“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, May 6, 2011

That hospital really made me mad yesterday. The way that all
medical people keep playing this is totally unethical.

There were only a few people that did their jobs correctly and ethically concerning the mold exposure. Its as if I am being treated like my health being totally ruined is par the course of being targeted.

In Colorado they were so mean in the ER that as I was lying down in the room there, a hospital employee walked by and said "Merry Christmas" in a very nasty tone. And one cannot claim that it was meant to be genuine, they were mean to me in the ambulance as well. Before I left the male nurse actually told me.to get out as a way of saying it was time to go.

In McLeans hospital during 2004 before I understood it was gang stalking a male psychiatrist acknowledged that he knew about what Dr Emmerich did to me and that is why I need to "get someone good". Blame the victim again.
I told him what the patients were doing to harass me and he laughed and covered his eyes with a quick gesture. Remeber I didn't know about the concept of gangstalking but I knew I was being harassed by people in ways that were outragelus and wrong. I was being terrorized, people seemed to know about it and nobody really cared. How can health professionals behave that way? How can people who are in a field to assist other human beings treat a patient that way?

And at On The Rise regardless of my now being expert in gang stalking research, I understand now they too are playing the same game.

How can so many people be in on this?

think the problem here is that society needs to cover for human experimentation especially the medical field. Psychiatry would collapse if many Targeted Individuals realized they were organized stalking and harassment targets.
Early on they tried to convince me I was targeted by the Illuminati. Someone actually said that. Its not a very clear definition is it?

If this is the case then due to the actions and attitudes of people over many years and across this country, our entire nation is run by this shadow group. If not then we have a country run by military and their interests or CIA and theirs.

The only reason I mention those two factions is becuz they are both responsible for the human experimentation my mother was victim to as an infant- radiation and MK Ultra respectively.

Also many Survivors of high level programming have mentioned being a mind controlled programmed 'slave' is connected to the CIA. Brice Taylor and Cathy Obrien both.
What's interesting is that only Mark Phillips can claim direct involvement with CIA. How do Cathy and Brice know there was CIA involvement?
I know that its supposed to be obvious but in testimony can they link CIA with hard evidence? Which one needs to convince people.
Its totally probable considering their links to those experiments.

The problem is that the public seem largely aware of what is going on and they don't seem sympathetic towards the victims, who are severely abused by the way. People largely acknowledge what's going on but seem totally unsympathetic.
Especially the medical field which is incredible to me.

If that many people agree with this system it explains why we are ignored and disbelieved. We are purposely being ignored and disbelieved. I have experienced social services types in excellent day drop ins for the homeless sit behind me and smirk or grin like this whole situation is funny to an advocate I am explaining my story to.

I cannot fathom how people who are in a helping profession can be so mean to Targets or Survivors of mind control.

The reality is that they are there to help the homeless not the mind control Survivors or Targeted Individuals.

We are discriminated against in society, its that simple. And this can be cloaked by the same means as the human and civil rights abuses: by either intimating or percieving the Target is mentally ill, which strangely said society seems to know is not the case - so its still discrimination.

With the bio ethics committee coming up and so many TIs giving testimony this gives us some cred and breathing room.

But even with ultimate victory we must always remember one thing: they knew.
Many people in society knew what was being done to us and still they both went along with it and even derived pleasure from it such as humor or a sense of superiority.