“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Bullshit Of Whitey Bulger's Case/America The Pitiful

What a joke. For years I have been saying that with the capacity the gang stalking system has, they could have found this man years ago. Even the officially accepted capacities of the FBI now that crosses borders can find criminals on the run if they are important enough to follow.

Satelites, cameras everywhere in cities, spies everywhere, undercover cops, snitches, see through walls technologies, heat sensing tech, and major data mining centers such as the one in Utah.

And they couldnt find a guy THIS famous? IN THE USA???

Whitey Bulger is no dummy. And I think I know what he was thinking becuz by him staying within the USA, it makes me ask WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING DUDE??!! How stupid is that for a criminal that wanted and hated to still be in the USA?? Way lesser criminals skip off to other countries, places like parts of Mexico where police and bounty hunters are a no no to local politics and due to keeping the balance of things- its kept that way. Costa Rica and Cuba are old skool and dont work anymore I dont think but there are lots of NEW places like the far east or South or Central America I have read. I know little about disappearing but I know damn well that going to a major city as San Diego in a heavily policed and watched state like CA is really obvious and stupid.

So why his actions? Becuz he must have been depending on 'friends' to protect him. End of story. No one hangs around the USA like that in the way he did so unless they are pretty sure they are not going to be dragged in.

They werent trying to find him, not be normal police means and not by more sophisticated ones such as the FBI has for international criminals. And as far as the higher end intelligence services such as TI's have to deal with- they could have found him by now and even killed him and no one would have known about it. But of course they want the publicity. And I believe this is being timed on purpose just like Bin Laden.

It provides relief to the public, gives the feds something to crow about and makes Obama look like he did something on his watch once again. ALL of this while in reality, the horrors started during Bush continue to be perpetrated against Targeted Individuals and the American public.

I think they save up Whitey Bulgers for a rainy day, like money in the bank no one knows about.

Its interesting that they claim there were look alikes. So who provided the look alikes? Becuz that was something I experienced in St Louis. Was intelligence protecting him?

And why didnt he just go to Ireland, perhaps I am ignorant on that one. Maybe they didnt want him, dont know on that one. America is a bigger country.

The picture of the FBI agents putting all the bags of evidence into the truck made my stomach turn. They look like perps- just regular kids, normal dressed citizens in jeans etc. Are these the people who harass us and destroy our lives?

Why am I treated like Whitey Bulger? Why am I harassed and persecuted? Why was there never a subpeona? I didnt murder anyone or any little kids etc. I am not a major career criminal. In fact the people around me that had crimes I can name with details were all paid off with money, favors or opportunities or immunity while my life is ruined and I only refrain from suicide to expose what was done to me.

This means that the FBI is corrupt. Its corrupt and only does what it needs to in order to perpetuate the appearence to the public that its doing its job or doing good in the world. It also gives a hell of alot more weight to my theory about they not WANTING to find him until it was convenient as part of some political agenda.

But of course, gang stalking doesnt exist and I am just schizophrenic like my father right? None of my theories ring true becuz I imagined it ALL! EVERY BIT OF IT.

Dont you think that going crazy just as a federal investigation is getting too close to an untouchable career criminal who can embarass imporatant men (who arent career criminals) is a bit suspect in timing? As well as deprogramming due to induced brain damage and asking too many questions, remembering too many things and asking to be hypnotized? GREAT timing for my sanity to be in question. Oddly my sanity was much MORE questionable years before I was exposed as crazy and eccentric for the sake of a smear campaign, but then I was young, beautiful and fully under control of programming and the outside handling system so I was 'of use' therefore it didnt matter how crazy I acted.

The United States of America is corrupt to the core. It is a Satanic system, if you will for lack of a better term (sorry about actually validating Abrahamic religions here), and only functions due to world wide policing, war, death, murder, rape, prostitution, exploitation, women and children as barter and total oblivion and denial of its people. Lets not forget thievery.
I can live with the realities of all of the above. What I cant believe is the sneaky quiet greed that is hidden underneath the American in denial about the existence of such things as black ops right under their noses. For instance, the same women at On The Rise who are so mean and judgemental to me, were talking about Whitey Bulger this morning and one of the women who has been in on my harassment (only knows cover story) who hates fast women, said "Imagine him going into a room strangling a little girl,wrapping his hands around her throat, just becuz she knew too much."
Its very easy for me to imagine that..what the f*ck do you think Ritual Abuse Survivors go through being gang stalked? DUH..that is exactly what is being done dumbass. Especially,since many of us actually have child alters, and many Survivors are regressed into that state to be further abused by the gang stalking system into suicide. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE GANG STALKING SYSTEM DOES TO SURVIVING MIND CONTROL VICTIMS. When we start to remember that is what is done to us via gang stalking.
Yet no one cares, no one believes and everyone is mean to us and believes smear campaigns and cover stories. Why are people so stupid? Why are humans so selective in thier sympathies?
I believe human beings are essentially evil. Animals, beasts. They only care about a child becuz society trains them to care. They are nothing more than trained beasts I see now. Most of them, there are exceptions- maybe this is just America, the new dumbed down NWO version. Totally under mass mind control and dont give a shit either way as long as thier needs and desires are fed. ANIMALS.

So who is delusional again? The American People are. And I have had quite enough of thier bullshit. The powers that be are not delusional, they know full well what the reality of America is. Kind of like you can deal better with the most sadistic perps who are overt becuz you can see them clearly as the enemy and you understand thier base urges and motivation. Its the incidious liars, the sheep, the Willful quiet murderers who are the most dangerous by far.

The American people are so completely insane after what I have lived through and seen as the functioning reality of the United States, that they are comparable to the sickest most oppressive Islamic regime on our planet. At least they are visible and hey, out there with thier insanities.

Its the Disneyland loving, purposefully naive, uneducated American that is the sickest of all.

Perhaps I have just stayed in Boston/Cambridge too long which is especially unbearable nowadays.