“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, July 31, 2010

another incident that only validates why I come back to the northeast once a year for a month

once again Cambridge MA blacks win the award for some of the most consistently rude and obnoxious people in the USA even when they have money and jobs, nice clothes and decent education.

Galleria Mall Cambridge MA. Two skinny black girls came into the aisle of the restroom, I was standing next to my gear ready to load up and go. They came over, looked at my backpack and posessions, laughed and one put her hand over her mouth in the typical body language to:
-be overdramatic
-make a big deal about themselves
-make what they are goofing on seem very important all around when really no one but them finds it funny or gives a sh*t.
She said to her friend "I had a long day at work, I'm entitled then right?" So your idea of fun after work is looking at a traveling backpacker's gear on the floor in a restroom? I love this generation dont you? Must have been something in all that Ridalin.
I tried to follow them out as I dont put up with bs in my hometown anymore and have learned how to deal quite well with all the demographics in this pathetic geographical location. Yankees are fairly easy compared to some other places I have been. I know that now. Mostly they are just spoiled rotten compared to the rest of the USA anyway. The greatest revenge is knowing they are trapped like stone statues within the cold hard structure that IS Boston's status and class system. And if you never leave, you'll believe it and actually internalize everything it makes you out to be...which I have discovered it only relative to the culture and location one is in. In other words- on earth you might weigh 150 lbs but on the moon you are weightless. There ARE other realities other than Boston. Just leave to shed this bullsh*t con job of a city..leave and dont internalize it ever again.

I was going to simply ask them what was so funny in there? But I didnt see what direction they went out into the mall, since they all looked alike anyway. Its just here in this area...literally I have few places where that cliche rings true but it does in this location for some reason. All of them in this mall have nice clothes, flashy but very Timberland mixed in, both boys and girls are tall, very dark brown tone and thinner than your average African American built. I saw no light skinned blacks or any of the variations one usually sees in any ethnic group. It was rather odd how much they all looked like from some similar ancestry.

They must have ok homes and educations becuz they aren't ghetto, just retain the ignorance of you average Cambridge/Boston young black-which is a young black person who has never had to deal with the SH*T we dealt with from the oppressive white rich WASP *ssholes in Boston keeping us down and basically sweeping blacks and white trash under the rug in the 70's. The sentiment was 'this concrete and fences are your cradle and they are going to be your grave- you are NEVER getting out.' They dont do that anymore. But I am getting damn sick of being targeted by blacks, especially very young blacks. For them to have absolutley no respect for me coming out of an environment that they should be familiar with is disgusting to me. However, they seem to retain the ignorance of that culture and it only seems more arrogant the more middle class they get.
Thats my point. This crowd here seems horribly middle class which is why they have the audacity to judge someone that has dealt with a situation that most people never have to deal with. If they were wealthy I believe they would handle it differently. I would rather deal with the most f*cked up blacks in the street anyday than people like this who are now feeling quite 'better than' everyone else.

It must piss them off that they all seem to be skinny as rails with long legs as thier men cant stop looking at me. At 39, I am especially thick and shapely now. With bone structure that no plastic surgeon could provide the richest woman in the world. You cant buy the natural beauty that I possessed, so the next best thing is to destroy me and keep me down.
The other day at the beach near Southie (?WTF) some smart ass young black girls (again, scrawny) who caught thier boy looking at me stated "Thats not a woman, that's a beast". You think that bothers me you arrogant Yankee black bitch? First of all I am a f*ckin beast so dont make me go off on your skinny ass and prove what I am capable of...at this age theres no patience for the drama of fighting- just winning by any means necessary. Secondly, I often leave this pathetic place to go places where your bullshit is not only NOT tolerated like it is up here, blacks like you simply dont exist. Places like Jackson MI, Nashville TN, Oregon, Idaho..on and on. If you leave Boston or Cambridge you better watch yo ass..and you know it too.
And third I am proud of my DNA providing me with such a constitution that I am now bigger than I ever would have been had I not had to push my physical limits in my mid 30's. You see a beast...men dont. Yer an idiot is the end of that equation, dumbass.
The crap these assholes dish out here doesnt even bother me anymore. I know I can just call friends with names like Bubba from places like W Virginia, TN, TX who will immediately remind me that there exists in our country still, places where poor whites dont have to be squeezed to death between affluent WASPs and blacks. Left to the dogs by WASPs when you are no longer of use to them, they put you out to the trash and expect you to assimulate into a foriegn culture. Since I am not Italian enough or Irish enough from Southie, or Jewish from Brookline or Newton, or a WASP who fits into dowtown or BU blacks here have always felt I was fair game. I dont have what they consider an ethic tribe or belong to a neighborhood.
Especially in Cambridge, where they are out to prove they can take over the world with that city as one of their main locations to work thier little master plan from. Well...as long as they stay in the area I assume. I dont think where Bubba lives they tolerate delusions of taking over the world.

This country is for everyone to enjoy not to be influltred and taken over by some other group of people like many other groups in the past with thier ass on fire to prove how superior they are. And picking on me only validates your total assholedom not proves how badass you are. Its pathetic. Geesh, during the insanity to get Obama elected local blacks made it seem like alot of thier gang stalking and other activity was directly related to getting that man into office..maybe that was just locally. Or maybe that was just them enjoying destroying me while swimming in the pride of Obama getting in while watching Oprah on the big screen tv at Pine St she supposedly bought for them...and of course this is due to the fact that if they left Cambridge or Boston, they wouldnt have sh*t nor be allowed to lord it over anyone, nor mainline black pride up their arms like junkies. Its such a reactionary position they hold here- directly in relation to the WASPs and other factions that hold dominion over key resources and positions. Destroying the likes of me was like giving them a little treat to feast on...to feel the luxury of power like the white man must feel.

My ancestors are all third wavers which means if you actually read a history book you'd know Idont owe you sh*t, but of course like good houseslaves (see Malcolm X for reference on the term) you are working for the very people who held your ancestors as slaves. Very good. As long as you get what you want and need who cares about principles right? Kinda like turning in your prisoners of war in West Africa over to white men in ships for slavery.
PC goes out the window in cases of covert warfare. I dont have to be polite or considerate to anyone or any group, and I believe I carry myself pretty well considering what I have been through. According to statistics I should have gone postal by now...and if I decide to I will make sure its somewhere in Central Sq or this mall during summer when all these brats are out and about being good little consumers. How does that sound assholes??

Only in the northeast city of Boston or Cambridge would urban people think a traveling person was odd or unusual to look at. They never frickin dare leave the comfort of this place so they dont know what the hell they are looking at. And I hope they dont think they 'know me' from years ago or someone telling them about me and my situation becuz that demographic was always a bit lost in what was really going on. MK Ultra is a bit off the beaten path of your typical 'ho' who is a 'sucka' within the boring typical crime scene bs of so many cover stories. They would believe that too...it validates their existence where as MK Ultra confuses them. So lets reject what we dont understand..simple I guess.

In case they are mistaken let me clarify for them: I dont live here anymore, I treat this place like any other city I pass through and Boston has no hold on me anymore. I am a traveler as I always was at heart. I am not like my stupid aunt you think you know through that ghetto bitch Honey or my stupid mother...I am not like my mother's family at all who they for some reason also think they have some juristiction over. I am ME. I am not Danny, or his mother, I am not my mother nor Debbie my aunt. I am a totally independant creation of 23 chromosomes from each parent and lots of life experience dealing with wealthy people for most of my 20's that make most assholes who think they can diss me, look simple. I KNOW who the f*ck I am...and its not some local b*tch you can rag on.
It looks as if the help dont know their place in this mall..what is society coming to?
I also have too many friends from areas of the country that are quite unlike this living Hell of racism and classism, that only validate my human value..not treat me like a white trash doormat for rich WASPs and thier house servants. Go to hell. You live in Boston...you are already there. If you really think yer that badass then try to do what I do. Carry a 60 lb back pack almost everyday with that bony black ass girlfriend...not happening is it? And there are no men around to sugar talk (which you brought up here from down south with your ancestors,along with other annoying non YANKEE ways) to con into carrying your bags for you dear...this is roughing it in the woods alot of the time or sleeping outside like our primitive nomadic ancenstors did..at least mine anyway. Also, good luck finding many people who express urban culture on the road in the USA either. I have found more Native American and Nordic ancestry- mixed ethnic light brown people and blondes,out here more than any others among most of the traveling population..dont know why that is, but none of them are going to put up with your rude bs. And also people hit the road to get away from crap like heirachies and rat races..so if you act stupid or upset the peace or balance, the hobos can become very lawless and violent at any time.. and its not like there are nice police men around the corner like here ready to protect you. Your on your own alot on the road so you BETTER get some MANNERS and learn how to act.
No one who is a traveler likes narrow minded assh*les from the suburbs of an inner city. For the record I am speaking about Cambridge and Boston but not the ghetto's of Boston. If I was in Roxbury those two would be tending to minding thier own business actually. No one has time or can afford to risk thier safety in REAL ghettos. But here it seems that they can play with power as society affords them status here, which of course they turn right around and act as ignorant and arrogant and whites with...good show guys, keep it up. You'll be destroying the environment and enslaving entire third world nations just like the white man if you keep it up! Good luck on your rise to power. Which is why whites like me have become leary of trusting blacks within class wars. Fine with me..I am of European ancestry--we gain and lose allies all the time historically, as well as have a wonderful habit of going nomadic to survive bad conditions in the homeland. I know I am doing excactly what my dna strands tell me to do.
Also for the record to anyone who is offended by this: If It Dont Apply Let It Fly.
Ya know whats really odd? All the clusters of African American young people that were here when I started this post all over the dining area and walking by in the halls are gone. There are a few tables of blacks but they are mixed in and it seems more random and normal. Those kids are probably home doing thier homework so they can get into good colleges..to take over the world of course. But when stuff like that happens, patterns emerge, after years of being messed with and terrorized you start to be suspect of ANY harassment that occurs during the presence of any patterns...which of course make you look nuts. Which is what this system wants.

Its hard enough to be in the location where my own family betrayed me and my friends and associates. I am very sensitive here..very wounded still. I dont need little kids messing with me. I really wanted to take her by her scrawny neck and wring it good. But of course this generation only knows anger management and suing people instead of settling things the old fashoined way- they have learned the first and biggest lesson of successful white oppressors: hide.

I can only condone myself with thoughts of returning to Nashville TN or TX. Even San Diego, where no one is a snob except the rich white YUPpies who have lots of money but lack culture- but like most of CA dont really give a sh*t about the world outside of SO CAL. These are the culturual drawbacks to any Yankee area but ESPECIALLY Cambridge. I dont like any of them knowing my situation though, it really bothers me that a people who really dont understand my culture get to be informed and judge or mess with me. That is probably some of the worst terrorism I have experienced. The ignorance inherent in culture wars especially with race involved, and specifically in Yankee areas. They dont know anything about my kind of 'white people' just like I dont claim to be arrogant enough to know all of details or variances of their culture. In order to get power from someone in my position it pays off to remain ignorant. Remember in terrorist activity and war the enemy MUST be dehumanized and remain that way.