“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, June 26, 2011

America Can Have Bush Puppet Romney or Four More Years of The Uppity African Liberal

America deserves Mitt Romney or Obama. I'll protest no longer. Let the country go. Its been gone from reality and the original timeline for years. Also people like me have purposely been taken out of society and kept from growing with it.

Its pointless to keel fighting. The country is satisfied with the way things are. There is no changing America or expecting it will be as it was. And this attitude of a small sect of people that if I die the county maybe even the world will be better off or benefit, I am also very tired of that being pushed. STILL they are trying to manipulate me into suicide.

Trying to get me to stay in this area with promises of college when in fact it will be impossible for me to make that happen or to see it through once it is initiated.

I note now that many of the entertainment groups that seemed to have works geared to seem to assist me are on the same label as the main perpetrators. I understand now that this was most likely to keep me on the road running and fighting instead of thinking logically and critically and getting a lawyer or making a video tape to tell my story and name names.

I have been decieved right out of my own life. And this system continues to try to get me to either suicide or to conform and accept my situation and place in society as is instead of making a stink about how I could have been a winner in life.

I don't like any of those endings...America can go #&%$ itself. Have a nice life under Mitt Romney, Bush's next incarnation.

The day that man dies is truly the day that peace on earth will reign...which is probably why he and his cabal has to keep killing off sacrifices...kind of a Countess Bathory type of thing. He'll probably live to be 150..

I don't care anymore. I hope America suffers under Bus...I mean Romney and finally wakes up. But they wont.

As long as they have their stuff and Dizneyworld they don't care what goes on outside the USA.

My own birthplace makes me sick. And I am done with being harassed and having people push this race mixing NWO agenda down my throat.

Diversity is only acceptable if the host culture is strong...and it's not. Its being subverted and wiped out. I don't see class diversity. I don't see rich people encouraging poor people to live among them or intermarry with them.

I am sick of being manipulated, lied to and treated like a fuckin child. I have has it with not being taken seriously becuz people are stupid enough to believe cover stories.

Me staying here trying to get a lawyer or even see a doctor. I have seen one doctor in a 12 month period. That is how bad the mind control is here. Only on Sundays or around 2-5 am weekdays can I truly think and function normally.

Vote for Romney and that rich bitch wife of his. Go for it. Becuz I have nothing further to say about it. America deserves to be destroyed. There are only a fraction of people left in this country that are true Americans and their industries are targeted with psy ops..many sense it but don't realize that's what it is and aren't countering the tactics. The trucking industry is one of them. The old timers and independants are on their way out. This is a nationwide issue of total control and it'd NOT going to get any better.
Let the lemmings live here and enjoy mind numbing NWO culture.