“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not Reacting To Tech Illusions/Theories Pertaining To Truman Show Programs

One of the most bothersome excuses used by the gang stalking smear machine and cover story generator is that many people actually believe that they were either protecting rich powerful men in the community during that federal investigation or that I was going to rat or, and this is the most irksome of all: they are reforming or teaching a lesson to a sex worker.

There are reasons for this, mostly becuz the American public are very very stupid when it comes to covert ops. Especially the mid range people I dealt with who were behind most of my gang stalking. Regular guys, union types, secretaries in offices (intimidating doctors who were sticking up for me NOT being a drug seeker just becuz I came in with a cold or flu or whatever. What kind of system do we live in where a DOCTOR with a degree gets mobbed by her underlings?? St Elizabeth's Hospital by the way, which of course got bought out immediately afterwards by a corporate hospital chain that proceeded to rip out the statue of Mother Mary that had been there forever. And of course they got a nice new addition put on the hospital just like many other institutions who had people working for the gang stalking system within thier ranks. That guy in NYC recently that made that remark about it being all about making money, a remark that really cut me- said more truth in that one statement than he realizes. Sometimes people's guilt gets the best of them and they give information from thier subconscious without consciously realizing it.)

I recently saw something where Rudy Giuliani was calling a regular guy type in the audience a bully and Rudy telling the audience not to listen to him and his mob becuz they were nothing but bullies. It gets very confusing. The people that we are shown or its intimated they are involved in those Truman Show moments, which it sounds like is what drove Diana Napolis to act out in insane ways and become a celebrity stalker- could they actually be Target's themselves? Rudy Giuliani is basically calling the very people who ARE the gang stalking perps in my experience, "bullies" in a mob or group.

Its a theory I have formulated that perhaps many of the people we are shown over and over again in the Truman Show programs that are used to interface with certain TI's, are actually other Targeted persons and this is a way of getting TI's to turn on each other. A wide variety of people have been shown to be in on this and I never believe any of it unless there is a real indication such as the person puts something out in the media that is obviously connected to the psy ops activity.

Then that is where the above theory doesnt work becuz some of the people being flashed constantly through this program have indeed made moves in the media to solidify thier involvement, mostly people closer to home and very close to assisting my enemies and betrayers locally. There was some crap being pulled by people in Hollywood often enough but I just ignore that becuz Hollywood is infamous for spying on regular citizens that have something they want. Such an example would be the man who was actually a real part of the game show hoaxes in the 50's had reported that when he started dealing with Hollywood and specifically Spielberg for a movie deal he experienced was basically sounded like alot of gang stalking activity.

Remember- like it or not Hollywood has a strong connection to Israel. And that means Mossad and protecting ALL Jews interests everywhere and I am sure Hollywood generates alot of money that is given to Israel and thier interests. I am not theorizing on 'jew media' I am telling you what is fact and what I have heard from Jewish people who know Hollywood people. ISRAEL is a major concern for them. So why wouldnt intelligence protect thier interests or even assist in furthering them. Then again former CIA often consult on Hollywood movies so there is another possible connection to a very high quality spycraft. Then again, there is Scientology with its connections to the US Navy through Hubbard.

Hollywood has an intelligence arm and who it is is not important. Just know that it IS.

Therefore it would not be so far fetched to see plainly that when a person like myself is targeted, that this arm of snoops and spooks which seems to include celebrities, takes to interigating, playing mind games, spying, stealing ideas and doing psy ops in media.

And yes, some TI's ARE that important. Especially when your former friend and employer is an untouchable career criminal who has Hollywood producers as her clients AND her father was in the CIA by her own admission. (Poor thing used to be so upset and always wonder why he got Alzheimer's like memory loss at just age 40..and why he drank so much to politely cover depression. After dealing with such bastardry from either the same source or similar state actors I can understand why).

Then of course there is the possibility of cult activity either Scientology or other nonsense like good ol Church of Satan, The New Church of Satan or Temple of Set with our old buddy Aquino, which is now run by an African American woman. Cali is fun isnt it?

I like to believe I am not as thin skinned as Diana Napolis or at least am better equipped to deal with such psy ops nonsense. But to be fair if it were not for her pioneering this system that TI's involved in RA research or whistleblowing, and her making mistakes I might not have faired so well. I also am fortunate to have actual dirt on people in industry, business and academia locally so I fared a bit better. Its not to say that one day I wont simply get shot walking down the street, but for what youth, beauty and talent they took from me, it will ALL be worth it if that happens anyway.

They do all this in hopes that the targeted person will snap and start stalking or writing insane letters to the people they constantly focus the TI on mentally. Even if certain people show that they are involved in this directly by doing stuff in interviews or whatever, doesnt mean one should go off and name them publicly or write to them etc. That is the WORST thing you can do. Even me talking like this is enough to get me labeled. It may have me discredited already but who cares? A careful comparison shows that EVERY single person who goes up against this system that knows too much gets pretty much the same treatment.

How can we all be insane with EXACTLY the same things happening to us that are way too particular in detail to be imagined. The problem with this claim is that what happens to TIs that are targeted in this way is not indicative of being disordered. In fact its extremely orderly- just like you would expect a psy ops unit to conduct itself.
It has every stamp on it of military. Efficient, brutal, results at any cost, orderly, multipurpose, detached. Killers. And the budget necessary must be huge so therefore this isnt just anyone doing this. These people in the 'gang stalking' system have access to huge amounts of money and resources..and access that other groups dont have.

You can hate on the people who are in on this and roll in it like pigs becuz they love to destroy you so much as some of them seem to, as well as the people who seem to only be being constantly implicated by means of this system and never show indications of involvement anywhere in the mediascape themselves..hate them all you want. BUT DONT CONTACT THEM AND DONT STALK THEM AND FOR F*CKS SAKE DONT NAME THEM.

These processes are NOT insanity or mental illness. Too much leads up to this becoming a reality for the TI for it to be mere mental illness. The Target is always someone who knows too much and is a threat to some system such as Ritual Abuse, Satanic factions, child porn, prostitution etc etc. Its always too convenient to be insanity in specific cases like these.
For me to only 'go crazy' during a federal investigation of a woman with very sensitive information about powerful men nationwide is quite suspect timing, its waaayyy too convenient. So screw being afraid of getting labeled.

The main reason one should not give up names and info concerning psy ops is recall the beginnings of your harassment especially during Bush: INTERROGATION. That was all the bastards did constantly during Bush.

They need the Target to give them info so that they can further do psychological operations on the person. You need to learn to use information flow to f*ck up thier games not feed their games. Telling the truth in a way that makes them look like idiots as well as screws up thier smear campaigns is the way to go about this, not give them information becuz they harass it out of you.
They will simply take it and run with it. That leaves less time for YOU to write exposes or tell on them or name names that actually matter and have impact not 'what if's'.

Most of all the people who hate you are doing so out of extremely selfish luxury. Its like taking drugs for them: they dont know you, they are sheltered and hidden from you and from any kind of consequences from hurting you. To help destroy you for them is as detached an act as shooting a bag of heroin or snorting cocaine. You are just a means to an end. If they actually knew you personally, then you would have some Win on your side becuz no matter how arrogant they are or pretend they dont care, there IS going to be some emotional payback for what they did to you, especially after you write an expose so the public can see exactly what thier part was in all of it. THEY WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR BETRAYING YOU PERSONALLY. And you better believe in TIME.

Time is something that every Ritual Abuse/programmed person knows is thier best friend. Its the best weapon possible. If you actually LIVE to get revenge, and sometimes that is all that is going to keep you alive, you will age. And so will your betrayers. When Jake fat f*cker is 50 or an old man dying on his bed, he will have to think about what he did. He WILL go over this betrayal no matter how hes played it out and rewrote it in his own perceptions. That is your revenge, its just in its sleeper phase when it looks like your betrayers have won...in the beginning. They all get thier payoffs and thier golden opportunities. Awards-as-rewards. But eventually if you fight hard enough, truth comes around again, as insanity like that decade of long knives type crap during Bush cant last forever as the country would go insane permanently- and they no longer get anything out of what they did. And if you play it right, if you fight for truth long enough, no amount of lies or bs can cover up the truth. Or at least the Target's story.

And dont forget to ignore you enemies and betrayers as if they dont exist. This makes the system have to work extra hard and spend more money which is one of your only revenges really early on. It also pisses people off immensely. Its a great coping skill, its called class or carriage and usually anyone lowly enough to be in on gang stalking, outside of really powerful factions, like all the bottom feeders we deal with and our betrayers- do NOT possess this quality. Use it. Especially if you are attractive and alot of jealous, desperate women are behind or in on your being targeted. It will add to thier pain and frustration which, in the end you want to use to turn them into dust, after you realize that a huge amount of people in your own country were responsible for trying to get you KILLED you will pretty much have the fire you need to think nothing of them other than the animals they are.

They were more than willing to watch you driven to suicide, and these are people who KNEW YOU. And they chose the enemy over you. That means they do not exist and they are now, and will forever be- the enemy.

The people that DONT KNOW YOU are not betrayers. They are simply jackasses stupid enough to think they can f*ck with you and move on consequence free. Make sure you keep track of every jerk who even gives indication of being in on this. Becuz somewhere along the line there will be an opportunity to get back at them, or their kids or thier grandkids. Do to them just as they did to you.

NOT becoming a Christian is the best idea for revenge but dont fall into the Satanic attempts to make you totally evil and without mercy becuz that also gives them control. People like Charlie Sheen who other TI's have pointed out to be seems to be in on things like this- who gives a shit really? The problem with that is he is powerful, rich and famous and a TI is only moments away from suicide and probably poverty. Your best bet with sick Hollywood types in on psy ops is to write them off as sociopaths so far gone on thier own reflections (or competing forever with thier dad's reflections, hahaha) that they are less than human beings anyway. They dont live real lives. They will be quite satisfied to be rotting away in wheelchairs being pushed around the red carpet, senile as hell, with the newest boring starlets getting cred by having a pic posed next to them. That is thier future. Imagine the fun that the supermarket rags and TMZ are going to have with alot of these famous people when they are really old and physically helpless. I think about it sometimes and dread it for them, its really awful. Look at the way they treat famous old people now, who are dying of cancer and such. They flash bulb right in thier faces and get these awful pics, they dont even care.

They will forever be whored off to those cameras. Think Michael Jackson as the worst case of abuse in Hollywood, of that business. And that was a case we actually could see he was abused his whole life. You have no idea how sick ass that industry is. It makes adult entertainment seem like preschool. And besides- been to Cali? Its kinda stupid is it not? Pleasant but really your brain starts to melt and you HAVE to get back to the east coast to re up on intelligent content right? Yeah. Psy ops is really all the power they have. That and being young on film forever and ever and ever and ever..until time does away with interest in that too.

Eventually all these fuckers will die. Whether it be physically or the interest in the recorded images of them dies. Dont let the Illusion Factory or its inmates intimidate you. TIME and an understanding of Time's power is all you need. All of these people fear time, they fear age. One day, you will probably feel sorry for them..which of course means you are once again morally superior to most of the scum that gang stalked you.
Realize that your death and the things that they have done to you mean NOTHING to them. You are a passing phase- they are probably onto the next extremely talented, beautiful mind controlled slave kept down in poverty they can assist in destroying to make themselves feel more beautiful and talented. FUCK THEM ALL. Remove yourself from thier power. Depend on Time as it will bring revenge..along with YOUR efforts of course.

I have another theory on Unions which I will post next as they have a record of intimidation and harassment and I just wonder if that is not what Giuliani was referring to.
Too many 'regular guys' are in on this. Many of them union people like cops, firemen, ambulance, nurses and construction jobs like city workers doing construction. Often smaller business types like plumbers and masons and painters, in small trucks or vans are the ones who are more overt about harassing TI's. Warning the public about thier part in this is going to be embarassing enough. You cant ID them becuz they hide behind being just more 'regular guys'. But you can tell the public how they helped to destroy you, how sexist they are, and how you were driven to suicide and lost your future due to a large group of mostly males from these factions in society.

These people dont have any power as INDIVIDUALS. Therefore they must group up as they do and be part of gang stalking that way. Once again you are dealing with people you dont know who dont care about you and dont care if you die. In fact they are most likely projecting all of thier problems and frustrations out on you becuz they dont have the balls to face the upper classes who pay them and order them around. Its important they DONT discover you as a person becuz they need scapegoats to keep going in life. Each class, gender, race and religion of gang stalkers has its personal motives for what it does to Targets. Most off all these people can get away with what they do becuz they have alot of information about YOU but you have nothing on THEM.

You have to make them pay for what they did. And you have to make thier kids pay and thier kids. The only way to do that is to tell the whole world exactly how this system works and to let people know that society ISNT safe. That mobs are being commissioned and outside of getting paid or favors or opportunities, human beings take part in this out of reasons that are NOT business-like. Too many fat and old and common looking bitches were very into these games when they were going on. And I will never forget who they were and I can identify many of them. Just a few weeks ago, this women Patricia who acts so kind and all this fake shit pertaining to my mailbox I keep in my family's hometown- she looked over at my shape for a moment and you could SEE the jealousy for a split second, but you know what that look ended with? A write off. It was easy to dismiss her jealousy becuz I am targeted, I am homeless and I have no life, no future and no chances left. Society is sick. Humans are viscous greedy animals who hide behind any reason they can to destroy what they are jealous of. America hides behind Judeo-Christian values while thier children get molested by thier own families or worse-by the media. THEY ARE WEAK. THEY are the kind of people who cannot face up to the aggressors and oppressors, they stay trapped. Fate and chance would have destroyed them by now in a more sensible primitive pagan society..or it would have destroyed me by now so I wouldn't suffer. In this society, we all live in misery, and consumption is the only way to make that better. So therefore we are slaves to the overlords that set up that system and profit from it.

Alot of pressure is going to be put on you, if you dont know that already. Its not pleasant when an entire nation comes after you and tries to drive you to suicide. And The People find whatever excuse they can to rationalize that or they are too stupid to understand that without an order from on high, none of this lawless bullshit would be able to be perpetrated. Its easy to get the monkeys into a line of excuses for these things happening. Becuz they are the ones that could never face thier own lives. They dont have the intelligence to do so. Why do you think you are being harassed by such high levels of society?

As one nasty bitch in Pine Street said to me, an Italian piece of garbage- "oh, they HATE the smart ones".

So they keep you down and they throw you to the people who enjoy watching someone highly intelligent and talented held down and destroyed. Monkeys and apes is what they are. No better. They dont care to be better, becuz its too easy to remain the way they are. There will always be Targets to make them feel better.

Telling your story and naming names, the ones you can is always a good revenge. Dont worry they will all stick together the way they did while destroying you and deny any of this happened. But in some other country that hates America or some other region that hates New England- or working class people or who ever else you can name- you will find support. You have to form your OWN mob. By doing this you form a hateful mob of your own.

But the People are smart. They have already stopped thier behavior and are in hiding. They will inevitably pretend to agree with the book and all who praise it when it comes out. Deep down however, always be aware that the next Bush type era that comes into being, that these animals will be easily whipped into a frenzy and once again, like the Bush era, it will be as Nazi Germany was. Becuz that is exactly what has happened to the USA. And Jews are in on this. Do they care? NO OF COURSE NOT. Jews only care about what happens to them not in a society where they are not one of the groups being persecuted. ANIMALS...remember? HUMAN ANIMALS? Chosen or unchosen they are still animals.

This is exactly like Nazi Germany. Things looked up during Bush people made money off the war and only the people getting persecuted were miserable. That is the way humans are. You can built all the walls and memorials you want. NO ONE CARES IF IT ISNT HAPPENING TO THEM.

I know its maddening when you are in an area like I am now where the main focus on the tech seems to be to drive you nuts to snap. But you just cant. Too much satisfaction and fun lie in total revenge...and that is gotten from telling the truth. They can deny it and ignore it but someone on the other side of the earth is going to read it and believe it. And you have that to live for. Someone out there, or an entire culture or nation HATE your enemies and your betrayers. Make it happen and live for it. Becuz during Bush way too many people were involved in this and I saw regular people thoroughly enjoying me being sick from mold exposure and eventually pushed into suicide. They are still pissed I am not dead or locked up. That should not be rewarded with you snapping and them getting what they want. That should be for you to morph and transmute into YOUR luxury. It will soon be the TI's turn to be able to sit back and watch society burn and pay for what they did. If not by your own hand with simply telling the truth in detail, then Time if not some disaster. In years to come, make them pay for what they did, make thier children pay. And most of these pathetic nobodies have children, believe me they are far too animalistic to not have children, as nature rules thier tiny minds. As well as they cant resist the idea of something living on in thier image, and of course NOT being talented artists many of the nobodies involved, have only children to be thier creation in life.

These people are all asleep. Most likely a TI gets punished because they wake up and evolve to a level where they break through society's brainwash. THEN you have to be villified. Most people truly are not smart enough to see what they are doing is wrong,and the people that are educated and smart enough are emotionally fucked totally and have tenure most likely which makes them just as dangerous as a group of average people in on this.

There is no accounting for the ape like darker side of human beings. The difference between YOU and THEM is that you or I or not afraid of that side becuz we accept it, and perhaps have control over it. These people are so scared to death of thier true nature that they are easily manipulated. Also many of them enjoy acting out in very Satanic ways under excuses or guises so that they can hide that they are doing so. New England is especially guilty of this. They are religiuos up here but for the most part its a Satanic system through and through. And the people here have no problem with dealing with that becuz they are so brainwashed.

New England is high on power in a big way. They cops help enforce this. No one cares if wrong was done becuz it was done for the benifit of POWER within the city or area. Ultimately that is good for everyone so they dont care who they destroy. And as I have seen, even my own family will go along with that, which of course will be written in detail.

In my case its especially frustrating becuz everyone here thinks they won already. The cops especially are arrogant f*cks who think they won. They think they are better than me. Everyone here does. Lets see what the rest of the world thinks about what goes on in New England. It seems that no matter who tells on this place no one cares. No one does anything to make MA or any other part of New England pay for thier crimes against people in order to further thier power trips. There is nothing anyone can do about that. The cops here will continue to be brainwashed that they are better than everyone else along with thier criminal co conspriators. And The Public will continue to take pleasure in kissing the ass of the corrupt system here like the assholes they are. All the horrid rich kids from BU that really messed with me, those Long Island pieces of garbage mostly- the whole north east is fucked. At least Cali knows its totally delusional...I will hand them that.

New England needs something very very bad to happen to them, physically. Like an earthquake. I have imagined it. It would do alot of damage. It would be very very hard for them to evacuate, due to the arrogance they have shown with the way everything is set up and built. It would be wonderful really.

Just wait till I escape out of the country or the area to send some waves via tech this way alright? Perhaps HAARP will have some positive effect on my life after all... becuz if I was in charge I know which way I would point the next earthquake causing sound waves. Destination NORTHEASTERN USA.

You have to handle the anger. You have to remember that these are BLACK OPS and BLACK PROJECTS which is another reason why everyone is so arrogant. The power trip is incredible. Everytime you DONT react the way they plan I notice they lose control. The perps in person have always lost thier grip if a TI doesnt react as planned. This should also be true for not reacting to other stimuli as well. Its in YOUR best interest NOT to go as insane as its planned for you.

Its laughable that all I have to do is travel and move to a different location and the Truman Show effect will totally cease and something else will be in use specific to that location in my records of previous travels to that location. Which of course means that they also lose control once you move your location.

Ultimately f*ck them is what I am saying. Dont let them push you around. If you are in an area where you are getting too crazy and being shown things that are way to intense just leave. If you are the same wherever you go, take meds then becuz you might actually be mentally ill. But if your experiences behave way too much like tech, then play with it like tech. Remember this is mere mortal human beings behind these inventions and creations I dont care HOW MUCH AI they create or programs. You are human, you can beat them.