“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I have to get out if here. Its getting really bad again, probably due to the bioethics committee meeting. Im sure they'll do anything to keep me from that.
its obvious that this next one has been planned to be full of perps..nyc? Heavy gs city and very saturated wth mind control. Due to the terrorist threat every avenue of anti terror is used to harass TIs in that city.the day shelters are.full of ops and handlers, the gangs take part in the harassment. I was there one hour before a large population of the homeless women on the street heard some.smear from cops about my character. And Olnick is there too. Its like they are baiting me to go.

I don't care I have to get out of here anyway.

I have been here for almost one year and gotten only one doctor appointment done which took Herculean strength and Will to get done, and the people at tufts medical were dismissive and arrogant all being subtley overt about my being a target in this city years ago, and the doctor wouldn't go up against big pharma and admit that bactrim caused my allergy condition. So I can't get correct treatment if no one is willing to admit to the correct cause of the condition. Treating this like a simple allergy condition that develops in middle age is totally negligent and I wont have it. Its not good enough for me. Boston and Cambridge have resigned themselves to always and forever treat me like a nobody someone who is a total nothing and like garbage.

I can't sue anyone if I can't remeber and focus on getttling a lawyer. I am sick of people making me feel uncomfortable here and I am tired of so much electromag pollution that I can't remember the simplest things. I wanted to take classes at umass but I can't do that if I keep forgettng to call mass rehab once I get into city limits.

The jerk who ran mass rehab when I was trying to go to school in 2004 or so kept saying that I was expecting too much of myself. I took offense to this becuz I knew I was talented and smart but I never realized that he was, like everyone else, covering his ass and the system's ass too, by making statements then that would cover the circumstances years later. Like now.
if I walked in there he could easily once again blow me off by saying I expect too much of myself.

Don't u think it's odd that I've done all this work and traveled and made friends and contacts (character witnesses by the way) if I am supposedly not capable of such a feat, as is snidely intimated by that statement?

What should be noted is how much I seem to accomplish when working outside the system.

The mental suppression is far too powerful within the city limits. I have to face the sad, very sad truth that the metro Boston area is now a dead city due to heavy electromagnetic pollution. Its a prison, cut off from the rest of the world and is no longer anything like I remember it. My city is completely lost to this falsified timeline. Its worse than just a gentrified city, its so heavily polluted from.being an old east coast city and so heavily electromagnitic polluted that its been rendered uninhabitable. There is an active system in place where how u get targeted depends on how much money is in your bank account.

I keep going back to rescue what is mine that is still stuck in the old timeline. Like a ghost I can't be freed until that trapped energy is freed. I believe in the occult and ritual abuse ends of what is happening here and what has happened is the system has me trapped spiritually and wants that to remain so for the rest of my life.