“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ice T tells of f WASPy blonde b*tch from Boston(who's really from Virginia) on Twitter

Ice T's response should have been "There is no reason Amie Mann should have ever gotten that famous (after Boston got sick of her and being known as 'difficult'". Or maybe a retort like "What does a mediocre one trick pony do when her concept album sh*ts the bed? Steal people's real life stories and make bank off them." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fucking_Smilers
('smilers'?? Why not just use "smirkers" cuz thats what she's referring to. I hate smart asses. Hey, she's in Hollywood now..dont they all have that sense of ultimate privelege?Instead he threatened her and put her in her place...and for that he is my hero of the day. I will start listening to his music again perhaps I missed something.

Also even though he's glorified pimping I believe I would rather side with someone that I understand where they are coming from opposed to someone who obviously hates all struggling poor people who are 'ghetto' whether we are black or white, and has proven that by siding with and supporting the rich kid in crowd of Boston...even though the snooty b*tch is really from a VIRGINIA and is not a proper New Englander, never was never will be. She went to Berkelee and her mommy skipped off the England after kidnapping her. Who has money to just go abroad like that to WASP central? Rich people that's who. Her story may validate her being an angry young woman as its written, but since she is supposedly on par with the worlds greatest song writers due to her compositions then why is she still such a nit picky c*nt? Awww are we still angry over being looked over? So...that rationalizes her helping to bully other talented females who REALLY get looked over...like aren't even allowed to have a life. Good one twit..why do you think they call it Twitter? Look at who is on there and what goes on. If I was that rich and supposedly talented I would NOT be living my life publicly on Twitter..

Also, does anyone notice my total disregard for apologizing out of fear or coercion? One should apologize due to being wrong and understanding that fully. Not as a wimp out cuz yer scared of getting whacked.

Then again it helps to be banging Sean Penn's brother for years. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Penn Oh, Sean is the guy that pissed off Jewish Hollywood for so long and had like no work for years remember? Then during Bush he puts out that crap about a naive activist running off to Alaska http://www.misanthropytoday.com/into-the-wild-sucks-big-time/..for years I have had to listen to perps taunt me with "Don't go to Alaska!" either that or them telling me it would be a great idea to escape the harassment. Perfect timing, perfect story line. I guess beating up Madonna had its price..this piece of sh*t (who is Jewish himself so his anti American pro terrorist banter is senseless. http://www.jewornotjew.com/profile.jsp?ID=137 Check out this site, written by two bored Jews-they have like the worst photos of every celebrity used for thier sight.) had trouble for years with his temper, in front of cameras all the time.

Why would two people who have similar views, life stories and temperaments help in a psych warfare campaign against someone targeted? It's like I heard a perp say to another perp through a wall in 2006 "Girl, you gotta do crazy sh*t nowadays to get anything". This must have been the price of re admission.
Also, its a cut throat business as well as artists far from being the romanticized creatures the public would like them to be are probably the most dangerous predators- possessing the capacity to create and destroy. They are also extremely nasty to other creative people and can hurt fellow creators in ways stupid people would never dream up.

I suppose this could be some sort of challenge. Like 'oh we have had to suffer for it so we are going to make it difficult for you c'mon get up and fight us'. My mother used to do that sh*t all the time and it just makes people who egg you on for your own good look like the sick, destructive psychos that they really are. If my mother hits me until I hit her back and then rewards me with "Good you finally hit me back" and even as a kid I know this is one sick b*tch, it sort of puts me off to people trying to be intrusive, controlling and manipulative while they supposedly f*ck with me for my own good. And is me getting sick from mold in my apartment part of that motivational program? The nonsense that this system will come up with to validate its actions is never ending. And every greedy, jealous vicious jerk will pick an excuse out of the bucket. Anything as long as no one knows the real motives.

Here is the psycho-o-meter test. Live and work in Hollywood or any other sick environment that sane normal people would never survive in? PSYCHO. Live privately, and trying to find a way to better yourself as well as humanity NOT PSYCHO.
Always remember that the NWO as well as the system of managing targeted survivors or assets is much like what Bryan Wilson Key said about advertising and the media scape: "The sane must be made to look insane and the insane must be made to look sane". I will listen to a college professor who got mobbed out of his job for telling the truth before a bunch of Hollywood trash.

And as you may recall in one of my posts I intimated the obvious. Amie Mann had my ex who sold me out to save his own ass, do her video a few years back. And needless to say that after her concept album shit the bed, she comes out with a cd of people's personal stories that are very suspect as to the sources of said stories. One of those songs sounds a bit too much like a (bullshit) version of my story line and needless to say it wasn't very kind...nor insightful.
She tried to act? I don't even want to @#%&*! know.

Her offensive song as I recall says something about the shunned female character now living a life very unglamorous compared to her former life when she was still connected to a power structure. I recall it said something about how it must be hard they dont hold the door anymore.

"It must be hard ringing the bells
Of doors that don't swing wide anymore
It must be hard hearing the sound
Of voices just inside of the door

A man who couldn't hold your coat
Who's hung on ever antidote
So it must be hard watching the fellows gloat

It must be hard seeing the same old crowd
Just pass you by in the street
It must be tough knowing your stuff
Could only horrify the elite

You cut off everyone you know
Boy you told `em all where to go
Now it must be hard getting the same revoke


Well, patrons at the bar in Lexington Kentucky
Who sprung for every drink you downed
With things the way they are it's not that kind of party
If what you've got might just be good (')

The fat cows won't be getting thin
Seeing the kind of jam you're in
Though the angels dance on the head of another pin

From Aimee Mann's new album, @#%&*! Smilers)"

Whatever. And it must suck for her to be average yet ever so blonde in a town full of glamorous beautiful people. So she depends on her intellect. And being from the south I suppose writing little songs is about she can do..that and try to apply some snobbery she picked up here to trying to dictate what a cop show should or shouldn't do in casting Ice T. Hey, anyone who is in a TV show with the daughter of a starlet who suffered at the hands of LaVey has my OK.(Jayne Mansfield's daughter).

And by the way the harassment I have received as well as the entire collective situation is par the course for MK Ultra survivors (see actual documented footage, not smear by the media machine on my YouTube channel. Presidents Advisory Committee testimonies) as well as survivors of RA or high level programming. It has entirely nothing to do with the shoddy cover story. It was bound to happen sometime. Also I dont see any of my old crowd on the streets and if I did I would ignore them...becuz they are either dangerously ignorant of what is really going on or they are in on it and so who needs them?

And I have not yet begun to tell anyone off. In fact I dont 'tell people off'. I have had to defend myself my whole life often alone. Not with some connected Hollywood arsehole husband backing my ass. When I come for head to roll and for the blood of my enemies to drink from the chalice, you'll have known clearly then what a f*ckin massacre really looks like.
Telling people off is par the course of living especially in the northeastern US. (But since you aren't from here and only went to college/networked here you wouldn't know what goes on in the street here) and "boy" will it be nasty. The TRUTH is often nasty to sneaky pieces of shit who slither around Hollyweird. And it seems that some people are so eternally hungry that they don't STOP putting other people down to make themselves look better than.

Ice T, if you need someone for that drive by maybe I'll be free. We can always do it Belgian style, like drive by pies in her face or some sh*t. It would mess up her sense of dignity way worse than an actual shooting. And dude...learn from the Italians- don't TELL HER yer gonna whack her..WTF is wrong with you? She just needs an accident to meet with her someday..like 15 years from now. This is finesse my friend. Not impatience.

But you are still totally awesome for putting the blonde rich bitch down...a poor white girl thanks you. Just when I think I am going to be angry with black men and shun them for life, someone pulls something that impresses me.

Blonde Berkelee Bitch=
Street cred Zero.