“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Duval Patrick corruption trial..whatever.


All I know is that since Romney got, who sucked Bush's dick and now this Gov also loves up the current president, that MY life in MY homestate has sucked and been nothing but heavy harassment and torture (Bush/Romney scum) and now maintenence to keep me the f*ck out of my homestate and especially the hometown of Waltham where my family has had a house for over 100 years. Nice, real nice.

Well at least under Patrick the harassment and torture hasnt been as bad, like to beat you within an inch of your life like during Romney, but if I wasnt an old pro at this the level of maintenence would mess me up and keep me away from my home- if I wasnt determined enough to WILL it into NOT being so.

Gang stalking, in the end, is a battle of Wills and that is all.

Its ironic that I am the one treated like a bad n*gger slave who needs a beat down to get my back in line, or was thrown out into the world with no defenses as a punishment for wanting to escape Massa, but that would be natural during Bush I guess.

But what I cant forgive is how many blacks were in on that here... houseslaves as Malcolm coined the term. Work for the Man and always will.

And that Ginny probably has mob connections like every asshole here. I also am not too happy with the amount of scum in Waltham that are Ginny mob trash that seem to have been very into destroying me. Makes me sick to have the same DNA, lets hope my ancestors are from somewhere very different..unless of course this IS about my stupid dad's family..in which those results will make me even more ill.

This whole pathetic state hasnt changed since the olden days. They used to trade rum and bibles for slaves and remain all pious about slavery...and not much has changed. MA believes if one is gentlemanly about one's corruption that excuses it. Or worse that Ginny attitude of strong arming and being threatening and then trying to hide it and be sneaky and secretive. Italians are about as on the down-low as blacks, perhaps a notch less flashy about thier crimes. Ahh how they have grown since the 40's eh?

I was just in Waltham and I got harassed and ignored it much to the city worker and construction guy's confusion. I am now back in Cambridge where I am getting drive by's it seems from the cops who also kept a good eye on me in Waltham.

You have absolutely NO authority anymore since every target in the USA knows that you serve the oppressor and no longer the people- unless they also serve the oppressor. Its interesting that I did nothing to deserve such attention but I am treated like a dangerous criminal. THAT is becuz a shitload of money must have been exchanged or is riding on me being kept out of my own homestate. Too damn bad. Scott told me I should just let them know I wont be intimidated, he said that, and in that he was right. I just had to learn the gang stalking system really well. And since Bush's hardcore torture style is no longer en vogue its easier to funtion. I dont even think I would resp0nd to it anymore at this stage.

They MAKE warriors out of us and expect to beat us at the game THEY shoved us into. I dont understand thier logic. It makes little sense.

It doesnt matter who you elect here. New Enlgand is gone and is dead basically as a culture all its own. You can save what is already gone, its been totally comprimised by exposure to the outside world and co opted into the NWO. Its over, so elect whoever you want. Whoever it is is going to play the same games with the NWO in order to survive this modern era and way of doing things.

It doesnt matter who is in office anymore.