“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, January 24, 2011

"jew site:http://ongangstalking.blogspot.com"/ The Hidden Evil book

This was listed as the least popular key word search to find this blog in traffic on my stats. The fact it is used at all is infuriating.

FOR THE LAST TIME I AM NOT A JEW! Why is that so hard to understand? I am Lithuanian and Italian among other things so I look Jewish to some people due to the Eastern EU features and the dark coloring. Sheesh. My ex who looks like mr. Nordic/Anglo southern boy who is brat from Newton MA is actually the Jew technically, through his mother so its definite! They changed thier name down south from Jacobson to something else, I forget. Hmmm... Jacobson..Jacobsen or Jacobsson or -ssen. This may be where he gets his blonde from. After migrating from elsewhere of course. It could be carried over from England as well.

I am very sensitive about this. Not only did Cochran who owns that hostel in MO try to make insinuendos about my being a Jew, the harassment in all of the St Louis MO area seemed based on the misconception of me being Jew.
Also a woman here who was more Sicilian looking in on the cover story fed investigation crap seemed to think my ancestors were "of Jewish decent".

Trying to put this together with no resources. I can build on it later when I have alot of computer time at a college as I know one can look up actual records of arrivals in the US as far back as I need.
My maternal grandparents are:
Grandfather- New Orleans LA. His father: (Holland),his mother: (Germany). Both house servants in New Orleans early 20th century.
Grandmother-Waltham, MA. Her father: (French Canada, traced back to Paris, France), her mother: (Cork, Ireland)

My paternal grandparents are:
Grandfather- Pittsburgh, Penn.Polish/Lithuanian decent. His father: (Lithuania). This surname can be traced back to Belgium in the 14 century as its first mention anywhere in history. His mother:?
Grandmother-Stoneham, MA. Her father: (Italy). Her mother: unknown surname also from the old country.

Sooo, where the hell is the supposed Jew from? The greats from down south were Lutherans and the ones from up north were Catholics.

The whole thing is so obnoxious. For that to even be an excuse at all for this kind of harassment in this day and age is unacceptable to begin with but to add that to my campaign as attempted smear to cover up for trying to cover asses in a federal investigation, a diversion or from my rich kid boyfriend's drug busts and ultimately to silence myself and my mother's claims from damages resulting from radiation experimentation as well as my own experience as a victim witness to programming/RA.

And this is an example of how stupid the perps are. Its not even accurate. And it makes me laugh that the kid they were trying to protect actually has Jew blood as well as my old associate has many valuable friends and clients that are Jews. Rich Jews, important Jews locally and in entertainment. What kind of a bizarre plan was this?

Nothing about gang stalking makes sense. The main players in this seem to know the target is a mind control survivor and they play on that. Also during Bush, there is no way to prove this other than testimony but during that administration there was alot of mind control used on targets. To get them to act crazy, freak out and to make the actions of the gang stalking alot more effective ultimately.

I am reading this book The Hidden Evil by Mark M Rich. I thought I knew it all from going through all this material years ago. I realize that I have lost grasp on my situation. A mutual TI gave me it to read and its done very well. Its alot more positive and well thought out than this blog which is really a record of one Target's way through the maze over years and if I can inform or assist along the way then fine.
Its very validating.