“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Awoke To The Normalcy Per Usual On Sundays, Realizing How Falsified Is The World Now Every Other Day

I seem unaffected today. Slept somewhere different last night, wondered why this morning woke up so peaceful. Then realized after while it's Sunday.

Upon waking I saw the 90's comedy show "Married With Children". Watched for a moment, made me think back to my youth.

How did my life end up this way? It shouldn't have ended up this way. There is something wrong with this outcome, and when I experience times of little electromagnetic influence or total relief I know this to be true. Things are clear, make sense and reality around me is natural again. Like in 2002, or the early 90,s. Holidays, Sundays and at around 3 am always provides peace and a return to the normal way things used to be.

The sad thing is that I only experience a return to normalcy for mere hours at a time and this might also be what contributes to TI's suicides. To know peace for only 24 hours every week, and during that time to return to a normal peaceful life is too much psychologically.

I thought about what happened in that apartment in 335 Washington in Brighton, MA. That I couldn't have possibly stopped those events. That I could not have helped being targeted as I was. There is no way I could have known what was going on, its not my fault. And I have done the best I could all along in all circumstances.

A woman who worked at ABCD in Boston snuck a file into some paperwork given to me. It had all this info in it about the cell phone towers on roof of 335 Washington St, where I was living and being initially targeted. I had looked at the Nextel cables in the basement and was suspect that this cannot be healthy for humans...now I realize how right I was.
In the extreme.

People were providing me with clues and I couldn't have possibly figured out what was going on. And even if I did, and left that location, I would have been targeted in the next location anyway.

People were behaving as if I wasn't handling the situation correctly. Lou Ghepetti made a comment about how long I stayed in that apartment even though it was moldy. As if this was part of the entertainment. That my actions during that time period defined me as stupid and a victim. That it was amusing to people.

No one is going to be able to go through three layers of suicide programming and go through the process of discovering the truth about their life and circumstances after 32 years of believing deceptions as well as be under heavy mind control via technologies, one of the main sources being on top of their own roof and be able to handle whatever is going on with outside circumstances, especially if everyone around them is gas lighting them.

And still across the country I get put down, made fun of, mocked and marginalized for being targeted.
What I didn't realize is the sheer amount of Satanists connected to Aquino, COS and Church of Set. That Satanic activity was so prevalent among people connected to the military and police, military contractors and their families. That through the means of technology first mapped out by Michael Aquino and others the Mind War paper. That these concepts had been made a reality. And that society was populated by many a Satanist who indulges in these activites as well as Christians who seem to also serve these ends either knowingly or unknowingly. Infiltrators most likely. (It seems that Satanic activity like this involved persons from all walks if life and religions. So their outward circumstances are just a front then).

Things weren't supposed to happen this way. The mind blower is that they have.

The public's reaction at large is what is so shocking. So many people, are they aware of the true circumstances or are they just seeing the cover stories? The greatest horror would be if they knew the truth and acted as they have anyway.

The thing that's so horrible in this specific location is that the influence is so heavy one cannot function or counter the effects on the psyche.

The self esteem beat downs are daily and impossible to counter with relief only on Sundays and holidays.

Why would people want to live in a psycho civilized society such as this?

On days like this with little or no influence I can feel my body in its true state. I feel how tired I am in reality and the west and tear on my body. Pain is real, unblocked and I sense in realistic terms how much damage has been done over the years.

One of the effects of the tech as well as perhaps any chemicals such as in chemtrails that are used to control this area, seems to be the blocking of pain and being driven to work hard under any circumstances. Perhaps a way of controlling the public to ensure more productivity under the current harsh circumstances?