“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leader Bank Central Square Cambridge MA, USA/You are all gonna pay some day some how

They were so nice usually and thier ATM is free and it gives 10's!

Sadly when I went to open an account after seeing I owed Bank Of CIA...I mean Bank of America money I guess any bank wont open one for me now. Strange I freaked out and closed my accounts eh?

I explained I cant pay them off anyway cause money in PayPal is stuck now along with whatever else is coming soon from other resources this Indian guy starts interrogating me like he has that right. "Oh so you work too?" I explained ONCE AGAIN it was a non profit and I had a blog where I get donations, very little usually. When I was getting together to leave he and this much nicer bald man of African descent made me feel very uncomfortable just standing there near his desk, facing me, staring at me, as if I was going to steal something on the way out. VEERRYY undignified and extremely rude. Of course I kept my usual steeled face and composure. Then the Indian man who's desk I it was piped up and asked through the silence "So what brings you to Cambridge?" and it was NOT friendly in nature it was accusatory, interrogating and being used for intimidation. This is the same guy who was highly suspect when I used the phone on permission of one of the tellers a few weeks ago to call my bank to make sure the problem was with Leader's ATM's not my bank. The ATMs starting working before I had to use the phone but the second he found out I wasnt banking there he got this same paranoia of me where as moments before he had been friendly and curious about what was going on. Strange considering a female Latin teller had told me OK to use thier phone. So whats his problem?

Then right after that question he asked I think where I lived or something..I informed him again "I told you I travel". The black guy was trying to be fairly normal through his colleagues out of control dominance seeking. "Travel is good!" He was very nice actually.

What I cant understand is why they had to STAND there while I was sitting. As well as start harassing me. I dont think it was gang stalking honestly, becuz it didnt fit any patterns of psy ops or of tactical approach. Its more like they were UNfamiliar with me and had just profiled me as someone trying to pull a scam. However, being in banking I think with the situation I presented them, they could tell it wasnt any kind of scam, it sounded like the only scam he was trying to catch was me working which even with my other resources is not illegal or unusual.

It could be that due to the federal investigation era there is something I dont know about on my record in banking that says something about money laundering. Also I got the same weird response from Paypal at the beginning.

Go ahead, ask me anything. Give me a subpoena like you should have. But no, instead I have to be harassed for life and suffer while the real criminals have great lives and thier crooked cops friends and the super wealthy men with vices, all becuz I couldnt pay off cops asking for "donations" (maybe my family paid them, and if that's the case I dont approve. Dont give these fuckers anything, let em kill me. At least thats what they should have done). Also no one wants to ask me about who I knew or was associated with becuz then they will really have problems.

So your going to punish a woman with no money, no property and no resources for life who has no education and let society be viscous to her and drive her to suicide under the guise of law? Or some weird form of teaching someone a lesson INSTEAD of giving them a subpoena which sounds like its more thier right than being harassed into suicide? And having thier lives ruined??

Steve Fico told me one thing about all this situation: "Lets just say I think you got a raw deal". Never told me what that was exactly but I live it every day.

Seems to me its easier to ask me what happened instead of treating me constantly like a criminal yet handling me like an intimidated victim witness. Making sure I get punished without any kind of trial when I dont deserve it.

I recall once in Berkely CA some young perps were sneaking around corners watching and spying as usual. These ones were careless and I caught them out of corner of my eye. I had been counting on my fingers dead tired trying to figure out where I spent my money and on the road it never makes sense until you sit down and really look at it anyway. When this kid saw I had to count on my fingers, that my math skills were like that of a 10th grader maximum, you could see him mouth "oh come ON!".

I assume that there is some faction out there that either was just discovering I wasnt the mastermind of Julie's empire or a major drug dealer if Jake set it up to look that way. Already Jake had tried to make me look like a pedophile by bringing in the worst underage Hentai porn comics I had ever seen in his possession, which was unusual for him so I knew something was up and we must be being filmed, though I didnt want to admit it to myself. It was shocking really. Whats interesting is that when you set someone up that way, people watch the vid from the perspective of knowing the Jake position character is on thier side, in the know. What about MY perception, which was "what in the HELL is he doing with THIS in his room? This is NOT the man I knew" and dealing with that but also dealing with the subconshus knowledge of a betryal by his having this filmed as part of a set up?

They really thought they had the perfect victim. I see it all now. They knew I was mind controlled I know Jake did, as he is the one who kept pointing out how I would have conversations with my eyes open but be 'asleep' or eyes closed and not remember them, things like that.
People in the know set these things up knowing how my mind worked and how I would react. They thought they could use the mind controlled states to just steam roll over me and then I would suicide leaving them to write the ending in thier favor of course.

Either that or it was definately the black ops system that is doing further experientation. They wanted to get me on the road on the run so they could do the things they did to me like MILABs on buses and years of harassment and interigation.

What I dont understand is why these particular kids didnt realize I had a low math level. Wouldnt they have known that about me? Math and music and kept from my kind of programmed slave it seems with an iron grip from the masters if you will. Its like thier worst fear that I was curious about math and wanted to start taking classes in it. That I felt a late growth spurt in mathematics and wanted to grow. Music too. Why they fear someone like me gaining ground in these subjects I dont understand, they also need to keep my prototype away from our natural drawing and visual arts abiliites, though these are used extensively by the system when we are still useful as in photographic memory, using our memories as video or audio (spying) or using the inner Eye to visualize internal worlds of programming. Its very important while dumbing down a mc Survivor to ensure the imagination is destroyed along with high intelligence and every thing else for that matter.

Thus the statement by that bitch in Kenmore the other day with her man "You need to just get a BORING job and go to it everyday!" why does it HAVE TO BE boring?
Of course it has to be, becuz controlling a de programmed break away slave is most important to them.

Anyway aside from all the stuff no one is going to believe but I hope people DO try to understand how this all works, here is Leader Bank's site: http://leaderbank.com/annual_report.asp
Click on the annual report. Look at the owner. Hmmm, maybe they feel my Karma brought me to the place I am in life and I should be sweeping streets instead of trying to get around an oppressive system.

Recall my posts about the woman who worked for intelligence in India and how badly she was abused by the police there that she threatened suicide? Its never the older Indian men, its ALWAYS the younger people now, born here how suck really hard at knowing exactly what is right in our society. The older people are more spiritual and know how to handle life bringing unexpected things to them. I fear greatly, that without India's traditional spiriutality weaved into thier lives, that the savage is going to come out more and more. I see this in this age group here in the USA. And over there EVE TEASING is just another sign of how severe the dominance problem with Indian men can be.

India is the kind of place that needs spirituality to temper thier nature. Believe me I do know a bit. And the men have an almost primitive fear of female power that makes them react...foolishly. I have lived with Indians and seen this first hand. In one instance there is an almost childish attachment to the mother from the boys in adulthood, and this same male can become threatened by the Willfulness of a female young child.

Maybe he should have made peace with my situation by chocking it up to Karma instead of trying to play anti-terror era games and interrogate me. I should have pulled out my sandal and threatened him with 'a slippering' for a laugh but of course then I would have genuinely been in trouble.

At this point it might have been worth it. The problems normal people are encountering with the forced, rushed Diversity in the NWO is just extra pressure and burden to an already Targeted person. Its not good.

And you wonder why people snap; you better thank you gods every damn day I am a woman and the chances of me pulling a lone shooter are much smaller. Becuz the way I have been treated throughout this I have more cause than anyone I have ever known to do something that destructive. And the public knows it so what do they do, they use it as a luxury to make themselves feel bigger and better.

You are all going to pay for this someday. Pay for my life being ruined and pay for destroying society and handing it over the the Elite's house slaves and obnoxious immigrants from sexist cultures. And it wont be with an act of terrorism becuz I play to win not lose in a blaze of glory. But you WILL pay.