“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last night pan handling for just a few minutes this supposed farm boy from Jersey sits down next to me under the pretense of being a lost youth of his generation. He then politely gained all the info a perp would ask some of which I bullshitted and the rest I was genuine with. Why aren't u writing yer book right now? Where r u going next. He was the same age group as most perps I ever dealt with and he gained the same info. It didn't occur to me at the time becuz I have been sick with stomach flu. I never should have allowed him to sit down.

I need to get a dog that wont tolerate strangers.

This is another reason why the TI is kept isolated. So that we are so starved for human company we will talk to anyone friendly or worse allow the kind of scam baiting and space mobbing I allowed the other night. Its outrageous the other night those were recycled perps. I tricking recognized them from years ago! Its disgusting really how clever they believe they r. And they are usually these pathetic human beings as well. I have been running into these people for years on end. Its the kind of things they ask and the topics they talk about that makes them obvious.

Then again he may have just been a lost kid truly bored with his family not wanting to be in their hotel room.
Yet one thing was intriguing. I stated I may leave MA forever and he said that might ne the best decision yet. So finally they get me to leave hometown (where I could sue and rally get people into trouble) and the never return.

People also keep recently trying to get me to talk to my family again. Note the 'suggestions': talk to or go back to family again, get boring job and get up and go to it everyday etc. More trying to finalize behavior mod of the Target. Finish the story off. They are trying so hard to end this THEIR way. In the best way to suit THEIR needs.