“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jennifer Lopez-A Prime Example Of Celebrity As Product

Why is she so successful as in this article asks:


"I dont know why she hasnt worked in months"... first of all when you do a movie like The Cell you help out the intelligence community with mass mind control brainwashing as well as media psy ops on specific Targeted Individuals and hey, that has its rewards. Secondly, many celebrities today may have talents they are supposedly famous for yet many of them are simply Product themselves. Years ago this was unacceptable when it first turned up as in the case of one the first modern type celebrity who, ironically I actually cant remember her name-Tia Maria or something like that. Some very rich guy's wife I think- who was ranked on constantly for being famous for nothing more than BEING FAMOUS. Back then it was something new, but they gave her some singing career I think just to prove she was capable of something to quiet a confused public. Interestingly, most celebrities nowadays may have careers in entertainment but most are sold on thier face and image. They are the thing that sells and the magazines like TMZ, People etc etc have become numerous nowadays -thier only purpose is to repeat these images until the image of the person itself becomes the desired product by the public. Jo Lo may have significant singing talent but many people become product themselves and what they do doesnt matter anymore.

This of course is part of dumbing down America and mass mind control via simple ancient brainwashing techniques. However it wouldnt work without all the other factors like taking away recreational drug use and replacing it with psych medications, work more-earn less, terror mongering, forced Diversity and Political Correctness mandated at the same time as gangsta rap culture destroying civility and sanity, etc etc. I think we all get it by now.

That's why she's always going to do well no matter what she does or doesnt do. She works for just the right people and she herself is a well selling product with the public.

Her and Tyler are in good company on that horrible mind f*ck of a show Star Search..or whatever it is. At least that English jerk made an art out assh*ledom but hey, Europe is always going to be more artful no matter what.

Nowadays one must judge according to new perceptions becuz the old ones are being used to fool us if not destroy us. Fame must be mistrusted becuz its used as a Trojan Horse. What is it that they are really pushing with a celebrity nowadays? What are they selling or what effect do they have on the viewer? People no longer just entertain and mind thier own business as you mind yours. Much of what goes on now is psychological manipulation and warfare outright. And they think this new value system of Fame/Wealth= Good People is going to make everyone passable. If you are wise you wont let anything pass through your filters that isnt what you believe in or hold dear. Becuz the biggest ideology they are peddling is to believe in NOTHING except the Media Machine which is incredibly dangerous and we see the results all around us.

What specific beliefs does Lopez have that makes her stand out? Nothing. Zilch. These people represent the pretty, comfort zone side of the system. They have become the country's new drug habit- watching celebrities. Which is a great way to fill in the gap after you have pushed 'Just Say No!' for decades. Stars being one of the opiates of the masses is one thing but there is supposed to be a division between private life and media. Too many people embrace pop culture as if it were thier own family and this keeps them on the side of the system. The worst part is they dont do it willfully as some sort of creative problem solving or a child that goes through a phase with posters of one person all over thier walls- they do it very unknowingly.

I have seen this phenomena before years ago in my late teens. Some girls were discussing dramas and lives as thier own in a gossip conversation. I was shocked to learn they were actually discussing their "stories" from day time television. It was one of my first experiences realizing not only how low the intelligence of the people can be which is dangerous to the rest of us, but how easy it is to control and run the perceptions of the public- to have them live in daydreams. A false reality. Humans are way to susceptible to this and its one of the reasons they DONT want people to experiment with drugs or sex becuz those experiences not only test the meddle of the individual but allow them to know thier own minds. To become familiar with thier own consciousness.

The empowerment of human beings is probably the single biggest threat to the system that runs our lives, especially in America, and makes nothing but animalistic consumers out of us. And it will stop at nothing to keep people asleep and weakened.