“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yesterday was pretty bad. I don't know what is going on right now that's different from years ago but I can't even be in this state anymore. Of course today I woke up to relief, its Sunday, right?

The system of harassment that utilizes tech seems like its out to really drive me insane, get me to suicide or just grind me down completely. Its become impossible to tolerate here. It reminds me of St Louis during Bush, how bad the torture was there.

I can't get the healthcare I need, no dentist, doctors nothing. Im hit to hard every day. Also they mess with me at the hospitals so I don't even want to go in there.

One day I want to win over MA and make them pay for destroying my life, ruining my chances at a bright future, but I obviously can't do that from within and I certainly can't use my insurance here that's issued by this state.

I wonder if they are using tech and harassment to get rid of anyone who uses their insurance cleverly to get the best healthcare for multiple issues and cost the state alot of money?
Also I would use it eventually to find a doc to prove my case against multiple people who have caused my health to deteriorate, they prob know that so they don't want me doing that here.

If Romney gets in I would have to leave anyway. He'll probably finish off his favors to rich criminals and Bush by continuing to have the system destroy me.

Its obvious I can't be in my own state ever again, which is yet another part of their cruel treatment.

Sometimes I think its still an FBI matter,like they are pissed I didn't walk in and tell what little I knew. Its as if they might be obsessed with people confessing to them- not for the purpose of gathering any real information but just to have people give in to their power.
As part of the NWO, like an initiation.

I can't do that. Becuz I know in my case its related to MK Ultra and proving you can break down programmed people and make them do what u want.

The FBI shouldn't be using psychological warfare methods like this. Also that MILAB out in the southwest on that Greyhound bus isn't exactly interrogation method. So how does that factor in?

I've been abused to much to bow to any authority. I've experienced nothing but abuse of power, gross abuse, for years now.

Giving in to authority that can't be trusted is not a good idea.