“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Need For Self Defense and Self Definition In Lower/Low Middle Class Caucasians Especially Within Desegregated Areas

Quncy Center train stop. Very pretty blonde of the mid to lower classes.

Of course she was high off her ass on H.

I have come to realize that there is a race and class war in this country and its being accomplished under the guise of Diversity, PC, equality and the NWO.

I never see very attractive lower to middle class Caucasian women or men even in the Boston/Cambridge area.

Everyone 'special' is destroyed by a nation that is disguising their hatred beneath National Security, patriotism, religion, morality and building a NWO which is nothing more than mass mind control and a culture of spying and survaillence.

We live in the ultimate 'revenge of the nerds' scenerio except its a 'revenge of the average and not special'- and its epidemic by now.

Lower middle class and lower class Caucasians are being exploited, marginalized, excluded and ignored by the new structures of society. We are expected to either join the YUPpie culture or we are forced into black culture for either handling or as a keep down.

I am not talking about White Supremacy, Seperatism or anything to do with faith based racial philosophy. Poor whites ad well as any other culture should have a part in society like everyone else and not daily feel intimidated or denied.

No one is willing to voice this but I will becuz I have nothing to fear or lose.

Its one thing to mix with other cultures with your own pride intact or even intermarry etc, of your OWN WILL. Not becuz its being marketed to you by the media and you are being brainwashed. People should be free to have relationships with whomever they please, if its their personal choice. Its a whole different situation altogether to feel like your culture is being destroyed and you have no place and no pride so therefore you embrace another culture within your same socio economic class to simply survive. This should not be acceptable within the United States of America. There must be somethng suspect about the motive becuz no one is allowed to discuss this out of fear of mistreatment by the very people who are crushing lower class whites between them+ fear of social shaming for impropriety from upper class whites or violence from same class blacks.

And the intimidation needs to stop.

In certain cities and regions this problem is obvious like Boston/Cambridge. In other places it isn't so much of an issue.

What I am experiencing feels like a larger scale version of bussing and forced desegregation in the 1970s, except blacks know how to hide their hate and violence better or are more civilized in general, as the Man has finally had social programs to actually help the ghettos instead of sweep them under the rug as they did decades ago.

And the slavery arguement is another thing poor whites especially third wavers don't want to deal with and who can't get the truth broadcast anyway.

If your ancestors came here at the turn of the century and were either immigrants with no real assets or simply sponsored by someone to come to America, you cannot have had the time or opportunity to partake of slavery of African Americans. Also the most infuriating thing about blacks as well as the Jews is that they both market themselves as the only race or religion or faction of peoples ever enslaved or genocides. Which is ironic considering we are standing on land that was inhabited by a race of people who were genocides are still largely excluded from our culture and who's numbers of dead, tortured, enslaved and raped or sold into sex slavery are far beyond six million.

America is not a.free country. America is a spoilt rotten brat that simply wants things its own way and will lie, intimidate or hide behind whatever it has to to get it.

Its a fascist country now with no room for everybody and an insistence on creating false, rigid unatural social structures for people to live by.

And now we have an entire generation of kids who in the majority don't know anything else or any better..that what is going on in this country is outright wrong.

Its as if everyone had had to agree with this contract that is totally inhimane and immoral to survive, while calling it freedom and equality for the entire planet to use as example.

Its gotten really ridiculous.

What happened to me just shows how far this contract has gone and what the people behind it are capable of.

Its way beyond time to choose a side and be honest about what you really believe in. If agreeing with the system works for you but you dislike the injustice and don't 'believe' in it, you have still chosen a side to support.