“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Post by Text 1/22/2011

Location: Woods Mullen Homeless Shelter,(old morgue at Boston City Hopsital) Boston MA. Officially part of the Boston Health Commission.

(5am)-Again 5 am. I feel like i cud do anything. I know that by 6 am i will not b able 2 even think of doing activism or anythng else truly
-Meaningful or productive. My posts last nite reflect how i am diverted daily from doing just that
-Ive bcome a wonderfully docile and polite person but that isnt getting anything done is it? Which is the desired result i am sure

(6am)-Just kicked in within last minute or 2. I can feel it
-I feel better about my situation but i also just experiencd immediate loss of much of what i was thinking about.
-Everytime i stay here i feel wound up in morning cant sleep-until 6:45 am. I then feel relaxed like i can sleep. Everyday same time
@ woods mullen shelter i always feel 'hit' by something. My body actually jerks from it if i am in the relaxd state b4 sleep. Often can actualy b felt as waves
Of charged energy
-This does not occur in cambridge shelters

-For me 2 logically focus on the past this much something traumatic must have happenened. Mental illness is just 2 easy a coverup especially on a female target.
I know now y i was smeared etc and targeted. My building had cell repeaters on roof Nextel & this was not only making me crazy during Bush it seemed 2 be
Utilized as a delivery system 4 torture. The risk 2 the system is if its finaly admitted that towers or electromag have any affect @ all on humans then it will
Snowball in2 public understanding how such tech can b used 4 mind control