“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"You have an excellent grasp on the situation. I as well know the 'hobo' lifestyle and many cities like Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle have inexpensive hostels that make it easier to survive and keep ones sanity. Sadly I am stuck in Boston where hostels are few and expensive. The shelter situation in Boston is a farce. The Pine Street Inn is a huge scam, and don't even get me started about the Salvation Army and their slave labor programs. I have a blog as well at http://60andhomeless.blogspot.com/ The recent saga of Ted Williams ( the man with the radio voice ) will only make things harder. This mid level comic Chelsea Handler blogged this last night : " While there are certainly a few people who have a run of bad luck and fall on hard times, 'for the most part', people are homeless for a reason. You don't wake up one day and find yourself living under a freeway unless you've made some pretty bad decisions in your life. Just because someone has a nice voice doesn't mean that they should automatically be able to keep their s--t together."
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By Sixty and Homeless on On becoming houseless or a traveller at 5:28 AM"

This woman is the typical b*tch who shoots low and gets results from basically criticizing others without any real cause for doing so. I have posted before on her close connections to Comcast (who did alot of interesting things for CIA during Bush) through her ex-boyfriend who basically made her career possible.
She's like a porn star version of Nancy Grace, another woman with no true substance that depends on dissing other women as well as the less fortunate to gain notoriety for herself.

During Britney Spear's hardships being fed to the wolves in the early 2000's, this woman had the audacity to have K-Feds ex girlfriend/ baby's Mama on her show just to showcase the adversary of a person being bullied severely. In that episode she also intimated that Britney and other young people are screwed up becuz its the parent's fault. Facing the fact the industry itself destroys starlets as well as purposeful covert ops is too close to the truth I guess.

I wont get into it but this woman has done other things, including posing in posters for her show wearing outfits that are nothing but the trendy Illuminati symbolism that we see everywhere now especially in hip hop.
Her blondeness, her intelligence and her looks and forwardness gets her noticed and admired in a culture that is on shaky legs like a newborn foal when defining exactly what makes a female warrior. America is just inexperienced enough with this archetype to misjudge this woman for just that.
In other countries this type of woman is understood for what she is doing, what she is peddling.

What does Chelsea Handler know about being homeless?
There should be an anti defamation league for the homeless. People should not be able to compromise our safety by smearing us with statements that are pure conjecture or assumptions.

Not everyone is a sociopath involved in cut throat Hollywood culture who will get drunk with her boyfriend who has good connections to get her career on track and then dis him out the door once she's firmly on her own two feet.
Some of us are working on spiritual matters which is not very Capitalist I understand that.

Also Chelsea is not considering people like The Clash and other artists who were squatters. In this way Chelsea fully supports the disinformation of the system. She's like a cheaper, more ignorant and less attractive version of Ann Coultier, who at least excels at bitchery. Chelsea has to work her porn star lookin ass harder, due to NOT being a lawyer and not having much class or style outside of the insular cultural definitions of Hollywood. If you have looked at some of the faces of those celebrities lately and compared them to Hollywood's golden era or other artistic hubs like models or European beauties, you know what I am talking about. Most of them look so ugly, so unperfected that its obvious that they got where they are by connections. Chelsea Handler is a notch above the average Hollywood looker as well as having a strong personality. She's obviously somewhat intelligent but attacking other women especially based on class is a no no. You're being one of the boys, which is pretty STUPID not smart.
Her career is mostly based in doing skits on her old show that once again made fun of people beneath her advantageous position, especially other women. She's intolerable.

For someone with her talent and looks and advantages to even approach the homeless issue with totally nonconstructive criticism is ridiculous. Luckily a fool like her has only as much influence as will echo through Hollywoodland and perhaps out into America but has not political weight. Americans tend to be sensible for the most part about being adverse to merging church and state and that applies to the merging of sex goddess bimbos or mammy's (think Oprah) and state as well.

Actually our styles are very similar in being opinionated but she seems to represent the status quo- the agenda and she doesnt speak from experience nor does she make effort to be fair or accurate in her facts. What references does she have to back up her claims that most people are under bridges due to bad decisions? None. In fact, no one really does enough research to accurately claim they have a good understanding of various demographics within the homeless community. One has to take into account that homeless people lie out of fear and intimidation to get fed, clothed and sheltered. The intake process is discriminatory and resembles blatant leading of a witness in court. Its f*cking illegal as hell and one day, its going to stop.

What she is doing is ultimately the same thing as people immediately smearing TI's as mentally ill without investigation. Its spreading of purposeful disinformation. What else would be her motive for expressing her views in such a particular crafted way? Say for instance that we are working on the assumption that she is a disinfo agent covering for organized stalking and harassment campaigns. From this view her work seems more transparent. What else would be her motive for not being sensible or scientific and considering other reasons for homelessness? Most people who are that kind of homeless are either veterans of wars who have damage so bad psychologically that they can no longer function around people. Also, we do have the good old fashioned drunks. Then you have targeted people whether they know it or not. Then there are the truly severely mentally ill that are so disordered that they cant function in society so isolate themselves. (How is that a bad decision?) The drug addicts tend to stay in the cities and in scenes so they can get thier fixes daily but I have seen them outside mostly in places convenient to a city area. Homeless drunks are as ancient as the day man invented wine.

She is making judgements without any research or references to back up her claims.
There needs to be protections against such verbal abuses of this population.
Her argument could be paralleled with the assertion that people don't end up under bridges for years on end if the society they live in didnt make some pretty bad decisions. But of course, stalking and harassment of certain individuals is seen as ultimately a good decision for society. And for that, she picks on the victims of political oppression or other misfortune.

She is living and hailing from the totally insular reality of Hollywood and none of us out here on the front lines have time for her crap.
And god help us if she ever decided to come out to see what being homeless is like becuz I can predict right now it will be the exact same thing as Hanoi Jane during Vietnam where Fonda was so useful to the enemy. Remember the bumper stickers? "I aint Fonda (fond of) Hanoi Jane"? This would be Chelsea's role except she'd probably do even more discrediting of the homeless by going out there. She would never get dirt under her nails doing that nor would I expect her to show any sort of real interest in factual life, due to that action being a step towards joining humanity as well as raising your standards to something similar to real grown up journalism.

She's too busy being the coolest b*tch around to do any actual work for humanity. Which means her opinions on such things should continue to be ignored by anyone with any real political power.