“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Praised Cops Got Relief From Sickness

I just experience ed something interesting. Been having horrible intermittent nausea with this stomach flu. Ans it occurred to me that it felt like that one time in AZ Tempe when I was hit by what was obviously a hand held or small mobile version of a weapon that causes nausea which I was sure of becuz the sensation came out of nowhere too strong and then disappeared when I heard the car outside drive off.

This was 2007the or so.

Lately the sensations of nausea had been similar in the intensity. And they would come in waves which didn't make sense either.

Have had hard time keeping anything down.

Just now I posted on social site to thank whichever cops helped a young friend of mine today by being very old school and stand up with her situation.

Magically the heavy come and go hashes has gone and I actually ate and keeping things down. It just disappeared. Also athe heavy mental and emotional torture been experienced lately just disappated.

I have been being targeted heavily with irrational fears etc to leave state and never return.

My entire existence has been dictated by this system.

I guess anti terrorism in this day and age means using torture to create a society united against any outside opposing forcesand that means handling whistleblowers. And in this state anyone who doesn't love or agree with authorities becuz they have seen corruption or been abused by them.

Just another bizarre true life experience that backs the MindWar theory . That we live in totally psycho civilized societies. The frightening thing is that many citizens seem to agree with what is occurring as productive to society. Public consent is one of the true dangers of this system of 'people management'.

We have to accept the fact that a good portion of the public in the USA are shills of this system and they secretly agree with this system being implemented and used to manage society.
That means we as TIs are at odds with much of society in the way it wants to run the USA as citizens.

Which means they have gone completely insane and there is no longer any commonality between us and them. We are lost TI them ans they to us.

To destroy any dissident with these recent tech advances seems to be the logical way for them. To us it seems insane to normalize torture.