“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Waiting near Harvard for bus

Waiting down near Harvard to catch a bus..that stadium where the boys practice their sports. It was nice to see an old fashoined athletics program still in existence. Many Ivy leagures tend have a nice solid built but conservative, not a workhorse's body. These schools seem to churn out understated handsom males who look like an artist cut thier muscle with a tool to perfection.
One set of these young men passed me just as I was going for my bus, its so cute how at this age they try to dominate but these types do it based on status.
I am enjoying being back in a location where the class is something I am used to. Here they have thier place and we have ours, not like in southern California where they have thiers and we have absolutely nothing. And they work hard to get into Harvard, from what I have heard that school works thier students very hard.
And you can tell the difference between achievement and empty power. In So Cal the looks I was getting would piss me off not due to thier having any power in thier attempts to dominate based on class but at the frequency as well as the very idea of a bunch of trendy nobodies with JUST money actually believing that they possessed such power, espeically over someone like me. SoCal, in a poor New Englanders mind is just begging for a revolt. Organize the homeless get them off meth and pot and then really stick it to thier false class system there. The wealthy here are smarter- they allow the lower classes to have thier privacy and thier own space so we dont feel threatened and closed in.
Harvard boys may be on a small power trip and its natural due to thier youth and thier position but its harmless and really very cute considering I am 40, but its not a threat to my livelihood really. I know I have my own 'kind' to return to. In other parts of this country the coroprate YUPpie culture has destroyed any and all other cultures in the area, and that puts people under pressure.
The squatter kids who arent from here keep refering to the people in Harvard as "yuppies". I say nothing but I know that is incorrect. These are people with actual goals in life and their eyes on achievement not some wealthy heirs who look at you like they really really hate you if you're a poor traveler or 'homeless' as in So Cal and other places in the US with extremely ignorant rich people. I dont sense wealth in places that behave like So Cal..I sense access to money and that is all. The word 'wealth' just doesnt register.
As I have posted before the homeless have thier own 'place' here in society so they dont feel as pushed around, threatened or put upon.