“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, July 22, 2010

a bit of gang stalking around MassArt Boston/ Meet Mr Hardcore

Got a little gs today, overt though. MassArt and MSFA were always hot spots for perps. I used to art model here so perhaps that is why. Security were overt many times, as were some art teachers, even some students were overt.

A fat Hindi (Indian) woman with two students were walking through the bottom floor of a building in MassArt. I was going to the elevator and they were coming out. The Hindi woman looked at me right away, made a little grimace and hard blink, a bit of look or surprise (that was badly acted by the way) and she mumbled something about me having changed upon my return this year. I am sure this is supposed to once again relate to THIER power to CHANGE people. That she or they are part of such a powerful force (the mob or the group) within the community that they have that much power. But it was acting once again, it was timed. If not then this woman is an arrogant control freak and an obsessive stalker that she actually remembers me from that many years ago. Either way its harassment and stalking. I love how they try to make it like its random community involvement or that something THIS organized is just the public acting out like bullies do when people are in school. People in school dont have highly detailed intelligence reports on thier victims as well as access to 'non lethal' weapons as well as technologies that stem from Nazi research and were proposed by Reagan to be put into the prison and mental health system for behavior modification.

hat we have here are people working for some faction or I have just encountered face to face the problematic CIA on campus, which has been documented to be a problem for decades now. Either that or they, like other good cons, can get stupid nobodies to do dirty work for free as they dont know how thier employers are or that its organized at all. She reeked of being a perp anyway. Fat, unattractive, and trying to fit in with two Anglo's for status. TYPICAL perp. Older with two younger people as well is a tip off.

There were two cops waiting in front of the entrance I go into to the other building, and they were jerking around laughing and fooling before I showed up and thier behavior and body language tells me what kind of cops they are even before I get near them. Of course when I enter one of them plays power games and has to go behind me and really make a spectacle of checking out my backpack as I go in. Yet another piece of harassment that can be sheltered under anti-terror. I have learned one thing that is important through years of this about security and cops- people of this nature and of this job description do not HAVE to be intimidating or interfere with your physical space as they do thier jobs. They do this TO HARASS A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL as part of psychological warfare becuz its so easy to claim they are just 'doing thier jobs'. I have been tortured for years by people in these positions and it IS torture, and usually they treat it very much like a joke. That of course is part of the psychological warfare. They behaved JUST like the two males in the Harvard Sq train station the other day. So again a TI can bet on a certain area repeating itself with a certain style over and over again.
Boston is obsessed with my connection to sex. And it is apparent that is a important part of my identity to them via thier tactics and even behavior modification content. Two males having power over a certain female and the female feeling violated by two males in some position of authority but them laughing at the female about the violation is very tied into taking away any power I had within the sex industry here. See I used to get taken VERY seriously by males and I had alot of power, and gained alot of knowledge about men in power and authority. It is VERY important to take this away from me and Boston identifies with this very heavily.
Its like their first priority.

This is why so many people suspect the cops, military or CIA for gang stalking as they have the training in psychology as a big part of their jobs to think this shit up and then pull it off. Regular perps are either extreme in thier actions more resembling criminals or sex offenders or they are ametuers who need numbers to succeed. Professionals like these two and the other two in Harvard Sq train station require less numbers due to the higher quality and effect of thier tactics.

Thinking alot about what a perp said once, that kid Rockabilly kid that stayed with me in Abq, NM. He had alot of info he shouldnt have...another one of those. He returned with a quick retort one day to my musing over my life i left back here: "what..you're boyfriend joined the harcore scene?" He said it to be mean and shock of course. But it never stuck with me really. High level programming? Being forced deprogrammed via covert behavior modification? Torture?? Being BORN into this, the gs being intergenerational? Your own family selling you out in the end outright? Ritual Abuse?? How much more hardcore can you get that THIS?

I see now that part of the wish that I was lying is fueled by the fact that the idiots who came after me locally want to be seen as hardcore or prove that status by destroying someone like me. Its odd really becuz the motives behind behavior modification programs are just business as usual not personal. Perhaps they figure if its going to be done anyway then they can get some street cred by doing dirty work AND getting paid or favors for doing it.
There is a marked ideal that this system wants believed that Jake is a winner or a bad ass or hardcore for doing whatever he did. And the people around him locally or whoever his freinds are. Which I hate becuz this system has been messing with me for years, waaayy before I ever knew Jake. I saw it mess with Julie via stalking and harassment years ago. My mother claiming to have been followed and intimidated out of going to the Presidents Advisory Commitee is far more hardcore than Jerk off Jake selling out to some bunch of local a-holes and some desperate crooked cops being weeded out by the feds for money laundering, so that he no longer has to live in his mother's attic going nowhere fast. Give it a f*cking break.

I notice that a very important part of the psych warfare is to make me extremely powerless and broken in the face of male worldly power, especially white males. Its extremely sexist: but what do you expect from a bunch of people who seem to work with the likes of Eddie Cox from LA where Cajun's have a mafia that the public doesnt really know exists, who refers to the little girls in sexual poses on his cell phone as his 'little princesses'?!? Dont expect respect for women that's for sure. Rapists I guess and woman beaters dont discern in age. Any predator of women is a friend to them, even little girls.
Oh yes Jake, you're so hardcore. Yer a fuckin wimpy rich kid who likes to think he is into blacks becuz a rich kid got made fun of in Newton for being black, yet his parents moved him into a school in Weston to avoid dealing with bussing. Even his buddy Sam Brody acknowledged he was a total rich kid who has been coddled all his life. He was used on the chess board against me like this system has been doing all its life. This is about ME, not the opportunists around me who thought that the confusion of the war years would cover thier crimes for the rest of their lives.

F*ckin 'hard core scene'. These people will come up with anything to rub salt in your wounds. But its mostly bullsh*t all the time. More psychological warfare.

You want heavy or hardcore? I AM sorry is Jake programmed? Now that is hardcore. The ONLY thing they can do is play detractor and say I am making it up so that THEY and thier ACTIONS during that time remain so f*ckin 'hardcore', compared to the big picture.