“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, May 6, 2011

They always figure out ways to get around the TI feeling safe.

Totay an employee approached me to chat during his break. I was suspect as they usually don't interact with anyone in this facility I sleep in.

I got away from him by going to bathroom to get dressed.

I came back and he acted like I was gone too long. The issue was that he had realized I wasn't interested in taking to him.

Upon return he was non engaging as he was when I left.

I walked out to catch bus and said goodbye. He said I was lookin good. I was surprised at the sexual harassment. I asked 'what'? He repeated this and as I looked back at him he winked.

A predator yes, just not a very good one.

The trick here is that I can't complain about an employee approaching me or sexually harassing me becuz I am not supposed to be sleeping there to begin with which authorities would use to invalidate my complaint.

A statey also went by and did the lean-over-to-look tactic, which may have been just his paranoid way of being as he seemed to be watching the cars beside him pulling out in the same hyper vigilant manner.

It may be that the perps are none too happy about that post last night concerning the theory that women are being targeted as a group for oppression since Bush. Providing the stats on Norway must have been even more annoying to them.