“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Emotional Opportunists

These are people who know we are on society's bad side but dont grasp why we are. Either that or they are self concerned and simply want to take advantage of the situation so they keep silent about it and just take advantage- in this way they are perps as they know the true reason for the TI being harassed or people believing the cover story and having a bad opinion of the Target, and they mess with the person not revealing the true motive for thier situation. They join in on the mobbing at the covert story level without revealing if they know more.

Many people are also jealous that the target would be that focused on by such a system where there is alot of money or resources being used against the person or they dont want to give the TI credit for actually being smart enough to figure out the whole story at higher levels or actually being invlolved in something like that.

These people are extremely insecure and usually want something from the TI and if they dont get everything they want they turn on the person or perhaps they find out about thier status and figure they can can get more from the mob opposted to the victim.

Its hard to tell how this works or if people are smart enough to understand anything beyond a cover story or if they are actually joining perp groups or if they are just joining 'the mob' on a cover story level.

Such a person has been messing up my squat and my status among the locals. And he is suspect due to squatting with hims in Berkelely CA, and he seeming to be in on at least the cover story. He was aggressive and annoying then in order to try to get me to be intimate with him.
I avoided him then and left Berkely forgetting about him.]

He arrived at this squat recently about 2 weeks ago. I greeted him, he said he stopped drinking and was aware how he treated me back in Berkeley.
He clung to me and whined about always 'wanting to go with' everywhere. Saying he didnt trust the local oogle kids. I shared everything I had with him. Every time I went to the college to work on my material or research he whined to leave the computer with him. He was just being clever and getting as much out of me as he could. The squat got ruined soon after he arrived by tents getting slashed and so he whined to come inside my tent becuz of mosquitos. But he started getting insulting by being harassing about my boyfriend, my writing and being very sexist, all along whining about the girl who originally squatted here being a person who should get a place to live as she has a job. This moron does nothing, has no job and no goals. Everyone was an 'oogle' if they didnt appease him or live up to bad ass train rider standards or traveling standards. I was being harassed here at the squat so I felt stuck with him for protection and that is exactly what this system does. You have to hang out with people that you usually would not want to due to them being your only companionship. And due to a Target's situation its usually an opportunist.

Its true that he was a material opportunist but its status and emotional abuse that he wanted. He was actually becoming like an abusive boyfriend or trying to be. He drove me to start fighting back and raising my stress levels. Then one day some train rider friends of his showed up and he ran off with them like a kid running away from mommy. He then turned on me, rubbed it in that he was off with other people and then became more abusive on a regular basis.

His train rider friends found other stuff to do and one of them has become disgusted with how he talks to me. He also told me multiple stories about this guy being really stupid in the way he conducts himself as well as catching beatings for this bs. So this guy is picking on me becuz I am a girl who cant beat him up?

Also he now has become the best friend of everone of the kids he ranked on constantly calling them 'oogles'. He now gets places to stay all the time with 'housies' and seems to have money and is back to drinking. I suppose drinking even with his ulcers is a way of bonding with these kids.

He is very disresoectful to me every time he is around as if I am his personal bitch and its obviously his way of still having some control over me and seperating me from the locals. People always were a bit weird with me but I ignore the locals as all they must be hearing from other local sources that are on the side of my enemies and old associates is nothing but bad stuff. I am sure that with this crowd the adult entertainment thing is all they need to hear to start judging. Remember the young kids today were conditioned to be very conservative and often young people are that way to begin with, so you have a population of people who will live as hobos but perhaps rejec many other alternative lifestyels- I see this more with people are not hardcore travelers.

I never judge why people are houseless or why they live thier lives the way they do. Its petty and its none of my business. The problem with the homeless, sqatter or traveling scene is that no one really asks why anyone else is out here. Good for a TI's privacy, very bad for their detractors who can then fill in the blanks for everyone and get them mobbed or at least judged so people dont consort with the person.

Its not like I go around talking about my situaion, so if there is anything to be known its from someone who reads these blogs, which means that they are either willfully ignoroant due to agreeing with corrupt authority locally or otherwise or they are 'in on it' for any number of motives. Once you become aware of a story like this, the way YOU the non TI handle your response to it puts a judgement on YOU and where you stand. This is the most fun of writing an expose. People can no longer take advantge of blind spots and info gaps or black outs to have thier fun torturing or lording it over the person.

I had two younger girls here the other night drunk and one of them was really mean in her tone when she stated: "As for conspiracy theories, thats right there are none" and it was said out of nowhere faintly directed at me. I then showed her what its like to be 40 and not 22. Just by speaking a few words. Her and her little friend backed off. But for a TI to have to fight actualy organized stalking that is a psychological warfare campaign by pro's as well as local's in on mobbing the TI for whatever motive with whatever level of understanding of whats going on is extremely stressful.

Johnny, that jerk who turned on me has made my trip here very stressful and I am now isolated and unhappy with how I feel or feel I am percieved and treated. People do NOT want to deal with the reality of torture in the USA. Even if I was an actual former Gitmo prisoner and could prove everything I claim, alot of the public would still reject the idea of it being real or accept me. No on in this isolated, insular Disneyland wants their good time ruined with a bit of social responsibility or self governance. They like being slaves to a system that provides them with a good life of self indulgence as long a they play ignorant or Willfully go along with the system and its various corruption.

And they also like to tear into the person with their own little digs to feel the power of the group keeping this person down even though they may not be in contace with the organized groups or smear people who start and manage these campaigs. This is where the psych warfare people take full advantage of human nature. Its like getting free labor and if you know anything about the people behind these gang stalking campaigns as well as mind control slavery/whtie slavery- they are very keen on the idea of free slave labor.

This kid makes me so angry that I want to hit him its that bad, but it may be baiting to get me to react and get arrested so I just tell him off and tell him he cant do what he's doing. Of course he's clever becuz that makes me look even more diffucult or agro in a scene that is very against drama queens (thankfully) as well as bickering- especially the traveling kids. The train riders are more aggressive but still dont want to here constant bickering.

He is now a social butterfly with all the travelers and locals. And this is not good enough for him, he at the same time has to constantly bad mouth me and disprespect me in front of everyone. Its really bad. He has created a mob situation even though those kids are probably not into harassing me. Its like a ghost mob or a proxy mob- the dynamic is that he excludes me exclusively and constantly while including himself into the group at large.
I feel like I am dealing with a guard dog who barks at me to keep me in line all the time or keep me out as he consorts with all other people around me. Its obviously the only way to control me.

He used excuses due to him believing he is smarter than me like he likes me so he's giving me a hard time. Its bullshit as he is not teasing he is abusing outright. The things he says he not only doesnt say to anyone else its things he should not be able to say to anyone else.

Its obvious that he knows something about the cover story and its sex related so being in America a male like him can use that against a person.

I didnt really hang out with anyone anyway due to working on my project but I should be able to have a pleasant time in the squat as well as around other squatters and travelers. He should not be able to do this in my own hometown as he's from a suburb outside of Boston. Way outside.

Interestingly he was very into the idea of just using this as a pit stop before getting back to his mommy's house where he stays and his brother gives him work when he's in town. Nice life huh? A family and some work to do. Some of us dont have that in this world.

The guy is obviously an asshole but he takes it way to far. The abuse is almost severe as far as it being emotional and mental. Lots of sexist comments that are slung around in regular conversation and always in front of other people.

When a TI is under this much stress for this long as well as being destroyed to this extent, when they are suicidal alot and have a permanent feeling of not being able to defend themselves its very damaging for opportunists like this to re arrange the social structure to their advantage.

He is probably working off of a very common smear that is popular in Boston with mne and it comes from my ex exploiting our 'kinky' sex life which due to both of our pasts we engaged in many fantasies of control and domination. I speak of my musicain ex not that abusive jerk Scott. We were both smart and creative enough to naturally fall into such role play and games, but there was always trust and consent. That is something that American's or American men either dont want to understand or are incapable of understanding. Free Will is what is most important in life, especially factoring into the way one conducts one's life. People are often trying to work through issues buried in thier psych's that dont reveal themselves until later in life. The smear people exploit material like this to the fullest in a campaign, taking advantage of America's inhernet John Wayn,knuckle dragging male mentality and puritanical views on sex.

If a male like this gets wind of such a story its seen as an opportunity to them for either getting easy sex and suport off a female Target or if that doesnt work then its easy for them to get power by moving to the side of the oppressor who is most likely using such info about a female TI to the hilt to gain control and power.

There was much of 'she must like it' bs going on around the start of the heavy harassment. Also I caught an interview where Jake was stating "I'm not into that kind of sex, I am really not", which is more blame game, just like putting into his NA step book that I got him into cocaine and other childish bs.
Lou Gheppeti tried to get me hip to the games by telling me that "Your from the street so your suspect to begin with". He was trying to tell me that the campaign against me to get Jake out of looking bad and focus on me for blame was partially based on using my social status against me.

ALL thsi just to hide what is really going on. THey can say whatever they want. There was a federal investigation - real players did NOT go down. All the people with criminal activity went on with thier lives and I was targeted into half insanity and being destitute. That is not justice, that is responding to the corrupt authority targeting and smearing a person as a veiled threat for the public to go along with whatever their plot consists of, and if it consists of framing up or targeting or abusine an innocent woman who has not the money or resources to protect herself and using her as a diversion away from true justice in a court of law then that is what people will do. No one wants to happen to them what happened to me. We live in a country full of bloated, overfed cowards who cant say no to the drug dealer of psych meds, gadgets, money and material things that keep them content- and in denial.
Which is why TI's should walk around like nothing is wrong or that they dont respect society. Look what they do to people instead of using the justice system. F*ck society. Give them as little respect as they have given you in destroying your life.

The most frequent opportunist I run into problems with is an insecure and unpopular abuser who tries to utlize me to gain acceptance if they cannot get what they want from me. When people see that your family has done that to you for years they naturally think that you will take that behavior as its what you are used to or 'trained' for. This is again an indication that America toleraates slavery readily. And engages in it if they feel there are no consequences.
Its easy to understand that a programmed person did not know any better until they woke up and began to grow, but due to most people being ignorant of this fact or refusing to believe it, they try to enslave the person as their familites or circumstances once did.

This is NOT the land of hte free. Its not free for blacks, or other minorities, for women, animals or anything else the oppressor feels they can enslave. Men are the most annoying in my circumstances but its anyone who wants to control or rule over somone. People cant gain protection or thier freedom if thier true circumstances are not officially recognized.

This underground industry of slavery of human beings mostly starting when they are children and working intergenerationally is very abusive and there isnt alot of assistance overtly as no one acknowlegdes their existence- also they seem to have a complex and organized system to protect them and silence victim witnesses.

No one wants to admit that this system is connected to people in powerful positions to support thier vices and other needs. So no one messes with it and its victims are left terrorized, slaughtered and beaten out of any chance to be somebody. When opportunists see that the victim is so held from freedom or justice they think its payday or they have hit a very easy opportunity.

If you defend yourself they use it further or the authorities will put you away for acting out.

Really I just wonder about this kid. He seems to be working on stressing me out and destablzing my mental state, which is more akin to a perp than just someone annoying. I mean he is really into it.
I dont want to say but one day I got a bit of a warning about him and I just didnt want to believe it. You wonder, like how many of the people you meet like this arent really working for someone, like narcs would. Dressing and acting the part..

His trainrider friend claims he's just stupid and does stupid things. However, a young kid the other day told me he was immediately asking questions about a hard drug connection upon hearing about it, asking about where he hangs out and such- the kid got spooked. His buddy keeps saying he's "just stupid" about things but 2 + 2 is starting to emerge. It might be he thinks that the more info he has the more opportunity to engraciate himself to kids if a connection is needed.

Personally I think its time for him to get home to his damn mother. I'm busy and he is in my way...its does not usually bode well to be in the way of the book. My book is all.