“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Noise Campaign In Sleep Spot/Complacency In Homeless

There might be noise campaigns present now that i sleep in a predictable place.

Last night was very loud with even cop cars making noise. Then again I usually dont stay downtown on a Saturday night.

It could have been a noise campaign against the entire tent city encampment which I am sure is full of other Targets and also some citizens don't want here.
People stopped in front last night and sang loudly in groups etc.

Then this morning Im sure I heard the lids to the recycle bins being slammed repeatedly in my sleep. The lady next to me coughed and I awoke, said "eh!" Like cover your mouth.
After my voice was heard the slamming of the lids stopped so.that makes me suspect about other noise present.

Ive become so depressed that I haven't been able to go to another area of the city. Im also experiencing becoming physically weakened which definitely means I need to get away from downtown, obviously its unhealthy.

I know it is becuz when i had this ongoing cold it was very hard to get rid of here. My cough was terrible and I couldn't breathe. Upon my getting away from downtown my cough would improve greatly with no breathing issues.

There are some factories down here that are an issue everyone knows about but doesnt want to deal with the reality of them effecting their health.

The point of a noise campaign is to make every new place the TI goes just like the last place.

I was ok with fighting off everything mentally just a few days ago and now its become impossible. It may have alot to do with the new women's shelter being depressing (and producing a mysterious wifi signal that no.staff utilizes) compared to the old place.

They dont have their kitchen running yet and the women are without food. Yet the newspaper ran a story about how great the new building is. The women can no longer go into the kitchen and.keep their own food. Women have a deep association with the hearth and fire that has provided food for families and tribes for millennia. Keeping women from a kitchen is a way of controlling them. I suspect they want to ensure the place isnt too great for them in the beginning as a means of control.

Things like this is why the homeless shelter system in America needs to change drastically. The system ensures anyone like myself who could change things and sees problems and injustices becomes incapable of doing so.

This location makes me obsessed with the idea that I can't change anything with my book or activism. It makes me focus on how small and insignificant my life and work is compared to the population INSTEAD OF MY USUAL DRIVES WHICH ARE TO ONLY PLEASE MYSELF AND TO PRODUCE WORK ONLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED.

Of course this isnt happening today becuz its Sunday.
I wasn't over eating before either but of course now with the harassment campaign in place now and strong remote influence in downtown my nerves need soothing.

I also notice that the second I ran out of money and had to fly a sign it got intensified. Around the country the system wants to condition people that having money equals more comfortable conditions-as opposed to spiritual happiness from doing something you enjoy doing and going broke being part of that process.

I dnt know why I was willed here becuz rhis location is doing damage.

I keep getting harassing ideations while downtown that I SHOULD GO BACK ON THE ROAD TRAVELING AND HITCHING TRUCK RIDES as being on the highway in big rigs is where I am happiest and its the only place the e-harassment doesnt effect me.

Also I keep getting INDUCED VISIONS OF BERKELEY, CA. THAT I SHOULD GO BACK THERE AND I WAS HAPPIER THERE. Also that the weather was better there.

Days before this i was getting constant harassment to go to Boston. Go 'home'.

Boston has become completely insane. They got their Homeland funding cut and then bombs go off at the Marathon. Ive dealt with harassment there long enough to know that the covert ops presence there is ridiculous. That city and Cambridge is completely controlled by tech and covert ops. The idea that they wpuldnt have known about a bomb plot is a joke.

Berkeley, CA is nightmare becuz of COINTELPRO coming from Oakland involving African Americans as well as the state college-which is only 16% public now. Its also way too hot during the day compared to being from Boston.

Being on the road hitching trucks is tiring, dangerous and something one does to get around not live. Also if a trucker has satellite radio or a company satellite tracking sysyem then a Target WILL have to deal with e-harassment.
And I've calculated that your chances of a crash increase the more time you spend on the highway in a moving big rig truck with differing drivers. When a big rig crashes, its pretty much a disaster compared to a car having a crash.

No fuckin way Ive worked this hard to either die that way or return to places I know the conditions are fucked.

They are taking advantage of my weakening health. Which got this bad after being in Boston during both the Japanese nuclear spill and some local ones in New England that weren't as publicized. THATS when I lost my youthful energy.

The system knows that people living outside are going to be exposed to these things moreso.

Everything thats happened is part of a huge plan to wipe out certain kinds of people and create a NWO.

The only thing I hate about this place is how the system insists on making me severely depressed as well as the complacency of the homeless population. Its got things I need here and I am not leaving-just to return to a different kind of prison in another location.

It doesn't matter where a Target goes. Its going to be a prison. There is nothing one can do about it except try to stick to prime directive.

Notice how the harassment has been based on things i write in this blog about my likes, dislikes and preferences. Not enough people read it to make a major difference in society but the psy ops system sure does read it dont they.