“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mustaine And Megadeth Endorsed A Homophobic Catholic Republican Presidential Candidate??? Seriously?


Can we please get musicians and their bands OUT OF POLITICS?? They are wayyyy too artful at deception...either that or easily manipulated.

What the hell is wrong with homosexuals when it comes to Christians anyway? Deep Southerners are the biggest hornpouts in the USA to begin with-they just keep it behind closed doors. Gimme a frickin break.

Being from Boston, the idea of a Republican Catholic is creepy anyway.

I wish Republicans were the bit more reasonable, sane breed they were when I was a toddler-before Reagan I suppose. Ford wasn't great...but he wasn't this bad either. Ok..he had HW BUSH around him and all the madmen who would be a part of the horrors of the GW BUSH administration but Ford himself did some halfway decent things and I believe cared more about the scores of his favorite sports team's games at any given moment than who the f*ck any of us were having relations with. Ok ok..there's the FBI informant thing. Hell I dont think anyone gets into the US presidency without being bought or corrupt or working for special interests.

Religion shouldn't be one of them.

Politicians used to focus on business and minding the store. The crazier stuff like black projects, secret wars etc were the things of conspiracy theory until years later it could be made public-some of it never will be.

It goes to show that politicians are now concerned with psy ops, brain washing and mass minr control -still on behalf of special interests.

Its very manipulative to have potential people in power be of a belief system that scares people and makes them feel their civil liberties and freedoms as American citizens will be lost.

In this way by participating in such action, the band is still 'Satanic' if you will. Deception, manipulation, the hypnosis involved in mind control has many forms.

I don't trust Mustaine. He was raised Mormon and is by genetics of Jewish descent partly.
There are many LDS church ritual abuse Survivors many of them now Targeted Individuals.
He may be very easily influenced.

He's too rich, too famous and too close to the system to be trusted. All those celebrities are.
This is also another example of the elite wanting to create new version of the fuedal system-celebrities, our modern version of living gods-get to influence our decisions on politics and who the people choose as their leader.

The people should choose their leaders and no, its not that the public are incapable. Its that they don't want the public understanding how corrupt the system is or what exactly it takes for this country to run.

The last election was simply freaking everybody out so Obama would look like the sanest choice anyway.

I love these mock, faux little bitch battles that Obama has with Mustaine-he insulting him about not recording all of his own guitar tracks or writing songs or something like that and Mustaine claiming Obama orders false flag ops etc, all the while using the word "faction" five million frickin times an interview to make fun of the fact i used that word to death becuz the brain damage has robbed me of my once rich vocabulary-and of course as a mirroring tactic.

The candidates claiming to be metalheads in the last election is also a way of co opting, stealing and mirroring much of my generation's style of activism.

I was told once by a helpful perp that the system was deathly afraid of me becuz I had a militant streak in me, especially connected to my taste in music that 'could rally the troops' and become revolutionary. It seems I scared some people, obviously enough to get me targeted and beat down to the well behaved lobotomy patient i behave like today.
Two days ago one of the dykes in the women's place I stay told me I was "harmless". She then added I was gentle with people which is what she meant and it was kind of nice she said.

New Englanders are gentle, of course. To hide what's underneath. No need to be overtly nasty, becuz in Boston, the politics or the community will get you one day anyway. Unless you stay tightly connected to just the right people, sell your soul and go along with whatever horror show they are pulling off to do 'business' and be willing to be so greedy you'd turn on your own mother for the system.

Im gentle the way the old Mafia guys in suits were good to little kids...becuz they know that's the only innocence left in the world my mother used to say.

These constant media psy ops result in a major TI beat down over time. They will get you believing you've lost and that you are indeed, harmless. That its over and any further fighting is in vain, when the opposite is quite true. Only now is the public so much more recpetive to TI activism, since so many have become activists and people now can sort of make out how the system works and how its set up. It was always in place but they've gotten really overt, greedy and ambitious since Reagan.

Now we just have to stop infighting and paying attention to intelligence fronts and disinfo agents. They are more deadly to the message than outright enemies. Which is why they are getting so many celebs lately to go on talk shows and speak about Illuminati conspiracy theory.