics. Like now there is nothing to lose from doing so. But here he just looks awful. Maybe listening to the grindcore crap he put out instead of the good old stuff with real energy has made him into a bloodthirsty zombie? Or was he that already to begin with?

And CC could NOT think of a color combo more original than the old black white and red that is so obnoxiously everywhere nowadays? Of all thier cover artwork over the years (which strangely seemed to favor blues, whites and oranges in the artists work along with black for darkness and red for blood or 'eeevviill!'.) this is what comes now?

And what of Mayhem taking the band down another notch and having the drummer from Slipknot tour with them? Its just the next step down from performing in Israel which was disgusting. Maybe if they put MAZDA on something and werent Abrahamic reactionaries (which validates Abrahamic religions) they would have actually been banned becuz that is the only thing the Jews truly fear is any historical documentation that wakes up a dumbed down public to the truth that they are not the root of everything known to man and thier religion comes from an older polytheistic religion as well as from older religions from surrounding areas and peoples. The only metal band to be banned in Israel did so for just that afore mentioned motive- NOT for Satanic content.

Looks like the enslavement of mankind is on still and must consist of any entity that once produced true energy to motivate, stimulate or strengthen must now join the ranks of hella-stupid pop mainstream which of course is the very definition of torture and evil so you must expect that. And selling out is just betrayal which is what they were born to do, or so thier old lyrics tell us all so.

Just keep listening to the old stuff. Its a joy to use these guys as bitches to wring out what energy you can get to fight back against this elite-enslave-mankind bullshit that spans across social stratas, classes even (ahh the ever cooperative houseslaves), races and cultures even genres.

Maybe thier next move will be to do beer ads with now socially and economically powerful gangsta rappers who also seem to like black and red and satanic Illuminati elitist crap symbolism.
UPDATE: I found this (Immortal plays same bill as .50 Cent rapper garbage- http://waldemardaninskyjr.blogspot.com/2011/07/black-metal-in-news-junejuly-mmxi.html

I am going to pretend firstly that I did not see this and secondly if it does run through my mind I will imagine they will ignore the other shitheads on the bill. I want to vomit but since last week I had the flu I have done so enough.