“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Allergist Wont Admit Bactrim Caused Condition/ Lessons about Power

Went to doctor today. Very nice older man, head of allergy dept. His plan of action to manage the allergy reaction condition was sensible. But he, like the nurse in CA would not admit the Bactrim caused this condition. He was nicer about it but his con was the same: we don't know why, people develop allergies in their later years etc etc.

Which is not only contrary to logic, sense and my experiences, its also in opposition to what two other physicians told me. One worked with the homeless and probably was more anti establishment and the other was a flaming red head who reminded me of my uncle from Phoenix AZ who wasn't into the bs and mistreating me. I think we have misjudged places seen as racist nowadays. People don't understand what's going on now, with corporations and banks having such control and power. A place that can afford to not be afraid of retribution is one of the few safe places left.

As we can see, the places labeled 'Liberal' like MA and Cali have been the places I've been most mistreated and where doctors are obviously afraid to go against big pharma.

They think they can still handle me in this city. Joke. Ill simply search for a doctor who will finally admit that the chances or probability is high that the Bactrim caused this condition, that I am told cant be cured.

I am sick of being fucked over and having everyone think they can handle me into continued silence and compliance.

They think that all the constant harrassment and me reacting to extreme stress has me so discredited that they are all set and don't have to worry.

I still have to hold dear that TRYING TO KILL ME DURING BUSH was a bit much. They went to damn far with that and I am now eternally pissed off and determined.

When you realize that people tried to murder you, get you into cars, poison you and dosed you with psychotropics in spray bottles, you tend to take it personally. Eternally.

The only thing society and the gs system can do is politely consider me a screw up or officially delusional.

I am going to get these motherfuckers if it IS the last thing I do.

Welcome to the world of high level programming. You triggered the wrong mc slave. You shud have killed me when you had the chance.

Now so mich has been done to reduce me to nothing BUT base programming.

You tried to destroy me. Why would anybody do that? I just wanted to go to school and help people and do artwork.

I am beginning to understand the reasons Helms destroyed those files. And I am very suspect that the reason I am not allowed to mess with Bush or could not speak ill of him during his presidency is that the NWO might actually be based on people like me exposing the abuses of power concerning technologies. He claims it will be a world run by the rule of law not the law of the jungle.

That could mean mass mind control or it could mean the public being freed from mass mind control.

..the secretary's nerdy son just had a conversation about his college with an elderly lady. The family bragged about his going to Japan. The older woman mistakenly thought he went to UMass. After the elderly woman left he asked his mom if anyone in the family went to UMass as if it was beneath them.

This place never changes. Its so insulated from the outside world..coddled and snobbery is a way of surviving emotionally. Its a weakness taught to the Yankee growing up..one that travel frees one from in time. It has helped thY I was totally removed from my life here, connections totally severed and the community totally rejecting me.

Now I can grasp fully the meaning of worldly power. I am beginning to see the reawakening in middle age. POWER...feels good.

I mentioned to her I had to rearrange my next appointment due to having to go to testify at the next bioethics committee.
I could sense junior the college snob lose a bit of snob-based power tripping and slump just a bit in his chair.

I enjoyed it milisecond, then moved on to the business at hand.