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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chelsea Handler

Since this is my personal b*tching section I can pick on people and readers cant whine that I am not serving proper gs activism. I have picked on certain people in the media- hardcore TI's who are survivors of high level programming know exactly WHY..if you dont then just go along for the ride. If you want to be serious and responsible, go to OnGangstalking where I published another informative piece..that doesnt pick on anyone nor are the claims unreasonable. Ha!

Ok..Chelsea Handler. Who is she?
She targets female 'white trash' in much the same 'aim low for laughs' style that Sarah Silverman. She does it through little skits on video within her show previous to the talk show and I read that her stand up contains the same.
She targeted Britney Spears stooping as low as having K-Fed's ex on her show.
She also likes to sit and pontificate on why kids are a mess - "and why I think its the parents fault". She has a way of legitimizing her being a jerk.
Which matches her look. On her talk show she often resembled a modern porn star- which is one of the most pious creatures on the planet nowdays as they claim they are not sluts or whores due to doing the same act as sluts and whores but on film with social acceptance from the modern public- once again mob rules not logic. Her look is often clean cut and neat like a model but the b*tch factor remains.
Many of her skits made fun of the social faux pas of poor white women trying to be civilized and fit into society.
And I gather like other Hollywood trash desperate for careers she stole from anyone, anywhere as well as underground entertainment. In fact I know she did.

The baracuda smile...need we say more? Lets not go on how she looks like she would suck the marrow out of one's bones to get her way, lets use research. Its more fun to build weapons to pummel people with opposed to just talking sh*t.
This lovely piece of work is connected to COMCAST and E! in a big way and if you know anything about COMCAST as a Targeted Individual, you know during Bush they were one of the biggest pains in the asses- everything from their employees to their tech. Lets first look at her connections. As usual she uses her snatch to get what she needs:
Note her tight schedule: May 2009 ink deal with company boyfriend is CEO of (COMCAST/E!) http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/television/news/e3i122eef64e5ea3297f78e5583997af4cd
Great! Now in August 2009, dump same boyfriend: http://hollywoodheadaches.pmpblogs.com/uncategorized-chelsea-handler-dumps-boyfriend-comcast-exec-tedharbert/
Then make fun of him when safely at a distance, 2010: http://www.popeater.com/2010/05/17/chelsea-handler-comedy-show/
"If Chelsea Handler's ex, Comcast head honcho Ted Harbert, is harboring any doubts that their breakup won't stick, he should go see her one-woman show, 'Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang.' Chelsea certainly isn't drowning her sorrows in her Belvedere.
...Chelsea dedicated about a quarter of her show to mocking Harbert and his neuroses. She told one story about a vacation the pair took, during which Harbert kept running to the bathroom because of the stomach flu and she smeared a piece of chocolate cake on his seat to make him think he went to the bathroom on it. "I would f*** with him all the time because he'd believe it," Chelsea laughed."

Some fun facts about COMCAST: http://forums.anandtech.com/archive/index.php/t-2077875.html

Now this article PROVES that the experiences that TI's go through with tech, especially bad during Bush DOES EXIST!! :http://griid.org/2010/07/01/corruption-road-%E2%80%93-a-new-resource-to-monitor-how-big-media-influences-washington-politics/
"In 2007, Comcast was caught blocking legal file-sharing applications by secretly disconnecting Internet users without explanation. After getting caught, the cable giant tried to block public debate at a hearing on the matter by paying people to fill seats — closing the venue to concerned citizens. The FCC approved a bipartisan order forcing Comcast to stop its secret blocking, but Comcast successfully appealed the order, arguing in court that the FCC didn’t have the authority to protect Internet users."

And even more fun facts:

"Comcast uses technology from CIA-backed CallMiner to mine data from every recorded customer service call in its Midwest call center."


Dont send me comments calling Handler a CIA plant or some other bs, as this is what makes conspiracy blogs run as well as the dis info agents work alot easier. There is and has been all along a paper trail or at least showing cause that there is something very corrupt in place as well as the potential to harass, mob and disrupt targeted persons or groups.

So much for our paranoia.
Hey wait! This HAS been an informative and responsible post!

Handler still annoys me. Any woman that rips on other struggling females without personal vendetta or just cause is a traitor and a daddy's girl. It also illustrates just how untalented she really is by having to resort to low blows.
One should never go for the throat without vendetta...unless of course its business.