“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

African Americans as manipulated or working for the system within a gang stalking campaign

Whats interesting is how blacks are used against someone like me in a campaign. They would have to be houseslaves, working for the system Willfully or to 'get thiers'. They have been so clever over the years in fighting the same kind of oppression, its doubtful that they are ignorant or naive about what is being done to me. That I am being handled like a slave and beaten down until I stop trying to get justice for myself.

The problem with the black community as well as my second greatest issue with Prince Hall is the connection to the black churches. NO Masonry should ever be connected to a church, unless one can plainly see that Masonic or Rosicrucian content is within the architecture of the building- then you have ancient sun cult symbolism which you can use.
But note how the forefathers of our country never went to church, they refused. They voted for religious freedom and that was thier tolerance of anything outside Masonry. Just as we need to seperation of church and state, secret societies exist to strike a balance or to strike AT overt power structures. Often they are used for good, and other times for evil and greed. Things must exist outside the system. Black Masons have too many other things tied up in thier agenda to ever be free to exist independently- which is why I dont trust them for one minute.

The other thing that strikes me as very possible as to blacks being manipulated into being against a TI is thier naivety towards life in general. Many are politically aware but many you have to remember are NOT. Such blacks are very in league with being church minded and then you have your Cause Stalkers.
Blacks are also notorious for not knowing how to mind thier own business in many cases. Blacks who dont want to live in thier own neighborhoods especially around Boston will tell you one of the major reasons they left is due to thier people always being up in everyone elses business. I dont know if this is a northern black cultural norm or if its one of those annoying pieces of southern culture they brought with them up north.

Lastly, a friend of mine from west Virginia said I would hate So Cal becuz not only is it full of snobs in general but they told me black people think they are better than everybody else. I have noted this delusion that they use as a defense mechanism to survive for many years but n ever really saw it that way. The north focuses so whole heartedly on black needing help and being oppressed that no one takes into consideration thier faults- outside of crime. Really it was enlightening becuz this is a very hurtful social condition they create and as a Yankee I never saw it for what it was before.

It DOES seem that is all those games consist of and once you know the game, it cant hurt you anymore.
Worst of all is blacks who are into assisting the Man in keeping someone like me down using the idea that I am somehow privy to thier judgments. They perhaps do this as I am alone alot and they seem to know everything about my family. Too much in fact. But that goes for all perps. But its possible that they abuse the info as gossip even not just for smear campaigns. I have gotten alot of that treatment and I believe my friend was right, that blacks think they are better than everybody else- in great number but NOT all blacks, as I have found the occasionally. This is a cruel game that is played on the poor whites like myself in this area that refuse to get with blacks or dont have other whites from strong ethnic groups to protect them. Its very sad and it makes the oppression of the rich, connected, white and powerful all the more possible.

I often wonder if they even know I am fighting a battle connected to my mother's human experimentation or corruption. It seems like they dont, really. Its always connected in thier minds to the sex industry or being too poor to fight local corrupt authority. This is where thier naivete is very dangerous. I have had more than one instance where a black especially female will be obviously referring to me and blatantly accuse me of being a liar in my writing. I know for a fact that they all know about this blog. At Pine Street they had more than once let me know they know about my writing. And many of them still insist on denying that my situation is connected to something bigger like programming or MK Ultra or human radiation experiments. Often thier sentiment will be 'shes just a junkie'. Are we STILL trying to accuse me of doing drugs at 335 Washington St becuz that was never the case. Try to prove it-go ahead. Take a hair follicle test, or lie detector, I f*cking dare you. I know exactly what I have ingested in my lifetime and what I have not, where, with whom and when. I dont need a bunch of ignorant totally cult brainwashed blacks or any other kind of perps for that matter to try to tell ME what my life has been about.

Its easier to believe that I was smoking crack or whatever up there than being targeted, gaslighted or suffering from mold exposure. Well I proved the mold claim, and I proved that my phone was being used by Jake to deal drugs. You want some more a-holes? First of all crack was never my thing, it was the habit of that crazy b*tch next door also named Rachel, but with a different spelling and an Armenian last name.

I think that my life was exposed publicly and made into a public mockery and now that the truth is coming out as to how much more its connected to such as conspiracy, political intrigue, local corruption etc, now the public dont want to be part of that so my claims have to be disbelieved.

You dont get it do you. I dont claim anything I cant prove, unless its personal memories and that I cannot prove but that would be the only way to explain or fill in the blanks of the other circumstances.

I also dont believe blacks in general deserve to have any kind of dominion over a white girl. NOT AT ALL. I totally reject the idea that they even can begin to understand who we are outside of ignorant steroetypes, which mostly apply to rich whites, poor ignorant whites, and suburban or 'straight' whites. In a way I see that the pop culture that blacks provide to the US has been used to block out all that I am or ever was but this is true of even the whites that were around me. I recall Jake's buddy Sam Brody he got busted with, also Babs Pettiti's grandson, once heard my earphones playing classical and he was surprised. "YOU listen to classical?". That is the greatest weapon of the perps as well as the smear people- no one really knows the person and those htat DO can be enlisted to repaint false views of them and vilify them. I was in that exact position. Anyone who knew I was smart, or good hearted or nice or talented seemed to turn on me or could be enlisted to assist the bad guys in this. I have been totally railroaded and vilified and no one seems to care or to believe anything other than that view of me.

Also this is probably part of the torture to make the target confess which IS MK Ultra especially if the victim knows they are a survivor of programming. That is the whole point of all this and no one sees it unless they are familiar with the whole story. Blacks are also very useful in helping the system to regress a TI like myself. Thier culture has a natural childlikeness to it which in its negative expression is regression to a very childish, easily controlled and dependent state. This is probably very easy to do to populations that were enslaved.

The very fact that blacks in the USA are still struggling and that often they are still oppressed and either dependent or unaware of any other way out is what makes them so damn dangerous as gang stalkers. I am not talking about the blacks who are targeted or blacks who understand whites like myself or who are very clever and politically aware- I am talking about the dreaded church going vigilantes and the house slaves. They are like the kiss of death for ANYONE trying to break out of oppression and you better look at that no matter what culture you are.

Blacks are way to easily manipulated. And they have the natural 'magick' within them to make them a very powerful and useful tool of the oppressor. They possess much natural magickal and psychic ability that in its most positive form can lift one up and give one strength but the opposite effect is also true and thier energies are very strong and in a battle like this it can really cause damage to The Cause, which is trying to get the truth out there at any cost.

One other thing that blacks seem unaware of is the very complicated relationship that whites have had with religion and the church. Wars, persecution, the burning times- these are not pleasant ancestral memories for Europeans. Many of us dont trust the church due to knowing what horrors they are capable of. Blacks seem naively to trust churches,most likely due to thier view of a church as something full of other blacks, a safe place from outside oppression. So when they come out to TI's as Cause Stalkers or vigilantes, they come out of a very different view of religion and the church than we do. If anything, this is very hurtful to certain whites if not deadly to our fight for independence. Many whites are very quietly fighting any connection to religion or the church in general every day of thier lives. Many quietly view themselves as having stayed with 'the old ways' perhaps passed on through thier great grandparents. YOUR old ways are not OUR old ways. The church assists you in your search for freedom, it is our oppressor in many cases or its what our families hide behind to appear righteous to the outside world when in fact they know they are doing wrong.

Blacks dont seem well associated with whites who are acting out primitivism or are quietly attached to pre Christian ways of thier ethnic backrounds. We have a whole different fight for freedom on our hands and when it gets as messy and complicated as being targeted with a nasty smear campaign, blacks I hate to say it, often serve to get in the way of our goals. For them to have any power over me when they dont really understand what kind of 'white' I am not only pisses me off its laughable. Why do you think I have just laughed off so many blacks in on this or turned to racism when really threatened? Becuz in this these battles they tend to be no more than a nuisance as they often dont really seem to understand what is going on or even who I reallly am. However, with such large amounts of blacks either targeting me outright or trying to make me behave, which is laughable, they have had alot of influence on this campaign. And when that book is written you will be disgusted to see just how much influence. Its obscene how much influence really. It makes me wonder just who runs this country, or at least who runs them. For me to encounter so many African Americans within this campaign is not only shameful (which is probably part of the psychological warfare) but its alarming if not totally inappropriate. First I would have to find out just who is behind all the blacks I encountered: is it COINTELPRO, is it Africa? Is it black gangs? Prince Hall? The military? Or are these just many many house slaves working for the very rich, white and powerful? Or is it truly as simple as Satanism outright which could be possible as the Church of Set is no longer run by Aquino but an African American woman? In my case I never know who is on my side or who is the enemy. Unless its really overt, like on that bus where I was perped and that black kid said to his girlfriend "She's just a target", totally dehumanizing me. That is when a busfull of black perps coming out of a Grey hound bus in Memphis Tenn is sort of scary....and then I just am thankful I am programmed and have no real fear, outside of the threats within my internal programming that make is so if I dont finish my 'mission' I will be subjected to something alot worse than anything, and I mean ANYTHING that this system can come up with.

Most off all the system seems to want confession via interrogation. That is its ultimate goal really and with the connections to MK Ultra that does not surprise me.

So I often disregard the players, but in general, blacks who dont know who they are really working for or that they are being used by outside forces against a Target are a major pain in the ass but never a direct threat.