“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rock N Roll TMI


This at least had me rolling from some theraputic laughter.
Here's to the jerks who gave my ex a job and gave him cred. Sex gods? I think not. Perhaps if one is 20 or so or vvveerry submissive to males and this patriarchal hell known as 'rock and roll'.

Have you seen the physical size of any of these guys? Forget it. Bags of bones.

You know who was a true sex god? Jake my ex they helped after he "helped someone " so I was told by an informant. Yeah helped destroy me..that man was so lucky I still loved him. Spared him alot really...he has no idea of what I could've done.

But one must keep focus on the true aggressor being these factions connected to my mother's radiation experimentation as well as whatever was related to protecting that bitch madame Julie. Hey, maybe they like whores too. Like rape role playing..kinky stuff. Who the hell knows.

What is amusing about them is the interviews they give where they fight like a couple of b*tches. I liked the recent about one of them dragging the other into their drug use in 2008. I wonder if NA still coos over their presence with limos on Sunday mornings as the highlight of their pathetic lives.
Rich kids brown nosing famous rich kids. BORING.

Heroes are people who don't have yes men around us constantly..in fact you could say we have mostly 'no' men surrounding us daily...lol.

And the poor pathetic public buys into cover stories with shiny beautiful people in the mix...when the reality is much much more IMPRESSIVE yet grim.

Maybe that horrid blonde b*tch who Jake did a video for around the same time, can write a song titled 'head hangers and dirty looks' becuz perps are no longer using smiles or smirks..that is just so Bush era psychologica warfare/classical conditioning. That cd was titled '@#$% Smilers' with at least one TI story ripped off to make a song on it. More like @#$%& Smirkers really. Idiot. That one trick pony one hit wonder needs to keep her bs on her side of the street and stick to her little Boston/Hollywood rich kid clique...like Wahlberg and his two buddies, you know, all the people who owe the mob favors for being famous, and the cops. Either that or they have joined the same cult, whichever one it is its a joke so who cares.

I still hope Ice T has some fun with her ass when she least expects it for blabbing on Twitter some rich kid opinions about Ice T's acting abilities, which once again she needs to stay on her side of town.

This is when I feel that kinship from childhood with an 'urban' mentality. Its when a low class white feels that the rivalry with low class blacks is gone temporarily, in the presence of a common enemy.

I know rich people get targeted as well but Boston has a f*ckin big problem with their social scene. Its so hard to get into for outsiders the city really believes it can do whatever it pleases.

I hope my book chokes the life right out of everyone in this city who thinks they know what's going on. When they realize it has little to do with them and its an international matter and concerning war crimes etc they might just have a tantrum and sulk, calling their powerful 'connections' and demanding it be about them.
Boston rarely understands the word 'no'.