“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Disclaimer : Current Race Issues In GS

There is now and has been an all out campaign of intimidation and sexual harassment by BLACK MALES in the Boston area and Cambridge. Black females do not seem to be an issue in public only in private communal spaces like On The Rise.

I want it known that this is being done purposefully to get me discredited. Since so many blacks were involved with the organized stalking and harassment that was the most brutal I experienced as well as one group openly referred to me as " a target" I have to assume I am being harassed in this manner in public to get plenty of witnesses and video audio evidence to make me out to be racist by choice or by nature.

This is to discredit me in advance so that my future expose is not believed or is percieved by the public to be the product of a paranoid racist mind.

Let it be known and very clear that any and all reactions are the results of severe trauma from years of gangstalking and the constant nature of Cambridge and Boston being a racial warzone for all races of the lower class.
it was also my experience growing up during bussing to be a victim of racism from 'black people' now referred to as African Americans so in this geographic location o am already sensitized.

I will and have used as a female whatever I deem necessary to fight back. I use race due to it balancing the power struggle brought forth by a male who is using his power as a male in a patriarchal society to overpower me or intimidate. Naturally I will utilize my social status as 'white ' to counter his social status as 'male'.

This is covert war and the rules do not apply as they do in real life.

If anyone thinks this is going to fool the public ultimately or fool me even in the short term you are mistaken.

Its simply an intensifying of a stalking/harassment tactic that the perps have found both works to get a reaction out of me and is socially acceptable/tolerated/undetectable in the culture present in this location.

Rich whites either are untouchable to these men here or they let it roll off their backs becuz they can afford to, literaly and figuatively speaking.

I cannot afford to and will not be subjected to MALE DOMINATION using sex especially as a cheap weapon.

I will post a video on this soon and inform the public exactly what bussing was like what Boston/Cambridge are like etc.

This seems to run along the lines of Eve Teasing in India and surrounding countries.

World wide since Bush there has been an increase in this sort of covert oppression of women WORLD WIDE.

Norway may have a law that 30% of their board rooms be female etc but there has been a record drop in the woman holding POSITIONS OF POWER.

Alongside gangstalking of potential whistleblowers there seems to be a world wide conspiracy to reintroduce women into oppression. ALL WOMEN.