“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, May 13, 2011

Being Harassed In Harvard Trying To Find My Friends..WTF?

Blogger is down. I will transfer this tomorrow.
Being baited in Harvard Sq and stalked by MIT police and Harvard I believe. Two cop.cars went by looking desperately for a reaction after some students walked by and said things about my appearence just sitting in bench finishing last post.

Don't know why MIT is involved this is Harvard. Also last night I had a reeally bad UTI and needed to be near a bathroom. Just spent two nights in bathroom drinking cranberry juice and water peeing the UTI out which usuay works over a few days time.

I fell asleep in student center MIT and I usually don't get bothered but that happens very infrequently anyway. Last time I did that it was on a day no one notices and the kids saw me sleeping and actually had the door to a live concert closed for noise I guess. They don't realize being raised in the 70s loud live bands were often noise we had to deal with, sleep is no problem.
I knew I shouldn't have stayed there last night there were some big dumb homeless guys there who did not look like students but I was sick and MIT feels safe to me in that predicament.

Four a.m. cops woke me up, and I can't blame them due to the idiots there. After I.d. checks the cop dealing with me was very nice and even seemed like he didn't want to wake me up. The indication I got was that I don't bother anyone, I am actually there using the.computers all the time and this was due to these big dumb guys. Fair enough. I was polite and just left. Usually late night cops in different buildings around Boston, cambridge will just ask u to leave if yer presentable and polite and not bothering anyone. Checking ID is odd. But I can understand it becuz these guys were kinda ignorant but for.typical homeless white guys they were ok... just not for being seen late night at MIT.
But unfortunately that means my id was run and just like travelling on the road hitching and being a TI if u get id run by state cop on highway chance get harassment very organized and tailored next town stop at, depends on state.
You'd think MIT cops would want me in Harvard instead of falling asleep in MIT again. Doesn't make sense does it.
That's becuz these cops tonight aren't doing their jobs they are gang stalking and the fact that I got an organized bait and wait effort when I come to harvard lately on and off regularly must mean that ID run triggered something in gs system at higher level.

Also may be trying to take advantage of me not able to report in real time on.blogger.
Maybe they r tryng to warn me? What am I going to be set up tonight or attacked.or something?
War never ends...as long as these jerks are all threatened by what I know about a few choice people and things they will continue to try to discredit me always.
I am sure there is tons if footage of me freaking out Central Sq Cambridge area. Interesting its going to be to poinnt out that most of.the crazy unstable behavior I exhibit is only from one location specifically.
The aim is.to use covert operatives spies whoever to film or use security cameras to get tons of footage of me acting crazy or racist.
Like that 911 call used by Huffinton Post to make Jeff Manning look bad.
I am sure if I ever gain any power tons of footage will show up with Rach using racist slurs in areas like Central Sq..but there will be none of me in Roxbury or Ashmont, which is also black. True I don't go down there often but when I do I don't freak out. Why? If I am only freaking out about race and becuz I am unstable?
Becuz its due.to MIT and Harvard and all Julies rich buddies and 'friends' in these rich areas, causing a hell of alot of baiting me and instigating me, not race.
I was told also by someone in the know that Cambridge blacks feel they must work harder to be like the thuggery on tv they see, to show Roxbury they aren't punks. So they work extra hard at attemtping to downgrade their social status in an area that provides them safety, opportunity and endless benefits of trickledown from the colleges and.old money. Which includes intimidation of local rich white and metrosexual hipster passers by I guess who of course let it roll off their backs as they can literally afford to.
Whether I am dealing with methodical psychological warfare or I am dealing with local insecurities I am still being victimized and reacting as any normal person would after what I have been through and of course my being victimized by racist blacks originally as a child of the 70s bussing social experiment which turned the city into a.racial warzone.
The acedemics and city fathers never care about the poor of any race in boston, emotionally or spiritually, as long as we don't interfere with what is theirs and they don't have to live with us next door.
I notice that forced diversity if classes isn't very popular..lol.
No one with any brains is going to believe any of these set ups..unless they r working for perps somehow and I don't doubt their will be such people around even after the expose comes out.
They matter little concerning the truth now as they will then.
Remember these people truly believe they can alter events and bend the Will of others with covert activities- coercion, frame ups, intimidation, smear etc etc.
It is their goal to prevent the truth coming out.