“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harvest Co Op Needs To Lose The Attitude..Its Not 2009 Anymore

LOSE What is up with the attitude problem I am still getting from Harvest CoOp in Cambridge? Those ghetto women who work as cashiers don't even BELONG THERE just like they uptight PC Guppies who frequent the Cafe that was bought by those awful Tribe hipsters. Aging ines at that... I am the one who lives like a hippie for X's sake at this point. That place used to be full of real local property from the old true Central SQ not this gentrified nonsense that's there now.

Not speaking to me or endearing questions nasty look on her face and playing this little game where she counts the money I give her like I am trying to rip her off.

Lemme tell you something. Most of these morons believe covet stories. If they do know the truth they are house slaves or simply working for a drinks element. This bitch with her tacky cross and flower tattoo on her right inner arm acted like I deserved to be schooled I deserve this treatment to learn some kind of lesson.

F*ck all these people. That store gained its long standing position in Central by engaging in organized stalking and harassment end of story. It was one of the places where the harassment was overt.

Imagine a bunch of supposed private citizens now have access to info andch they legally are not supposed to be able to have. And with this they can convince themselves they are righteous.

What's so amusing in all this is that these ignorant morphs with no law enforcement or spycraft training actually often base these actions on moral judgements when the people they are truly serving are far from moral. So typical.