“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, October 12, 2015

It Has Become Impossible To Continue Unless I Adapt To The New Post ObamaNation

The past year or two has been extremely difficult to stay focused and write coherently or even to stay on subject.

Ive had my support system destroyed, my home as it were and unable to use the same resources all in a very short amount of time. I stopped napping and resting. Even places to sleep got disturbed with the new admin in Cambridge. Sitting down for very long became something I didnt get to do.

I was used to resting-alot. And having a certain routine in which to get things done.

This combined with the effects of staying on the west coast too long being exposed to Fukushima radiation fallout made me age rapidly. As well as loose my grip on what I had built up over many years time since first being targeted.

Its seemed like a purposeful plan by the aggressors in the psy ops game of gang stalking and after OCCUPY to totally destroy any and all threats to the system present in the homeless scenes or traveling culture.

Places that had been called home got disturbed beyond repair as waves of suspect destructive homeless people descended on once peaceful scenes in key cities like Austin TX, Harvard Sq Cambridge MA, Berkeley, CA, Albuquerque NM, Tempe, AZ even Boston which wasn't political or bohemian became a target zone as well as small cities.

Of course never expecting the home I had reinvented after I was rippped from my old life to be taken from me, I handled this operation worst out of all the situations Id been through.
The closing of the Womens Center and the cutting of MIT library hours to two a day at the same time added to the sense of my home base being destroyed.

Then the gang stalking increased to  a much higher frequency. Then after the new admin took over Cambridge and they seemed to unleash on the area tech and psy ops never before used, I finally reacted and acted out getting arrested for something totally out of character...before Obamas second term anyway.

After that the stalkinng and harassment increased in frequency and the sheer numbers of people who seemed to know who I was increased to a level I had never seen before in any term of any prior administration.

I also may have contracted a tropical disease from a Chinese young woman at the Womens Center before it closed and this condition could make a person mentally ill through medical illness from the disease. I seem to have become much like her and also have similar symptoms.
Ive always been suspect that she was allowed to be there to either have people contract the disease as part of an experiment or that once people did contract it due to legal issues like liability health codes etc thats when they closed the place down by creating circumstances in which they knew chaos would ensue and they could then use this to change the Center and its functions and the demographics it served.

Activists like myself seemingly after the OCCUPY experiment or perhaps it was just a smoke out op to see who and what was in the homeless scene-have been targeted basically for total eradication and that includes the sub cultures we lived in that were part of homelessness that were political, outsider arts, alternative and included travelers.

Its astonishing to me that street scenes have been altered  by authorities in outrageous ways that now support formerly colorful cities now supporting only the most pathetic and useless homeless people imaginable. AND many of these are in full knowledge of whats going on becuz they may be drinking themselves to death or messed up on drugs and/or seem incoherent by eay of mental illness but they can STILL perform tactical gesturing! How is that happening?!

I can understand drug dealers getting busted or other offenses and having to become informants...but the drunks and nutcases?

But Ive seen this before and Ive posted about it.  In homeless shelters like Pine Street Inn years ago when this first started and the poor lost souls they use in their ops that clearly have been beaten down with their most viscous dangerous tactics and now suffer brain damage and even physical damage-methods of terror through which they control their victims.

It just never was a part of  the special protected places. It was part of places where humanity no longer lived. Where the horrors of black ghetto culture festered and stayed. Streets where no one cared and where no art or bohemia or political thought other than an institutionalized existence existed.

But it seems logical to assume that someone observed mostly through OCCUPY or that OCCUPY was an answer to the  unrest growing in this country that these scenes seemed to host a population of mid to high functioning bright people who were capable of contributing to a political movement or one that might cause change in the lowest classes if there were camps set up, food and a common sense of purpose as well as the same feeling that exists in the Traveler culture of tribal acceptance.

From this vantage point its seemed to me that there had been some sort of terrorism assessment concerning the homeless populations of the US and just how much potential and energy exists in Americas forgotten places.

The events and policies of the last few years seem to have been the powers that be solution to their terrorist threat assessment of our underworld.

That anyone smart, politically minded or not able to be busted must be wiped out. That all the politically alligned scenes must be infiltrated (Anarchists, punk houses)  or controlled by involvement in drugs.

And that any and all resources being utilized by anyone as such be destroyed, limited and the only homeless allowed or favored be the most useless, controllable, unsavory or intellectually deficient possible.

Focus on getting people housed knowing that targeted dissidents cannot live inside safely in the United States or abroad (potentially).

Make the homelesss culture so chaotic and unsavory that communities become overloaded and disgusted with 'homeless people' en masse.

And it shouldnt surprise me that this was done with very little notice from the public due to this being a subculture they know very little about other than the disinformation and perception management provided by authorities, the non profits and homeless industry.

Its been very difficult to go on. Ive been left basically alone with very few allies. The ones I have are questionable...probably making things worse actually.

But the public seem to do what is typical and abandon or turn against someone when it gets very rough-even impossible.

Thats the difference between us and them. They still live in denial about the nature of the reality they live in. They dont see clearly the compromises they make to survive or get something done at any cost.

Myself and others like me dont rationalize nor try to make ourselves seem acceptable nor legitimized. We accept the steps to be taken arent always what we would prefer in order to get the desired end result.

People stating they cant stand me now but years ago felt bad about my situation illustrates the out of touch denial citizens of this country still exist in. Unless of course this was simply another psychological tactic to demotivate.

Its not my job to care what people think of me personally. It never has been. And if you are ignorant enough to believe this is a part of the world Im forced to live in then you arent part of my target audience anyway.

And how did common average stupid people get in on sensitive intelligence operations anyway?

It may be the returning military personnel who've served just long enough to be brainwashed and loyal but not long enough to understand the realities of life are being put to work in society in such capacity.

It could also be this is the nightmare of Obama's 'civilian security force' that he mentioned briefly and no one took seriously.

Perhaps black ops companies have expanded or these contractors via military personel who are in gangs are working some system together.

Whatever the case its almost impossible to function now as an activist out here.  The country is no longer free and if you dont have money bohemian lifestyles cannot exist as they did and anyone political doing work against the system is in grave danger.

Mobs and gangs now rule the United States. So how is the real threat from foreign terrorism?

From what Ive seen over these years they are all tied in together. Its one big scam-with intelligence operatives and gang members/authorities at the center of it all surrounded by ignorant oblivious citizens- YUPpies and Hipsters...or compliant ones.